15 Health Benefits of Eating Bulalo Soup #Cancer Prevention Priority

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Bulalo Soup. Shank bone beef, marrow beefBulalo is a Beef dish from the Philippines that contains many benefit. Bulalo means the marrow in the bone of the beef shank.However, many people don’t know if Bulalo soup has a high quality nutrition for health. The flavorful clear broth is made by cooking the beef shank with the bone that contains the marrow. Bulalo soup is very popular in the Philippines due to the deliciousness of the bone marrow. It is commonly eaten during cold weather.

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Bulalo is ranked as one of the top boiled dishes in the Philippines due to its rich taste and very satisfying broth. Bulalo or Beef Shank has a good sized bone as well as the meat part. As a heavy foods, Bulalo beef soup also contains a nutrition for those who do not have any diet restrictions. Actually, this food is not recommended for those who still watching the calorie of your body intake or advised by your doctor not to eat anything high in cholesterol. There are some benefits of Bulalo Soup.

Prevents Cancer with Bulalo

Cancer is one of a dangerous disease that many people afraid of it. It grow in which certain cells in our body grow with an uncontrolled way. It is one of the world’s most serious illnesses. There are over a hundred different types of cancer. Although it can attack people of all ages, usually older people get cancer more often than younger ones. Cancer is not one single illness. It can strike all parts of the body and spread to other areas. Eating Bulalo is one of alternative for reducing cancer growth.

1. Source of Anti – Oxidants

Bulalo soup is usually served with a corn on top of it. Corn is veggie which contain many nutrition and the most commonly consumed parts of the vegetable. Corn also a heaven of vitamin such as vitamin A, vitamin B,vitamin E and many minerals. Antioxidants have been shown to reduce many of the most dangerous forms of cancer because of it has an ability to reduce cancerous cells, while still keep the healthy cells unaffected. Corn is a rich source of antioxidants which fight cancer-causing free radicals. Corn has an anti-carcinogenic agent which has been shown to be effective in fighting the tumors which lead cancer.

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2. Rejuvenation Skin Cells

one of nutrition that Bone has is Hyaluronic Acid which useful for skin. This nutrition can support some skin health issues such as cell rejuvenation and skin firmness. Beef bone marrow contains Zinc which an essential mineral that is an imperative part of many physiological functions. Zinc support in the right structure of proteins and membran of cell, increase wound healing,  effective as an anti-inflammatory effects, and protects against UV radiation.

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3.  Effective for Digestion

Beef Bone Marrow is effective for those suffering from inflammatory conditions like irritable celiac disease, gluten intolerance, bowel syndrome, and leaky gut syndrome. Beef Bones that we know contains collagen, one of the building blocks of calcified bone, ligaments, tendons to make things become more strong than before. The collagen release some protein, hydrophilic, and gelatin that can absorb gastric acid during digestion and help distribute it throughout the food before it enters the small intestine.

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4. Prevent Diabetes and Obesity.

Diabetes is a condition where the body can not utilize the ingested glucose properly. This could be due to lack of the hormone insulin or because the insulin that is available is not working effectively.Obesity is a condition in which excess volume of your body which has accumulated to the extent that it may have a negative effect on health. Usually being measured by Body Mask Index ( BMI ). Beef Bone Marrow contains nutrient which can be support collagen and also elastin production. Both is good for the structure of the body, skin, hair, and nails. It concerns in digestive health by helping to restore the intestinal lining. Then it helps to get your daily digest properly and get your body levels keep in right amount of balance.

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5. Keep Bone Away from Osteoporosis

Beef bone also contains minerals that promote bone health. The magnesium in bone can supports healthy bone effectively during the several years and prevent us from osteoporosis when bone health declines in later years. Calcium, which supports the most of bone activities in our body, including muscle contraction, and nerve-impulse transmission and bone growth, Calcium is one of supporter that bone need the most.

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6. Fighting Leukeumia

The Bone marrow can increased energy and white blood cell normalization for those who have Leukeumia-stricken. Bone Marrow can improved energy immediately. the marrow of the bone has been recognized as useful for normalizing the white blood cell pressure.

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7. Maintaining Healthy Weight

A substantial body of evidence shows protein can keep maintaining a healthy weight, building muscle from inside and fulfilling physical activity, all of them are playing an important role in a healthful lifestyle and disease prevention. Protein that contained by beef bone is provide energy that fuels healthy and active lifestyles at every ages. Collagen in bone marrow also can help the body rebuild itself.

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8. Boosting Immune System

Glucosamine that contained in Bone can supports joint strength and the mobility. It helping to maintain the integrity of cartilage to keep bones from rubbing together. Bone marrow also contains bone marrow contains myeloid and lymphoid stem cells which useful for keep the foundations for red and white blood cells, these cells build immunity, then assist with blood clotting and help provide oxygen to cells. it gain your immunity system more than before.

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9. Improve Cardiovascular System

Not only work as booster for immune system, bone marrow also can improve cardiovascular system which is one of system that circulate blood and transport nutritions to body. and then, bone marrow can improves memory, sleep, emotional mood, perception, comprehension and instinctively-conscious reflection of the person also sometimes stimulates hormonal secretion and sexual function of the organism.

10. Gain Red Blood Pressure

For those who have less red blood pressure, Bone Beef has vitamin B that can help you gain red blood cells and maintain our DNA.  Many Expert suggest that taking a vitamin B complex may help treat or prevent certain health problems. Not only known as natural immune boosters and mood-lifters, vitamin B also enhance alleviate anxiety, heart health, and prevent skin disorders. In other term, vitamin B not recommended for those who have a depression problems.

11. Healthier Circulation

Minerals which contained by beef bone also has benefits for body. Minerals such as electrolytes like potassium and phosphorus are important for supporting healthy circulation,, nerve signaling functions, bone density, heart health, and digestive health.

12. Control Cholesterol Amounts

If you have consume an accurate amount of Beef Bone in a Soup, You can reduce your high cholesterol levels continuously. A serving of beef bone marrow contains 6.79 grams of unsaturated fat contains almost zero gram of saturated fats. It means that  you can reducing overall cholesterol levels after consumed the right amount of bone marrow. However, you must watch after your total fat consumption  between 20 percent until 35 percent of your daily calories.

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13.  Increase Heart Health

Heart disease is a scary thing. Nowadays, Beef have a bad reputation especially red meat over the years when it comes to heart health even though it can reduce cholesterol levels. This is not effect of bone marrow. Both of beef marrow and corn have mega-3 fatty acids which are healthy for heart which can less fat levels then considered to reduce the risks of cancer and heart disease.

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14. Healing and Recovering Wounds

Protein has been shown to contribute to poor healing rates. When your body doesn’t get enough of protein, it has a hard time for collagen to forming. Unfortunately, the wound healing process also further exacerbates when protein loss, as well as the body can lose up to 100 milligrams of protein per day due to exudation, or fluid leakage from the affected area. For this reason, a high protein diet is essential during recovery. However, this will be more useful for those who has a cancer. Bone marrow is the perfect solution because it provides maximum levels of nutrition in easy way by swallow form which is easily digested and go to the digestive system.

15. Provide high Nutritions for Children

Beef is one of food which has high nutritions . It means that beef can improve and help teens and children grow strongly and healthily. Nutrients that can be found in beef, such as iron, zinc phosphorus, and protein,  have a devoted contribute to red blood cell development, optimal growth, cognitive function, and preventing iron deficiency during the adolescent years.

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Thus, Bulalo soup from Philippine is a great tasty food to prevent you from many serious diseases, like wise as cancer prevention soup. Also, it has a super tasty taste that you may love. As a result, bulalo soup is a healthy tasty food ever.