7 Benefits of Banana for Weight Gain – Serving Tips

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When there are a lot of people out there are striving to find solution for weight loss some lucky people are also struggling to find solution for weight gain. Why are they lucky people? Well, at least most people will think that they’re so lucky because no matter how much calories they consume, they are not going to gain weight. However, do you know that looking thin like a walking stick is not interesting at all unless you are a super model? Moreover, just like Megan Trainor has said ‘Boys they like a little more booty to hold at night’.

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For some people who never experience problem like this will think that consuming foods rich of calories and fats will solve the problem. However, those are not solving problems because basically people who are difficult to gain weight has problem with their metabolism or they have extra healthy metabolism. Consuming foods rich of calories and fats are only harmful for health but not really solving the weight gain problem. Do you know that there are a lot of benefits of banana for weight gain? Well, some studies have shown that banana actually has some properties that could help people solving their weight gain problem.

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What is Banana?

Well, surely you have been familiar with banana since it is one of the most popular fruit in the world. Banana available in every country though perhaps comes in different varieties. This fruit is also available in all years around, so there is no specific season for banana and you can eat it every time you want. Furthermore, banana is also quite cheap fruit but packed with super rich vitamins and minerals. Some studies have shown that there are some benefits of banana for weight gain but banana also fruit for weight loss. So, whether banana is fruit for weight loss or weight gain? The answer is depending on how much banana you consume every day. As for the benefits of banana for weight gain, the more you eat the more calories you will get and the chance to gain weight is higher.

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Nutritional Value of Banana

Banana (Fresh)

Serving Size: 118 grams

Protein1.29 g – 3%
Carbohydrate26.95 g – 12%
Total Fat0.39 g
Dietary Fiber3.07 g – 12%
Calories105.02 – 6%
Vitamin B10.04 mg – 3%
Vitamin B20.09 mg – 7%
Vitamin B30.78 mg – 5%
Vitamin B60.43 mg – 25%
Folate23.6 mcg – 6%
Panthothenic Acid0.39 mg – 8%
Vitamin C10.27 mg – 14%
Vitamin A75.52 IU
Vitamin E0.12 mg – 1%
Vitamin K0.59 mcg – 1%
Calcium5.9 mg – 1%
Chromium0.93 mcg – 3%
Copper0.09 mg – 10%
Iodine9.44 mcg – 6%
Iron0.31 mg – 2%
Magnesium31.86 mg – 8%
Manganese0.32 mg – 16%
Phosphorus25.96 mg – 4%
Potassium422.44 mg – 12%
Selenium1.18 mcg – 2%
Sodium1.18 mg
Zinc0.18 mg – 2%

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It is obvious that from the table above, banana contains quite enough calories that are able to help you gaining weight. However, surely you want to know more about the benefits of banana for weight gain because it sounds like too good to be true if consuming banana could solve your weight gain problem especially if you want to have ideal body weight but the list below may open your mind how great and suitable this fruit is for your healthy life goal.

  1. Rich of Calories

Counting calories is not as easy as you think because everyone has different calories goal which is depending on their daily activities. However, the calculation is very simple if you want to add more weight with banana. From the table above you could see that 118 grams banana or medium size banana could offer you about 6% daily intake of calories. Roughly you could assume one large banana could cover about 10% calories you need. So, just consume 6 – 9 banana per day could give you enough calories to gain weight.

  1. Regulates Blood Circulation

Losing weight is not easy but for some people gaining weight could be difficult as well. However, to reach ideal weight you need healthy red blood cells to promote healthier body metabolism. Banana could help regulating blood circulation that could lead to optimal production of red blood cells. It means your body must have healthy metabolism that could help you gain weight and keep your weight in ideal stage.

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  1. Potassium for Healthy Muscle

When you want to gain weight you have to make sure to have healthy muscle as well. If not, your body will just full of fat. If you want to look ideal while gaining weight potassium is what you need to develop healthier and stronger muscle to support your body when it gains weight. Banana is one of the fruits that are quite rich of potassium. One medium size banana could cover about 12% daily intake of potassium in your body. Since you need to eat about 6 – 9 banana per day to reach your goal, you don’t need to worry about the potassium level anymore because it has reached your daily intake.

  1. Promotes Healthy Nerve System

What is the point of having ideal body but you are getting slower? Nerve system has important role in improving your performance as well. Banana is packed with vitamins and especially minerals like iron, zinc, manganese and potassium. Those combinations are great for your nerve system to support your ideal body.

  1. Increases Metabolism

Healthy metabolism means all nutrients you consume will be absorbed optimally. It is not an easy deal to have healthy metabolism but banana could help you reaching your ideal weight but at the same time keeping yourself healthy. You will gain weight but not getting fat. It is one of the benefits of banana for weight gain.

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  1. Source of Carbohydrate

If you want to gain weight, eat more carbohydrate. Carbohydrate is the main course of glucose which by insulin will be turned into energy or glycogen. Energy will be released or used while glycogen will be stored in your cells as fat. Excessive stored fat could lead to weight gain but since banana also great for weight loss, it will help you keeping your weight in ideal stage.

  1. Healthy Solution to Gain Weight

One thing to note in this matter that gaining weight is not the same with getting fat. Fat means you have excessive amount of fat that could be harmful for your body especially your heart. Meanwhile, gaining weight is for those who are probably too thin and wishing for ideal body weight. Banana is packed with nutritious and natural compound like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Those combinations are not only giving you the quick solution to gain weight but also keeping yourself in healthy stage.

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Shortcut to Gain Weight with Banana

Banana may offer you enough calories to gain weight but if you know how to count, from the table above, at least you need to consume 6-9 bananas per day and you should eat them every day. Well, if you are really like banana and then nothing to worry about but if found it too much, some healthy tips below may tell you the best way to enjoy the benefits of banana for weight gain and give you the shortcut to gain weight.

  • Banana Smoothies

Surely you could handle taking smoothies in daily basis and to advance the flavor you could mix banana, milk and honey. However, for shortcut to weight gain but at the same time is keeping yourself healthy you could add chocolate, almonds, raisin and dates.

  • Banana Milkshake

The combinations of banana and milk are the shortcut to weight gain but surely gaining weight is not the same with getting fat. So, you have to make sure to add more nutritious stuffs like oats and honey or sugar. However, honey is much more recommended than sugar, especially refined sugar that could be harmful for your health.

  • Banana Snack

After having smoothies in the morning and banana milkshake for the fun sake, you could add banana as your healthy snack in the afternoon. There are a lot of recipes of banana snack available in the internet from banana cake, pancake (this one could be consumed during breakfast), cupcakes and many more.

  • Banana Ice Cream

Ice cream is like the most delicious way to gain weight. So, for the shortcut solution you could add frozen banana to mix with your favorite ice cream flavor or just slice some fresh bananas to your favorite ice cream to add more flavor and nutrition. Banana is great to go with vanilla, chocolate or matcha ice cream. Moreover, you could do some experiments on your own to find the best flavor of ice cream to be mixed with banana.

  • Fried Banana

Though this one is not highly recommended because though it could help you gaining weight but saturated fat from fried banana could be bad for your cardiovascular health. However, eat them as snack sometimes could help you getting all the benefits of banana for weight gain in much more fun and delicious way.

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One more interesting fact about weight gain is it is actually one of the ways your body reacts to foods you consume. It means your body wants to tell you to control what you should consume, however it seems people with weight gain problem cannot get that kind of memo. They keep consuming because they are not worrying about weight gain but still all the excessive consumption will bring harm to your health no matter what. In other words, it is like a ticking bomb that one day will explode. So, be careful.