33 Top Health Benefits of Betel Leaf (No.21 is Excellent!)

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health benefits betel leavesThere are kinds of vegetables that can be used as the medical treatment. There, ancient people believed in utilizing natural fruits, vegetables, and any kinds of plants as an alternative treatment. Due to the great nutrients contained, fruits, vegetables, and plants are beneficial to treat some diseases. Their role is also linked with the healing properties they had.

As a result, this article will talk about one of the beneficial plants to be used as a medical treatment. Yes, Betel leaf is the one who plays a role in promoting the body health. This leaf belongs to Piperaceae family, which includes pepper and kava. It is commonly consumed by Asian people as betel quid or in paan, with Areca nut and/or tobacco. Moreover, in Hindi, Betel leaf is known as ‘Paan Ka Patta’ while in Telugu it is usually called as ‘Tamalapaku’. Further, the plant can grow up to 1 m long. It has waxy green and has heart-shaped leaves which if the leaves are crushed, it will have the cool peppery scent. In addition, this herb is popular in India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Besides, betel leaf has a heart-shaped and was used as a medical treatment since many years ago. In India, Betel leaf takes part to be consumed after the meal. People there used to chew betel leaves to get the health benefits of it. Also, it is believed that betel leaf has an important role to detoxicate blood and providing antioxidant nutrients. It is proven by the usage of these leaves to promote cardiovascular function and being such a great anti-inflammatory. Indeed, betel leaf has a good purifying function to the body.


Hence, if you want to know what are the uses of betel leaf, then feel free to check the list of health benefits of betel leaf below.

1. Source of Beneficial Nutrients

Providing tannins, chavicol, phenyl, propane, sesquiterpene, cyneole, alkaloid, and sugar makes betel leaf a great candidate to be the best in treating health problems. Moreover, with great nutrients contained, it helps to promote the body functioning as well as maintaining the overall health.


2. Source of Antioxidants

If you chew betel leaves, it helps you to improve the production of ascorbic acid in the saliva. While ascorbic acid is known as the great antioxidant nutrient, then it will help you to maintain the body health. Indeed, antioxidant nutrients contained in betel leaf will help you to protect against viruses and bacteria in the body.


3. Prevents Free Radicals

As have described before, betel leaf has a good source of antioxidants. These antioxidant nutrients help to prevent free radicals effect which comes from bad environmental exposure and toxins. Also, as betel leaf prevents free radicals, then it will also help you to prevent certain health problems including cancer.

4. Acts as Anti-Inflammatory

People must find a way to get rid of inflammation because the inflammation can trigger the certain health problems including lack of heart functioning. Therefore, consuming best foods can help to deal with. As this article has described betel leaf, then having betel leaf which is a good source of antioxidant can also act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Then, if you consume betel leaf regularly, then you are ready to boost the body health by preventing certain inflammation diseases including arthritis and asthma.


5. Prevents Constipation

What is constipation? Well, constipation is a kind of digestion system problem as the presence of hard stools or having problems passing stools. This disease is also known as the hard or infrequent condition of bowel movements to pass. The causes of this disease are various including the presence of too much water which is absorbed from food. Moreover, physical inactivity and certain medications may play a role to occur this disease.

To deal with constipation, you should include much fiber foods in your diet. For instance, you can eat kinds of fruits, green vegetables, and whole grains to prevent from constipation. Besides, as betel leave contains great antioxidant nutrient, it will help you to control the PH level of an upset stomach. Therefore, it is beneficial to prevent constipation. Just chewing betel leave regularly can help you to have a healthy digestion system.


6. Prevents Gastric Pain

Betel leaf due to its nutrients helps to reduce acidity and control the imbalanced PH levels of the stomach. As a result, it also keeps the duodenum free from toxins and free radicals exposure. While your stomach is having the optimal PH levels, then you will be free from gastric pain. Further, the bloating is also can ease by having betel leaf to eat.

7. Increases Hunger

As explained before, betel leaf helps to balance the PH levels of the stomach. Thus, it is beneficial to increase the hunger. Indeed, normal PH levels trigger the hunger hormone greatly. As a result, betel leaf is not only beneficial to remove the toxins but also it is great to increase your appetite.

8. Promote Digestion System

As you have read above, betel leaf plays a very excellent role in promoting healthy digestion system. By chewing betel leaf after a meal can help you to have gastrointestinal-protective properties. Also, you can boil betel leaf and drink it as an instant cure for indigestion. Hence, if you could find an alternative way to maintain healthy digestion system, then why don’t you try to consume betel leaf as an option?


9. Acts as Analgesic

It is believed that betel has good properties to be such an analgesic. It offers you to have the great leaf that can relief from pain. As a result, by having betel leaf, it will help to alleviate pain caused by bruises, cuts, rashes, and other kinds of inflammation. You can use betel leaf to ease the pain by applying betel leaf paste to the bruised area. Besides, drinking betel leaves in water is also be a great idea to deal with pain.

10. Have Antiseptic Benefits

Due to the polyphenols contained in betel leaf including chavicol lead you to have a great antiseptic benefit. Consequently, it helps you to have dual protection with germs by killing the presence of germs. Not only for that, it is beneficial to treat inflammation such as arthritis. Indeed, betel leaf is really offering you excellent health benefits as well.


11. Have Anti-fungal Benefits

As the consequence, due the great nutrients contained, betel leaf plays a role to have great anti-fungal. Indeed, chewing betel leaf will let you have natural remedy for preventing fungal infections.

12. Relieves Cough

One of great health benefits of betel leaf is the way it helps you to ease a constant cough. This benefit is linked to the presence of antibiotics which reduce the inflammation in the throat. Hence, if you suffer from a cough, it is recommended to have boiled betel leaves in the water to drink regularly.

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13. Relieves Headache

Betel leaf benefits, can be used as a natural treatment of a headache. Since it has analgesic and cooling properties, it is being a good cure for those who suffer from a headache. In addition, applying betel leaf on the forehead will be good to relieve headaches.

14. Treats Diabetes

It is also shown that consuming betel leaf regularly will help to treat diabetes. The leaf of betel contains great nutrients including riboflavin and vitamin C. Therefore, if you want to control your blood sugar levels, then have betel leaf as it is a great anti-diabetic property.


15. Treats Respiratory Problems

Drinking boiled betel leaves regularly helps to treat respiratory problems including a cough and cold. It also helps to deal with breathing problems such as asthma. For the tips, if you want to add some flavor to the boiled water of betel leaves, then try to add cinnamon to have a delicious drink.

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16. Treats Bronchitis

Another health benefit of betel leaf is the way it becomes a natural remedy for bronchitis. Indeed, with the great nutrients contained in betel leaf can help to ease the inflammation of the bronchial cord and lungs.

17. Treats Urinary Problem

Betel leaf has benefit to treat urinary problem including scanty or obstructed urination. Being such a good diuretic, it helps to treat water retention in the body. As the consequence, you can add betel leaf to the boiled water and drink it each day to treat certain urinary problems.

18. Treats Muscular Problems

Grind betel leaves and mixed them with the essential oil such as coconut oil or olive oil to be applied on the skin. Then, you can use betel leaves oil to massage the back as a treatment for the muscular problems. Also, having betel leaves oil can relief from back pain, redness, and swelling as well.

19. Increases Body Metabolism

Normal PH level that betel leaf works for triggers the circulation of the intestines to absorb important minerals and nutrients. As it helps to remove the waste and toxins in the stomach, then it is beneficial to improve the performance of body metabolism system.


20. Promotes Good Alertness

Betel leaf is such a good beverage to help you maintaining the body health. Not only for that, it also improves your mental health. Having a teaspoon of betel leaf juice regularly can help you to improve alertness. Further, the great nutrients contained promote your body energy to do a lot of great works.


21. Promotes Oral Health

By chewing a betel leaf, it will help you to gain fresh breath and cleanses the mouth. Indeed, betel leaf has a great role to protect against germs, bacteria and other oral pathogens in the mouth. As a result, not only for those function but also betel leaf helps to deal with tooth decay and strengthen the gums. Have betel leaf in water to gargle in the morning and night daily to get the best benefits. In addition, you also can have various spices to promote oral health including to consume fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Indeed, they are an excellent mount freshener to solve many oral problems.


22. Promotes Vaginal Hygiene

Betel leaf is known to have good cleansing properties due to the presence of antiseptic and antifungal benefits. Therefore, it is beneficial to treat vaginal hygiene. Women can make betel leaf as a good home remedy by boiling betel leaves and use it as a genital wash. Indeed, betel leaf is a very great natural remedy to treat diseases as well as cleansing body organs.

23. Treats Earache

Causes of an earache may come vary due to different infections and inflammation of the external, middle, or inner ear. However, the causes may include the sunburn dermatitis, infections, and trauma. Suffering from swelling around the outer ear, fever, ear pain, itching, vertigo, and ringing in the ears are the following symptoms of an earache. As the consequence, having betel leaf juice or oil is a great idea to treat an earache. For the tips, you can mix the betel leaf juice with coconut oil and put two drops in the ear.

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24. A Remedy for Nosebleed

A nosebleed can indicate a serious health problem. Besides, the causes of nosebleed are various including the symptoms of the allergic reaction, high blood pressure, or even the symptoms of leukemia. As the consequence, if the nosebleed occurs, you can roll the fresh betel lead and insert it in the nose. Then, it will help you to stop the blood flow.

25. Acts as An Aphrodisiac

One of the health benefits of betel leaf is to be an aphrodisiac. Chewing betel leaf will promote great love and fertility. Also, it can trigger the production of sex hormones. In addition, you can have other aphrodisiac foods such as chili, chocolate, banana, and watermelon to boost the mood and induces feelings of pleasure.


26. Treats Nervous Pains

Nerve pain can indicate the symptoms of certain health problems including diabetes, cancer, and other diseases. Nerve pain is commonly known as the burn and pinpricks feeling which occurs to the people mostly with anxiety and depression. On the other hand, betel leaf is also known to be beneficial as the natural treatment for nervous pains. As a result, drinking a teaspoon of betel leaf juice twice a day will help you to get rid of nervous pains.

27. Promotes Liver Function

Tannin is a beneficial compound contained in tea, cocoa, and red wine. Further, due to the presence of tannin in Betel leaf, then it has a role in promoting liver function. Not only for that, tannin also helps to prevent cellular damage which may cause cancer. Hence, you can consume betel leaf together with berries fruit to fulfill the tannin nutrients as well.


As you have read the health benefits of betel leaf above, then read the following statements to check what are the beauty treatments of betel leaf.

Betel Leaf as Beauty Treatments

28. Prevents Body Odour

Add the betel juice in your bath to prevent from body odor. This concoction can help to remain fresh to your body the whole day. As a result, by having betel leaf you can prevent the unpleasant smell of body perspiration.

29. Prevents Acne

Due to the presence of antiseptic and antifungal benefit, betel leaf takes in preventing acne. As the consequence, it helps to treat skin ulceration, itchiness, and allergies. Also, the great antiseptic and antifungal properties are effective to treat skin infections.

30. Promotes Beauty Skin

If you want to have beauty and clear skin, try to wash your face with betel leaves. As a result, it will help you to ease from acne and black spots. For the tips, you can mix betel leaves juice with olive oil or rosewater to be a natural facial cleanser. Consequently, you will have such a beauty and healthy skin by applying natural properties to your face.

31. Prevents Skin Problems

You can have betel leaf juice to be applied externally on the skin. Then, it will help you to treat the skin diseases including psoriasis and eczema. This beauty treatment is linked to the presence of antiseptic and antifungal properties which betel leaf has. Indeed, by preventing the presence of any bad microbial process on the skin, it will promote the healthy skin for sure.

32. Treats Wounds

The vitamin C contained in betel leaf will help to speed up the skin healing process. You can grind betel leaves and applied it to the wound area. Also, the antiseptic and anti-fungal properties which betel leaf has is beneficial to prevent the growth of any microbes.

33. Removes Warts

Another beauty benefit of betel leaf is the way it can help to remove warts. It is known that this natural medication to remove warts will not leave scars and works effectively.


To conclude, betel leaf really provides excellent health benefits you may never expected. Then, as you have already know the health benefits of betel leaf, you may consider to consume betel leaf as your meal option. Moreover, you can have a healthy and delicious recipe with betel leaves. For instance, you can add betel leaves to your favorite garlic rice or simply add them to your roasted or grilled chicken and beef to have nutritional taste. Indeed, by adding betel leaf to your food, you will get double kicked benefits that you will never regret. Hence, consume betel leaf from now on to help promoting your overall body health.