23 Top Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves Tea #Amazing Facts

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Not many people know that the leaves of some fruit plants can be used as herbal tea. Even more so with the leaves of avocado plants. People nowadays only see avocados in supermarket, rarely do they see the plants that produced the fruits, which is why most people are unaware of the potentials and health benefits contained in those leaves. Fortunately, as technology advances, researches have been done relentlessly in myriads of aspects, including health and nutrition.

Turns out, as researches suggest, avocado leaves can be really awesome consumed as tea for treating conditions such as colds, flu, stomachaches, arthritis, lower back pain, high blood pressure, and also toothache. For the following reasons, we consider it a good idea to try making our avocado leaves tea. Concerned about the taste? don’t worry! People all over the world have been blogging on how nice the taste of the tea is, in addition to the health benefits of avocado leaves tea that come with them.

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1. Ward Off Free Radicals

Admittedly, we all already know that tea is awesome drink of choice for health because it’s rich in antioxidants, in the case of avocado leaves tea, it’s even greater. Why though? Because apparently there is this chemical compound called quercetin, which is present in avocado leaves for about 60-75%.

Incidentally, quercetin acts as antioxidants that protect the body from degenerative disease commonly caused by free radicals, as well as helping the transitions of metal ions. Not only that, avocado tea leaves also contain polyphenols, which are a sub-group of phytonutrients present in onions, grapes and some nuts. Polyphenols are also antioxidants commonly found in some tea leaves, so that doubles the antioxidants for the same cup of tea, just how awesome is that?

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2. Cure Kidney Stones

In some countries, avocado leaves tea has become a popular herbal drink with benefits ranging from cleansing the blood to relaxing the nerves, as well as alternative traditional medicine to cure some diseases, the most common is kidney stones.

The curative ability in the tea is more or less thanks to the substances contained in each cup. The tea contains alkaloid, flavonoids, and saponins which are known potent substances used to obliterate kidney stones. For kidney stones treatment, avocado leaves tea should be drunk regularly twice a day. Most people see results in 10 days or less, indicated by crushed stones that come out with urine, sometimes they also came in froth-like shape.

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3. Treat Muscle Soreness

Unbeknownst to most people, avocado leaves tea can also treat muscle soreness, which comes in the form of back pain or waist pain. Because of its relaxation-inducing compounds, avocado leaves tea can ease the tension in muscle tissues which are mainly caused by straining of muscles in extended periods of time, such as hard physical labors or standing/sitting for hours (those who ride jam-packed trains everyday would know how it feels like).

The good thing is, the treatment is more or less the same as drinking the tea regularly. Had people known about it already, just imagine how much people can be saved from agonizing pain of muscle soreness caused by bad postures and sleeping positions.

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4. Lowering Blood Pressures

Most people nowadays can relate to tension-related problems. Whether it’s because of that one barbecue party, that junk food we can’t stop ordering each night despite our efforts to cut it down, or just something related to our genetics. Well, to be fair, it would be odd if we avoid junk food or high LDL foods completely just for the health reasons, that would deny us some of the best things in life, namely, foods, wouldn’t it?

The question to be asked would be, how do we maintain our health while still be able to enjoy the normal life?  Thankfully, besides rich in antioxidants, avocado leaves tea can also relax our blood vessels, making them easier to pass blood around. Therefore we should really put into considerations taking avocado leaves tea every once in a while between our meal, even if we’re not sick, because as our parents used to say, prevention is better than cure.

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5. Help in Reducing Convulsions

We all know that people drink tea because it’s relaxing to the body and soothing to the mind. But this one tea is apparently able to reduce convulsions caused by epileptic seizures, which makes it practically stronger than ordinary tea. In fact, people in Africa have been using avocado leaves tea to treat epilepsy in children. How does it work anyway? Turns out, the compounds contained in avocado leaves tea work with the GABA neurotransmitter in the brain to reduce nervous activity that causes seizures.

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6. Maintain Digestive Health

In this stressful world, people are much more prone to stomach ulcer than before. Not only that, ulcer can lead to some complications had not been treated properly, including severed relationships, bad performance at work, and ruination of overall mood (which we seriously hope won’t happen to any of us, God forbid).

However, people who drink avocado leaves tea can rest easy, because avocado leaves tea contains some phytochemical like flavonoids, saponins and tannins which play the part of balancing the acidity in the stomach, thus eliminating the chance for ulcers to happen. But of course, we should address the main stressors to make sure the ulcers won’t happen again anytime soon.

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7. Lower Blood Glucose Level

Well, more good news for the sweet-tooth and fast-food enthusiasts. Much like most tea, avocado leaves tea with all of its antioxidants and phytochemicals serves as fat and glucose burner. Which is why avocado leaves tea is recommended for diabetics as well (provided they use low-glucose natural sweeteners such as stevia, not cane sugar). With all those benefits, we should seriously consider making avocado leaves tea as part of our diet, as well as our lifestyles. Because we all know that diet is hard, and adding one more drink to our daily meal never hurts anyway.

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8. Help in Burning Fat

As discussed on earlier paragraphs, avocado leaves tea contain so many beneficial compounds that act as destroyer for blood sugar as well as fat. Those facts alone made it one of the ultimate diet supplement sourced naturally. With that said, while fat burning is usually associated with cardio exercises, avocado leaves tea burn fat in much more direct way, which made possible thanks to how fat is stored in our body.

So, the fat that we consume in various form, whether in the form of oil, fats from meat, or in our soup, ended up stored in fat cells known as adipocytes. Because the fat from various source is gathered in one place, consequently making it an easier target for the compounds in avocado leaves tea to work more effectively in burning body fat.

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9. Act as a Treatment for Asthma

The wonderful, almost mystical thing about traditional medicine is how people of old could identify which herbs can be used to treat which diseases, and which combinations work best compared to others. The same goes for avocado leaves tea, who would have ever thought that it can be used for easing asthma symptoms? We suspect the tricks lie in the phytochemicals compound in the leaves.

Having the relaxing, soothing characteristics, they also work together easing the stiffness in the respiratory muscles, make it easier to breathe. For this specific treatment, we need to add 1 tablespoon of salt for 3 cups of avocado leaves tea.

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More Benefits of Avocado Leaves Tea

Indeed, there are many health benefits of avocado leaves tea, here are:

  1. Promote smooth skin
  2. Relieve dry skin
  3. Good treatment for diabetes mellitus
  4. Cavities treatments
  5. Good for women fertility
  6. Contains unsaturated fats
  7. Treatment of hypertension
  8. Thrush Treatments
  9. Back pain relieves
  10. Swelling Relieves
  11. High source of oleic acid
  12. Promote hair health
  13. Promote long black hair

Indeed, health benefits of avocado leaves tea as your natural daily treatments for health and beauty. Thus, you may consume avocado leaves tea each morning.

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How To Make Avocado Leaves Tea

So, how do we make avocado leaves tea? Well, to be fair, unless you’ve never brew your own tea before, it’s as simple as adding leaves to a pot and pouring hot waters, steep them to the desirable color and scent and… there you have it. Of course other methods are possible, for instance, by boiling two cups of water along with about three avocado leaves for 10-15 minutes. The point is, no matter how you prepare your own avocado leaves tea, keep in mind that moderation are advised.

Avocado leaves tea provides a handful of health benefits for us to treat some conditions as well as maintain current body health, even so, there are some rules to adhere to in consuming avocado leaves. First and foremost, find out the right amount for you, and don’t expect immediate results, because humans’ physiologies are different one with another, what worked really well for one person might not work as well for another person.

While the health benefits are proven scientifically and might somewhat be apparent the first or second time of consumption, please do seek other advice and alternative methods if the conditions listed above still persist after many consumption. With that said, in the next paragraphs we’ll discuss about the health benefits of the avocado leaves themselves.

Thus concluded our discussion about the usage of avocado leaves tea along with the health benefits that come with it. With all those benefits in mind, it wouldn’t hurt to try adding avocado leaves tea amidst many herbal tea that can be used for variety of purposes. While people commonly used avocado leaves tea as traditional cure, we can also drink it normally as people drink tea from tea leaves. Combined with our meal, avocado leaves tea can be a strong addition for its macronutrients as well as its fat and glucose burning compounds, greatly assists us in whatever diet program we’re currently in. Thanks for reading, please stay healthy and keep well-informed.

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