17 Health Benefits of Brazilian Spinach – Pregnancy – Beauty

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Still in the theme of health benefits, now we will talks about health benefits of brazilian spinach. Do you know something about Brazilian spinach? Yup. This plant is rare to discuss, because not everyone know about this plants. People who know this plant too much maybe come from Brazil.

Brazilian spinach also known as Sissoo spinach or Samba lettuce or Poor Man’s Spinach. Brazilian spinach has binomial name Alternanthera sissoo. This genus, Alternanthera, is a family of Amaranthaceae which is known as leaf vegetable and a lot of iron nutrients.This plant is come from unknown, but some people believes it came from brazil. Because you can find it a lot of brazilian spinach in Brazil.

For brazilian peoples, this plant is very useful and cooked in various ways. It can use as salad. For brazilian people, they will consume it raw with tomato, onion, and oil or vinegar. Or it can consume as vegetable to substitute spinach ingredients.

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Before we talks too much about brazilian spinach, next we will talks about characteristics of brazilian spinach.

Characteristics of Brazilian Spinach” state=”closed

Brazilian spinach has some characteristics. Here are the characteristics:

  • The leaf is rounded circled, mid green, and crinkled.
  • The flowers is small and white.
  • Usually forming a mound with height 30 cm.
  • Usually growth in subtropical and tropical area.

After we know the characteristics, we will talk about nutrients in brazilian spinach.

Nutrients in Brazilian Spinach


Nutrients in Brazilian Spinach

Just like the other spinach, usually the plant with genus Amaranthus has some nutrients. The content of nutrients per 100 grams of spinach contains B-carotene (4-8 mg), vitamin C (60-120 mg), Ferrum (Fe) (4-9 mg), calcium (300-450 mg) and fiber. Folic acid and fiber content is high (20-30%) is ideal for health. Spinach is rich in minerals such as calcium, iron and potassium. Spinach is also quite rich source of vitamin C and beta carotene.

After we know that much information about spinach, especially brazilian spinach, later we will talk about health benefits of brazilian spinach, which has similarity with other spinach.

Each type of vegetable has its own benefits depending on the nutritional content contained in each vegetable. Spinach also has certain benefits for the body, including:

1. Can Fight Against Cancer

Cancer is caused by the development of cancer cells that propagate into body tissues. While spinach has a flavonoid content that has anti-cancer properties in it. The content of flavonoids in spinach can reduce cancer risk and prevent the development of cancer cells throughout the body. Flavonoids in spinach, can reduce the risk of cancer by 34%. By consuming spinach, some types of cancers such as prostate cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer and some other cancers can not do cancer cell division in the body, so can not develop into a type of cancer that can undermine the human body.

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2. Maintain Eye’s Health

Spinach has a carotenoid content and also vitamin A. Vitamin A is able to help the eyes to maintain the clarity of eye sight. In addition, carotenoid content in spinach is able to prevent the occurrence of cataract disease and macular degeneration of the eye. So that eye health can be maintained properly.

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3. As Source of Vitamin K

Spinach has vitamin K content in it. Vitamin K contained in spinach is very high. The benefits of vitamin K itself is to maintain bone health. Consuming spinach, can indirectly help meet the needs of vitamin K in the body, so that vitamin K intake in the body can be fulfilled. When vitamin K is fulfilled, then bone health can also be maintained. Vitamin K is able to prevent the occurrence of bone loss. 

4. Strengthen Bone

Types of green vegetables such as spinach, have mineral content in it, such as magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and copper. This mineral content is able to maintain bone health by keeping the bones strong. Phosphorus itself is also able to maintain bone flexibility, so not only hard, but the bone can also avoid the fractures of bone.

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5. Help Weight Loss

For some people who have weight problems, dieting is one way to restore the body to keep it ideal. One of them by consuming lots of vegetables and avoid fatty foods. Spinach is one of the most excellent vegetables to help you lose weight because of the fiber content in the spinach.

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6. Improve Immunity System

Spinach contains vitamin A, not only beneficial to the eyes. Vitamin A in spinach can also function as one of the components of lymphocyte proliferation, or white blood cells. Where white blood cells are able to fight disease or infection that attacks the body. Thus, the body will be protected from various types of diseases.

7. Help Maintain Digestive System

Spinach contains vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin C. Both of these vitamins are able to maintain digestive health by protecting the colon and also the digestive tract to avoid free radicals that are very dangerous and often attack the body. Spinach also has a folic acid content that is able to prevent the mutation of cells in the colon and prevent the occurrence of DNA damage.

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8. Prevent Constipation

The content of fiber in spinach vegetables is quite high, which is about 20% fiber content in spinach. Fiber contained in spinach is good to prevent the occurrence of constipation, so as to help smoothing defecation.

9. Help In Smoothing Blood Circulation

When the blood circulation is inhibited, it will arise various types of diseases because of the smooth flow of blood to several organs of the body. To overcome the problems that occur in the lack of smooth blood circulation, the content of folic acid in spinach can overcome them. Folic acid in spinach can make blood vessels more elastic, so that blood flow is not inhibited.

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10. Prevent Anemia

Spinach is well known for its high iron content contained in it. Eating spinach is highly recommended for some people who have problems with anemia or lack of red blood cells. Iron content in spinach can help the process of formation of red blood cells that function to carry oxygen throughout the body.

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11. Overcoming Gum Problems

Vitamin C deficiency can cause some health problems, one of which can lead to bleeding gums. Vitamin C is usually found in fruits that have a slightly acidic taste. However, in fact it is not always true, because in vegetables such as spinach also contain vitamin C in it. Thus, overcoming bleeding gums can not only be done by eating fruits that have a sour taste, but can also be consumed with spinach vegetables.

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12. Good Nutrition For Growth

One of the ingredients in spinach that many people know is iron in spinach vegetables. One of the benefits of iron in spinach is good for the growth of children and adolescents. With rich in calories and low fat in spinach is also very good for maintaining a healthy body and maintain the nutrients of body in growth age.

13. Maintain Stamina

Too much work or doing a lot of activity can cause the body to weaken and feel ease to tired. Eating spinach can help the stamina of the body is saggy due to too long to do the job. This is because the iron content in spinach can help increase the production of oxygen in the body, thus helping the body stamina.

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14. Maintaining Dental Health

Healthy teeth will affect the appetite. Problems experienced in the tooth that is the occurrence of cavities and teeth decay. One factor of the incidence of cavities is due to lack of calcium. To strengthen the teeth, and meet the intake of calcium in tooth, can be done by consuming spinach regularly. Spinach also has a calcium content in it that can help strengthen teeth.

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15. Binding Calcium

Calcium is very good and important for the body. The content of vitamin C in spinach is able to easily bind calcium. So the body’s calcium that can be utilized to keep some organs is not wasted, because it is bound by vitamin C in spinach and will be used for organs that require.

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More Brazilian Spinach Benefits for Pregnancy and Beauty

Indeed, here are more health benefits of Brazilian spinach, good for beauty and pregnancy.

16. Maintaining the Health of Pregnant Women

Pregnant women will usually easily feel weak because of lack of red blood. Folic acid and iron in spinach are very useful for maintaining the health of pregnant women and their womb. Folic acid can help the brain function of the baby since in the womb.

While iron in spinach can help the formation of red blood cells, thus preventing pregnant women affected by anemia. Pregnant women who lack the iron intake will feel weak, even some of them will easily faint. Iron nutrient intake for pregnant women should always be fulfilled.

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17. Prevent Premature Aging

Not only acne prone skin, wrinkled facial skin due to premature aging, can damage the beauty of appearance. The content of vitamin C in spinach leaves, can be used to overcome the problem of facial wrinkles caused due to premature aging. By drinking a cup of spinach a day, the problem of premature aging experienced can be overcome.

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So that is all the health benefits of brazilian spinach which has similarity in spinach generally. Hope this information can increase your knowledge about health benefits of Brazilian spinach and make your life healthier. See you next time.

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