17 Health Benefits of Artesian Water (#1 Unexpected)

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Artesian water is the water coming from arteries wall, to be surfaced into the ground level, the water needs to be pressured naturally. Artesian water might not be popular and quite familiar for you; however, the water has a lot of benefits for the body health. The term of artesian coming from Artois city which is located in France, cited by the Romans who firstly learned artesian water flow. Human needs water as well as energy source and it is not exaggerated to say that artesian water contains much benefits for the health, of which you might never notice before.

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As one of the less known water kinds, artesian water probably is less widely used by most of people. Yet, along with the rise of healthy life style popularity, the water has gained more and more consumer by days. Here are several health benefits of artesian water which you can take a look and save further as your reference. Go get some info of health benefits of Artesian water.

  1. Anti-Dehydration

This might the very main benefits of artesian water for the health; curing your dehydration. Can you ever imagine how would it be the human without consuming water while 70% of the body composition is the water? Your body will be weak and less energy. Artesian water will work better than mineral water to cure dehydration and fulfill the body needs of water consumption.

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  1. Body Liquid Balancing

As stated previously, human body has 70% composition of water, of which make water drinking has been something inevitable and most important to do. Artesian water will help your body to balance the body liquid in order to aid the nutrient transportation, manage body temperature, and digest the food, and so on.

  1. Calorie Control and Weight Loss

Wait a second, what is the relationship between body weights and drink much water? The research found out that consuming more water can help the body to feel full longer and consume less calorie or food as a result. See, when you are consuming less calorie from food, it means your body weights will be lower too.

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  1. Energy Rising

Can you imagine what is going to be if you don’t consume much water, particularly when you are doing sport? The very first effect will be such weak and tired due to the lack consume of water which trigger the muscle to less optimally work. Therefore, by consuming water especially artesian water you won’t get suffered from tired and weak condition after doing workout or any other heavy activities.

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  1. Poison Releasing

How can we sweat and pee without water? The two body excretion processes are some of the body mechanism to release the poisons. Water, especially artesian water can greatly help the body to sweat of which containing poison so that you will get free from having risk of kidney stone and excretion system infection too.

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  1. Smooth and Fair Skin

Drinking a lot of water will make you have a smooth, moisture, and glowing. The poison inside the body triggers to create such dull, stuck pores and finally make acnes of which very bad looking of the skin. Artesian water consuming works as well as mineral water to release the poison by sweating process in order to make you have such smooth and fair skin as a result.

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7. Kidney Disease 

Have you ever heard kidney stone and failed kidney disease? The main reason why someone can have suffered from such diseases is lack consumption of water. You need to know that your kidneys process about 200 liters blood every single day, absorb the poison out, and transport the urine to the bladder. However, the kidneys need amount of water to cleanse what the body doesn’t need. Therefore, water is the key to help this process goes well.

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  1. Productivity Alert

Drinking much water in a day can help you to increase the brain focus and recharge the energy in order to work normally in a high mode of energy. Energy doesn’t only come from food, yet water has more crucial function to do that. Make sure you consume more than 1,5 liters water each day to get the maximum health benefit.

  1. Anti-Aging

It has been a common secret that water has such magical function to prevent aging. Drinking much water each day will release poison out of the body and tighten the skin in order to smaller the pores on the skin surface. Moreover, it will trigger much to the aging process to be slower and create such a healthy, tight, and glowing skin. However, that’s the best health benefits of Artesian water.

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  1. Mood Booster

Having stress and feeling unwell about your current situation of work, family, or friends? Try to drink much water. Water will help you to return your good mood and positive vibes by producing more hormones which function to refresh and release such happiness effect to your soul and mind.

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  1. Fever Healing

Have you ever been fever? Actually, fever is a natural reaction of the body to protect us from such viruses and bacteria infection. Thus, we don’t need to consume any of chemical medicine since it will only disturb the natural work of the body protection. Consuming much water, probably more than 2 liters will work better to trigger the body release much liquid in form of sweat and urine so that the viruses and bacteria will naturally swiped off the body.

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  1. Increasing Blood Transportation System

Water can help the body to increase and smooth the blood transportation system since the liquid form of water will work effectively help the blood to transport such nutrients and any other useful essences inside the body. When you are still young, consuming much water will also help you to have such healthy and stable blood pressure.

  1. Migraine and Headache Curing

Do you often get suffered from headache and migraine? If it is so, then the very first and essential thing to do is consuming much water. Your headache and migraine are caused by dehydration or lack of liquid level inside your body, therefore, you need to fulfill such need by consuming much water. Based on the research from European Journal of Neurology, water intake rising will help to reduce the frequency of having headache.

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  1. Metabolism Rising

What’s more health benefits of Artesian water? Drinking water in the earlier morning when your stomach is still empty can increase your metabolism up to 24 percent. This will be really important for those who are having diet or body weight balance program. The rising metabolism level means that your digest is in a very good condition. You will get easier to follow your diet routine if your digest absorb the nutrient faster.

  1. Digest System Trouble Prevention

Digest system trouble is caused by the rising level of acid inside the stomach. For those who are suffering from ulcer, they will feel like the gastric acid returns back to the esophagus. When you drink much water with empty stomach mode, such acid can be pressed and diluted so that it will not return and rise back to the esophagus.

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  1. Hair Growing

Dehydration can affect seriously on your hair growing. That is why for someone who lack of consumes water, usually the hair will be less nutrient and dull.  Drinking much water as well to nutrient the hair from the inside since more than quarter part of the hair composition formed from water.

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  1. Immunity Strengthen

Drinking much water with empty stomach will help your lymphatic organ of which influencing the immunity rising system.  Strong body immune will make you safe from any diseases and viruses attack so that you can have a better health and less frequency of having sick.

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Tips to be Able to Consume Much Water

What can you do to consume much water per each day? Here are some tips on how to drink more water in order to fulfill the body needs and make you stay healthy always.

  1. Doing sport, it will make you feel thirsty and drink more water than usual.
  2. Bringing your bottle everywhere and every time. You need to familiarize yourself to have such routine habit of drinking water.
  3. Consuming more rich of water fruits such as watermelon, oranges, melon and so on.
  4. Remind yourself to consume at least one glass of water 30 minutes before eating.
  5. Moving actively and doing more energetic activities so that your body will alert its natural alarm to drink more.

So, there are many health benefits of Artesian water that promote a healthier life for each of us.

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