15 Health Benefits of Gandaria Fruit (#1 Surprising)

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Gandaria is one of the exotic fruits you could only find in some places in this world. It means you cannot just find this fruit in the nearby market unless you are living in the cities where gandaria fruit is originated. Well, it means not everyone is aware of the health benefits of gandaria as well.

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What is Gandaria?

If you are not really familiar with the name gandaria, in English this fruit is also well known as plum mango and marian plum. However, don’t be mistaken this fruit to be part of plum species because it is actually coming from the same family with mango and cashew, Anacardiaceae.

Gandaria has scientific name Bouea macrophylla and the look resembles mango but smaller in size as small as golf ball. The flesh is like mango which turns from green to yellow or bright orange when it ripens but with pink or purple seeds. However, unlike mango, gandaria fruit skin is also edible. The flavor is also similar to mango, sweet but with a trace of sour flavor. This fruit is originated from Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

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Nutritional Value of Gandaria

Just like mango which is rich of vitamin C, gandaria is also quite rich of vitamin C. Moreover, there are a lot of health benefits of gandaria because it is also packed with more vitamins and minerals.


Serving Size: 100 g

Water86.6 g
Protein40 mg
Total Fats20 mg
Carbohydrate11.3 g
Dietary Fiber150 mg
Vitamin C100 mg
Niacin0.5 g
Thiamine0.11 mg
Riboflavin0.05 mg
Calcium9 mg
Iron0.3 mg
Phosphorus4 mg
Beta-Carotene23 mg

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The list above may tell you in short version about the health benefits of gandaria. To find out more the list below about the benefits of this exotic fruit may tell you something amazing about this small fruit.

  1. Great for Skin

Vitamin C is essential to the production of collagen to promote healthy skin. Collagen prevents wrinkles skin and accelerating the wound healing process.

  1. Improves Iron Absorption

Iron is very essential for body metabolism because it promotes the production of RBC. However, sometimes body just cannot absorb iron optimally due to some factors but vitamin C will make sure the optimal absorption of iron from foods.

  1. Great for Digestion

The combination of water and dietary fiber found in gandaria is great for digestion. It will overcome some digestive problems like constipation and at the same time is optimizing the nutrient absorption.

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  1. Prevent Cancer

Free radicals could be harmful for human health. Gandaria contains anti-oxidants that are great to fight free radicals. Read also: How to Prevent Cancer

  1. Keeps Your Body Hydrated

As rich of water, drinking juice made from gandaria fruit could help you keeping your body hydrated.

  1. Excellent Food for Brain

Gandaria contains beta-carotene that is great for brain because the pro-vitamin A formula will make sure optimal regeneration of brain cells.

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  1. Great for Lung Health

Not everyone knows the fact that lung requires quite high amount of water. Well, gandaria could make sure enough stock of water to keep healthy lung.

  1. Natural Body Detox

As rich of water, gandaria could help flushing some unnecessary properties from your body because it could act as natural body detox.

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  1. Solution to Weight Loss

Dietary fiber is the reason why gandaria is great for weight loss. It will bind unnecessary stuff in your intestine to optimize the nutrient absorption and reduce the chance of body to stock fats.

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  1. Promotes Heart Health

Gandaria contains dietary fiber that promotes heart health. It is really amazing that only by consuming gandaria you could control your cholesterol level while at the same time is preventing conditions like stroke and heart attack.

  1. Excellent for Diabetes

It is not easy to find healthy and delicious diet for diabetes. Gandaria contains quite carbohydrate as the source of energy for diabetic patients and delicious snack as well.

  1. Promotes Eye Health

Beta-carotene is another form of pro-vitamin A which is great for eye health.

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  1. Natural Treatment to Thrush

Thrush could be annoying sometimes and there is no easy way to treat it. However, just by chewing some gandaria fruits you could treat thrush naturally.

  1. Promotes Healthy Bones

All fruits that are rich of calcium are great for bones and gandaria is not the exception.

  1. Contains Anti-aging Properties

Gandaria contains quite high amount of antioxidants which could act as anti-aging properties to prevent premature aging and promote optimal cell regenerations.

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Cautions of Gandaria

This fruit is not without reverse effects below is the list of cautions of gandaria you should aware of asides from the health benefits of gandaria.

  1. Allergic reaction may occur for those who consume this fruit for the first time. Common symptoms are like swollen lips and nausea though the reported case is still rare.
  2. Though gandaria is excellent fruit for diabetes but since it contains high amount of water and quite high in sugar, patients with diabetes should consume this in moderate amount only.

Although there are many health benefits of gandaria fruit, you may also pay attention to its caution before you take it.

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The unique thing about Gandaria is not everyone may know about the existence of this fruit even Indonesian and Malaysian where the fruit comes from are not really familiar with this fruit either because even in the native country this fruit is quite rare to be found.

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