10 Health Benefits of Americano Coffee and Tips of Consumption

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Coffee is all the rage right now. It has been a staple for people all over the world. It have been a must have for early mornings to boost our energy.  Not only is it energizing it is also really tasty. Because of the taste, coffee is now considered a delicacy. Now there are more cafes and coffee house because people like coffee more than ever. With it’s energizing agent and many varieties, what is there not to like?

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What is Americano Coffee?

While coffee may sound familiar, you may not know the different variety it has. Americano is one of them. Americano or Long Black is originated from Latin America or Italia. It is a term for a coffee that consist of a brewed single or double shot of espresso which is then added with water. The reason why people add water is because the strong and intense taste of the espresso alone. Adding the water makes it have a lighter body and bitterness. Americano is usually served hot, although some people like their americano iced too.

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Americano is tasty, energizing and it turns out to be healthy. Before you go and grab a cup of americano, here are some of the many health benefits of Americano coffee that will absolutely blow your mind:

  1. Natural Detox

Detox is a popular word in the health industry right now. It is a process of cleaning out bad substances that are in your system. People have been using strange juices and strict diet. But why not coffee? Coffee stimulates the liver, which is the cleaning agent of our body. Liver break down drugs, food and things that enters our body. When we drink coffee, the liver works better.

When drinking coffee we also boost the performance of antioxidants which fights the bad substances in our body. Furthermore, it also stimulate our colon which clears garbage that have been hanging around in our body. Tasty coffee, no illness. What a win win situation!

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  1. Easing our digestion system

It turns out that americano coffee can help you break down your meals into smaller parts while consuming it. That way, if you drink americano after a heavy meal, you can help your body break down the food faster and lose the extra calorie that the food brings. At the end of the day, your digestion system wont do too much work and it wont hurt.

  1. Weight Loss

Consider putting coffee in your diet plan because it is proven to be such a good agent in helping the process of weight loss. It is said to burn fat and reduces appetite. How? Well, americano coffee has a natural acid in the beverage which is proven to make the calories of a food break down faster.

In fact, it is proven that drinking coffee for three to five times a day makes the person burn more calorie than non drinkers. Also, by drinking americano, you can reduce appetite which is the biggest obstacle in the process of weight loss. This is because americano suppress hunger. The caffeine in americano also increase your performance in your exercise. So, want a fast weight loss? Opt for coffee!

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  1. Increase productivity

This is a well known fact for coffee-drinkers. Americano makes you wide awake. The strong espresso  that contains lots of caffeine in this beverage makes your body more alert. The agent that does that is caffeine. Caffeine boost the performance of central nervous system which makes us more alert. By being more alert, you are more energized and focused in doing your job.

  1. Makes you happy

Caffeine in americano have lots of positive benefits. Caffeine is a legal psychoactive drug that can actually boost your mood when you drink them, making you instantly happy. This is because it increase the production of neurotransmitter in the brain. According to Harvard School of Public Health, coffee makes you more positive in life when it is consumed two to four times a day. Need a mood booster? Drink coffee!

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  1. Reduce risk of diabetes

Drinking americano reduces the risk of type II Diabetes. Diabetes is a sickness where your body have some troubles in processing blood glucose. Coffee helps in fighting diabetes by improving insulin production and insulin sensitivity of the cells. But this only happens with caffeinated coffee, because adding more sugar might actually increase the risk of this diabetes.A study by Harvard even said that the person that increased a cup of coffee intake per day have a lower incident of having diabetes.

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  1. Reduce risk of Cancer

Cancer is one of the most lethal illness. It takes a long and hard process to fight it, but what if you can prevent it with a tasty beverage? Americano coffee is proven to prevent all kinds of cancer. Skin cancer, lung cancer, endometrial cancer, liver cancer and many more. This happens because there are an abundance of caffeine in americano which fights all of the bad cells.

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  1. Heart –healthy

There has been a debate going on about whether coffee is beneficial for the heart. Well don’t worry, if you only drink below 400 mg of caffeine it wont lead to lethal cases.  It might even protect your heart! By drinking americano which have loads of caffeine, there will be a lot of phytochemicals that can lower the chance of inflammation, which is believed to be the cause of heart failure, atherosclerosis and other heart problems.

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9. Fight dementia and alzheimer disease

what’s more health benefits of Americano coffee? Yes, coffee might be your way to long lasting memories and strong brain. Dementia and Alzheimer is a common problem which occurs in the area of old people. Right now there is almost no effective treatment to these illness. But putting coffee in your daily habit might protect your brain against these illness.

In fact, in an CAIDE Study it is proven that people who regularly drink three to five coffee a day may reduce the risk of dementia and alzheimer by 65% at old age. This is because caffeine has an effect in cognitive decline. This health benefit is proven to be most effective in coffee rather than other caffeinated drinks.

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  1. Prevent worsening cases of gallstones

Gallstones are small stones that are made from cholesterol. These stones are formed in the gallbladder. This illness will cause a serious discomfort in the abdomen and will make you nauseous and vomit. Americano coffee can have different affects according to the symptoms of this disease. It is not advised to drink coffee regularly when the gallstone is already large and formed.

Americano coffee will bring benefits to this illness when it is consumed while the gallstones are still small. When it’s still small, the caffeine in americano will actually prevent it from getting larger. Thus, there are many health benefits of americano coffee that you can take in moderation drink amount.

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Tips of Americano Coffee Consumption

It is easy to induce illness from Americano Coffee. Therefore we need to know how much and what way should we drink this coffee in order to have the best outcome:

1. Know the quality of your coffee

When we drink americano coffee sometimes we don’t know the quality of our coffee. Since coffee is getting more popular and are now mass produced, some coffee have been exposed to pesticides and other chemicals. Cheap, bad quality coffee may also be exposed to fungi because of their lack of treatment.

The easy fix to this problem is to simply look up the source of your coffee. Choose organic coffee rather than the unorganic coffee. When you simply want your americao coffee on the go, consider stopping by at a smaller coffee house.This is because they usually have higher quality coffee rather than the mass produced one. And it is better o buy from a more expensive coffee chain since they usually give the best treatment to their coffee farm.

2. Americano and the addition

Americano sometimes may be added with cream, sugar, or other toppings. If you want the best outcome from the coffee, try not to add anything. Adding artificial sugar may not make you immune to type II diabetes. In fact it can increase your chance to be exposed to diabetes. Toppings also adds the saturated fat which makes the weight loss benefits less effective.

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3. When to consume Americano

Americano, which is packed in caffeine, may just bring the best side of you to certain occasions. It is said that this coffee is best when taken at lunch hour with a meal which helps in weight loss, and before your workout session. It is advised, for people who have sleeping problems, not to drink coffee after 2 pm.  Coffee should not be taken by caffeine-sensitive people and pregnant women. This is because the fetus in the womb may not be as strong to take this caffeine, which will lead to more risk.

4. Stay within the limits

The limit to caffeine in coffee is 400 mg or equal to 7 cups of Americano which normally contains 77 mg caffeine. Why should you stay within the limits? Well it is because it will cause caffeine overdose. Caffeine overdose will have a troubling result such as restlessness, nervousness, muscle twitching,rambling flow of thought and speech and many more.

We should still take into consideration that, although caffeine is legal, it is still a stimulant drug which may cause bad symptoms when taken too much. At the end of the day, all of this comes down to your caffeine tolerance. If you are tolerant enough, you might have a smaller chance of instantly having caffeine overdose symptoms on your fist cup of coffee.

Americano is a wonderful choice of coffee since it have no bad additives and it have loads of caffeine as there are many health benefits of Americano coffee. Make Americano a part of your daily routine, and look how much healthy benefits you will get!

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