26 Health Benefits of Red Spinach for Eyes, Skin, and Hair

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There are three types of spinach which are green spinach, red spinach (Blitum rubrum), and white spinach (Blitum album). Thus, we all already familiar with green spinach and ever tasted it, as the Popeye’s favorite food that is rich of nutrients. Likewise, red spinach and white spinach is very rare and most people don’t know its vegetables nutrients and benefits. Meanwhile, red spinach is the family of vegetable amaranthaceae that is mostly grown in tropical areas of America.

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Indeed, red spinach contains vary nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, amarantin, purine, folic acid, rutin, and vitamin (A,B,C,K). For further information, here is the complete nutrients contain in red spinach.

Nutritional Values of Red Spinach in 100 grams Serving 

  • Protein (3g): Protein is the main substance in structuring cells regulator and transporting oxygen to bloodstreams (hemoglobin).
  • Potassium(340mg): Potassium is mineral that is functional for body to controlling heart rate, blood pressure, nerves, and improving brain function.
  • Fiber (2g): The carbs that contain in red spinach is fiber. Thus, fiber is beneficial in many ways such as cleaning digestive system as well as preventing constipation.
  • Vitamin A (248%): Well know as Retional is a soluble vitamin that is functional for eyes health. Also, Vitamin A improves immunity system and prevents breast cancer.
  • Vitamin C (30%): A great anti oxidant that promotes healthy skin and immunity system.
  • Vitamin B3: Also know as niacin is beneficial to produce energy, control metabolism system, and insulin production.
  • Iron (3%): Red spinach contains iron as the essential substance to produce hemoglobin.
  • Calcium (178%): Red spinach is the best source of calcium, beneficial for nervous, muscle, and heart function.

Indeed, red spinach is actually identical to green spinach from its nutrients. Yet, red spinach contains more substances of mineral, calcium, and vitamin B3 than green spinach, which is so beneficial to maintaining health. Meanwhile, this is the lists benefits of red spinach that you need to know.

1.Treatment of Digestion 

Red spinach contains fiber, which is good in cleaning colon and regulating bowel movement. Thus, red spinach is the natural treatment to heal constipation problem as it improves colon and digestion health. The fiber content can push the waste on your colon. So, if you are having problem in defecate, you may include red spinach in your menu in order to get healthy stomach.

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2. Treatment of Blood Pressure 

Indeed, red spinach contains nitrates, which is controlling blood pressure and preventing heart diseases. Thus, it has proven that by eating red spinach, it can lowering blood pressure level and improving heart health. Moreover, a study showed that average diastolic blood pressure lowers to 3.7 mm Hg after taking three days of nitrates supplement from red spinach.

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3. Treatment of Cancer 

Red spinach contains the essential of amino acid, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamin E, potassium and Vitamin C. Indeed, the combination of vitamins and minerals are the best source to lower the risks of cell cancer growth. Also, red spinach is rich of anti oxidant that is so beneficial to fight free radicals. As a result, consuming red spinach can prevent breast and colon cancer.

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4. Treatment of Anemia

Anemia is the condition where body is lack of red blood cells or we say hemoglobin. Thus, this condition causes your body becomes tired, weak, and sluggish. Meanwhile, the leaves of red spinach is used to improve hemoglobin level and purify blood. It will naturally increase red blood level. As a result, consume red spinach juice or soup twice a week can be used as treatment of anemia.

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5. Treatment of Kidney 

Kidney holds the important job to maintaining our body system. Kidney balances our body chemistry, likewise, balancing Acid and Base in body and filtering the wastes to be urine. Thus, having kidney problem like kidney stone will caused bad for body. Meanwhile, red spinach is functional to clear kidney and prevent the stone forming on kidney. So, we may better protect our kidney by eating red spinach pasta.

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6. Treatment of Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease involving bronchial tubes and respiratory system. The symptom are vary such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, and more. However, asthma can be prevented by consuming various nutrients but the most important is beta-carotene. Indeed, red spinach contains high source of beta-carotene that is used as treatment of asthma.

7. Treatment of Dysentery 

The stem of red spinach is beneficial to cure dysentery. Likewise, red spinach contains fiber, two kind of fiber which are voluble and invaluable. Voluble fiber is used to absorbs water and help in digestive track. Thus, red spinach substances can kill bacteria and viruses caused dysentery and as well cleaning the bowel. Indeed, take ten stems of red spinach into water, sprinkle salt, and drink its potion to clean dysentery.

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8. Treatment of Fever 

Indeed, fever is common disease that happen to people all the time. It is due to the result of physical discomfort when immune system tried to against infection, whether bacteria or viruses. Thus, fever is natural result of body yet it can be danger too. The normal body temperature is 36-37 Celsius and when it comes to fever, it will raise up till 40 Celsius. Thus, red spinach can help to get body temperature normal again.

9. Bone Health 

Meanwhile, red spinach is the high source of vitamin K, which is the best source for bone health. The lack of vitamin K can cause a bone fracture such as dislocation or worse is osteoporosis. As a result, consuming vitamin K is the essential to improve calcium absorption and modifier bone matrix protein to build a strong bone.

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10. Weight Loss

It seems like many people out there have been looking for friendly diet menu, likewise, you can add red spinach as your number one diet menu. Indeed, red spinach contains high source of protein, which is beneficial to reduce insulin level and release hormone that can control appetite. Thus, consuming red spinach can make you feel full a little longer and you get complete vitamin within.

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11. Venomous Bite 

Venomous bite can spread on body cells easy and fast, and it will ruin the works of organs too. For worst, it can cause you to death as venomous bite infect respiratory system. Thus, for the first quick medical handling, collision of red spinach can be used to prevent the venomous poison spreading on body cells. As a result, apply this pasta on the wounds of animal bites such as snake, reptiles, insect, or anything.

12. Treatment of Diabetes

Red spinach is rich of nutrients and vitamins. Likewise, red spinach contains high source of vitamin B3 as the insulin controller. Meanwhile, red spinach is beneficial to control blood sugar level. So, it will be so good to prevent diabetes in maintaining sugar level. As a result, consuming red spinach as daily food or drink can be so effectively good in maintaining health overall.

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13. Improve Immune System 

Red spinach is the source of high nutrients and vitamins such as amino acid, vitamin K, vitamin E, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Thus, these substances help to boast immune system to be stronger to protect your body from bacteria and virus. As a result, your body overall will be more healthy and immune from diseases.

14. Energy Booster

Well, despite of its function to improve immune system, red spinach is also beneficial to boost energy for your daily needs. Indeed, red spinach contains complete source of nutrients and vitamins that our body needs. Likewise, red spinach contains carbohydrates, proteins, vitamin K, folate, riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. So, consume red spinach will automatically boost your spirit.

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15. Gluten Free Diet 

Well, gluten is the name of protein found on these food such as wheat, rye, barley, triticale. Gluten is used to hold food together, maintaining its shape of nutrients and vitamins. However, red spinach is also gluten free diet, which is contain 30% complete protein plus complete amino acid. As a result, gluten free is actually for diet yet it is special treatment of celiac disease.

16. Treatment of Cholesterol 

Red spinach is also known as cholesterol-lowing ability leaves. Meanwhile, red spinach is fibrous vegetable that is beneficial in reducing bad cholesterol and helping for weight loss. Thus, red spinach is also rich of vitamin E, which is tocotrienols, the aids of lowering bad cholesterol level.

17. Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease

Indeed, red spinach contains phytosterols that is the excellent substance of dietary source. Thus, the source can lowering blood pressure, at the same time, it prevents heart diseases such as cardiovascular. So, consume red spinach at least once a week can help the function of heart to stay healthy.

18. Good for Pregnant Women

As it noted, red spinach is rich of vitamins and minerals. Red spinach even contains higher source of vitamin and mineral than green spinach. Thus, those essential is perfectly good for pregnant women, to complete the whole nutrients needs for both mother and baby. Also, red spinach can help to enhances the production of milk to feed the baby.

19. Eyes Health 

Nowadays, the use of smartphone or gadget can cause a bad effect for eyes as we stare at the screen for too long. The eyes will get dry and further problem may be infected. Meanwhile, red spinach is rich of vitamin E. Thus, vitamin E promotes eyes health to provide clear vision and maintain it. 

Hair Beauty Tricks with Spinach

In fact, red spinach is also beneficial for beauty tricks such as promote healthy hair.

20. Strengthen Hair Roots

By the way, red spinach is functional to strengthen hair roots. So, if you ever experiencing hair fall problem, you may drink red spinach juice or cooked. For routine, two till three days consuming, the result is you will get strong and smooth hair. Also, red spinach substances help to nourishing skin head to produce strong root.

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21. Gray Hair 

As we grow older, this phase of hair turning gray is natural. Yet, the hair pigment named melanin blends together with many shades of hair color among humans, that causes gray hair. Meanwhile, we can also prevent it by natural treatment which is red spinach. As a result, consuming red spinach for three or four days ahead can avoid the premature grow of gray hair.

Skin Beauty Tricks with Red Spinach

Thus, these are the benefits of red spinach for skin.

22. Anti-Ageing 

Naturally, our skin loses its elasticity as we grow older. Also, exposure to pollution, junk food we consume, and skin face condition added the causes of premature early ageing. Meanwhile, red spinach contains vitamin A which is the source of anti oxidant that can fight the free radical damage. Also, it keeps our skin healthy and prevents ageing.

23. Skin Repair

Meanwhile, red spinach contains high source of vitamin C to make collagen, which is another source of anti oxidant. Thus, vitamin C can repair dead skin and nourishing it for sure, also manufacture new skin cells. So, if you ever experiencing dry or oily skin, you may just consume one cup of spinach to complete 20 to 24% need of vitamin C to skin repair and health overall.

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24. Promote Glow Skin 

Red spinach contains high source of iron which is the essential of hemoglobin. Thus, iron transports oxygen to blood cells through body. Without this smooth circulation of oxygen and blood cells, it will cause you pale looking face. Thus, the color of your skin shows your health condition indirectly. Indeed, the vitamin C contains in red spinach can promotes a glow skin.

25. Skin Hydration 

Well, skin can also feel thirsty and that is when dry skin happens. Thus, this condition due to the lack of mineral, which water. Then, red spinach contains this mineral to hydrate your skin. Meanwhile, One cup of spinach contains 164 grams of water. That is the average substance to nourish skin to keep moist, smooth, and healthy.

26. Dark Circle Eyes

Dark circle around eyes or used to call as ‘Panda Eyes’ is not a good looking to see. Well, this condition happens due to tiredness of body and eyes, lack of sleep, genes, and ageing. Thus, red spinach contains vitamin K to help the dark circles dismiss by clotting the blood to strengthen the blood vessel walls. Also, reducing skin inflammation and improving blood circulation.

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Meanwhile, we may never heard about red spinach before, yet it has vary benefits for health and beauty. So, now we may find and try to consume red spinach in order to get a healthy body.

The Difference between Red and Green Spinach

You may be curious what is the difference between red and green spinach. Actually, either red or green spinach are identical. Both spinach comes from the same vegetable family, which is Amaranthaceae. Thus, the biggest difference between them is from its color. Green spinach has full light green color from the stem to leaf. Then, red spinach has reddish leaves, maroon veins and beet-red stems. It is due to red pigment dominate red spinach. Indeed, both of spinach are rich of nutrients and vitamins. Yet, green spinach contains chlorophyll and beta carotene while red spinach is rich of beta cyanine, anthosyanin, and natural pigments that is higher than green spinach contents. Meanwhile, green spinach is quite more popular than red spinach.

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How to Make Red Spinach Juice

Actually, red spinach can be consume fresh, cooked, or as beverage. The most important is we do not lose red spinach natural nutrients by the long cooking process. Thus, we need to make sure it is still fresh and rich of its essential. Meanwhile, for Indian or Middle Eastern recipes, red spinach is mostly used as the ingredient of salad and curry, or dressing for eggs, nuts, bacon, pasta, and fresh cheeses. For North American recipe, it is lovely for cream soup. Indeed, this time is the recipe of spinach juice, which is easy and simple to follow.

  • Prepare two cups of chopped red spinach leaves
  • Prepare one apple, one stalk of celery, and half lime. Well, this is just optional in case you want to add the taste of your juice.
  • Prepare 3/4 water .
  • First is wash those ingredients till all clean.
  • Chop apple and celery and put all to blender.
  • Blend them all until smooth and do not forget to squeeze the lime.
  • Then, your spinach juice is ready to drink.

Well, in order to get the best benefit of spinach, you may take red spinach juice in routine. You may drink it at least twice a week and combine with another beneficial vegetable. Also, you can consume spinach in other ways such as make it as cream soup, salad, dressing for pasta sauce, creamed red spinach, red spinach pie, and more depends on your tastes.

Even though red spinach is not so popular, yet it is now worth to eat. Thus, you can find it traditional market nearby. As a result, let’s drink red spinach now!