21 Best Health Benefits of Charoli – Medical Uses – Beauty Treatments

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Charoli or Chironji refers to a part or the seeds of an evergreen tree native to India and grows all over the country. Charoli is also known as Buchanania lanzan as its latin name. The tree of charoli can grow up to 50 feet and has a straight trunk. Also, it has unique characteristics as the bark is rough and the color is dark gray to black on the outside and reddish on the inside. Charoli also has the thick, leathery, oblong and broad leaves which are rounded at the base. The seeds of charoli are flat, oval, and speckled with dark patches.

The fruit, roots, seeds, leaves, and oil part of charoli has been used as natural medications by Indian. Thus, to have more information, then check the table of the nutritional value of charoli below.

Nutritional Value of Charoli

InformationAmount per 100g
Calories656 calories
Protein20 g
Fat59 g
Fiber3.8 g
Carbohydrate12.1 g
Calcium279 mg
Iron8.5 mg
Phosphorus528 mg
Vitamin C5 mg
Vitamin B10.69 mg
Vitamin B20.53 mg
Niacin1.5 mg


As the consequence, charoli offers you great nutrients contained in it. Therefore, we also list the health benefits of charoli below.

1. Contains Healthy Fat

As you can see on the table, charoli provides a great source of fat. However, you should not worry as the fat is included as a vegetative healthy fat. As the consequence, this healthy fat will help you to promote healthy digestion system and help in losing weight.


2. Source of Protein

Charoli seeds contain a good source of protein which can help to maintain overall body healthy. As one of the vital nutrients, protein will help in regenerating body cells and promoting the muscle building. Therefore, consuming charoli seeds is a great way as it provides you great health benefits in it.

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3. Source of Fiber

Fiber is the one who maintains the work of digestion system. For this reason, consuming fiber foods will help to promote the healthy digestion system. Moreover, you can consume fiber foods like carrots, oats, and chia seeds. Besides, it is known that charoli also provides the great fiber contained in it. Further, it is recommended to consume fiber foods like charoli to maintain good health including to lose some weight.


4. Source of Phosphorus

Now, we are talking about phosphorus that is known as the important constituent of human bones. Besides, as the table has shown, charoli is a great source of phosphorus which is beneficial to promote the healthy bone and protein formation, balancing the hormone, and repairing body cellular. For the tips, you can find phosphorus nutrient in fish, cheese, and soy foods for sure.


5. Source of Calcium

Rich in calcium, charoli have added the great benefits in it. As a result, with the great calcium in our body, it will help to promote the building bones as well as it will promote the bone density and structure. At this point, it is no doubt that charoli seeds are very beneficial to support our body health.

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6. Helps Losing Weight

If you do a diet routine, then you have to ensure that your body obtain the ideal amount of nutrients. For instance, you can choose green salads as your favorite food option. Besides, you can choose another food to eat such as charoli seeds as a way out. This popular seeds in India are beneficial to promote the weight management as well.


7. Acts as an Expectorant

It is shown that the extract of the roots can be used as an expectorant. This benefit is also linked to treat blood infections and promote the work of digestive system as well as preventing the problems caused by gall bladder dysfunctioning.

8. Treats Ulcer

As explained before, charoli is the one who has a role in promoting the healthy digestion system. At this point, charoli seeds are beneficial to be a natural treatment of charoli as well as it has the cooling impact on the body and prevents ulcers.

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9. Purifies Blood

Consequently, studies have shown that charoli seeds are useful to purify the blood. Indeed, by acting as a blood cleanse, then it will result in the improvement of blood circulation. Also, by purifying the blood, charoli will help to remove the toxins and stress hormone in the bloodstream.


10. Boosts Immune System

Rich in vitamins and minerals makes charoli be a good candidate to prevent against the presence of certain health problems. The great nutrients contained in it also act as an immune system booster. Moreover, studies have shown that the fruits and the seeds of chironji can help to boost the overall body health by boosting the work of the immune system.

11. Treats Diabetes

As a matter of fact, we have to do the right ways to prevent and treat diabetes as well. Indeed, people who suffer from diabetes must try to find a healthy alternative way to deal with the disease. As a result, charoli offers you great nutrients which can help to treat diabetes. Consequently, the research has pointed that extract of chironji seed can help to reduce the blood sugar level. Thus, if you want to have some natural medications of diabetes, have charoli as one of your favorite options!


12. Acts as an Aphrodisiac

Surprisingly, charoli is beneficial to act as an aphrodisiac. Thus, if you consume charoli regularly, then it will help to boost your libido level. Moreover, consuming charoli may help in dealing with reproductive problems like premature ejaculation and impotence. Further, for the tips, you can simply juice the leaves and drink it in moderate for best benefits.


13. Treats Diarrhea

One of great health benefits of charoli is the way it will help you to treat diarrhea. Moreover, this benefits is linked to the presence of the gum of charoli which is useful to treat certain health problems including diarrhea and nerves problems.

14. Treats Rheumatic Pains

Further, as described, the gum of charoli can help to deal with certain health problems. As the consequence, it has shown that the gum is dissolved in cow’s milk and used to treat rheumatic pains. Hence, if you want to find the natural treatment for the rheumatic pains, then charoli is something that should be taken into account.

15. Improves Memory

One of charoli health benefits is the way it can help in improving the memory. Also, it will help you to promote the brain health as well. Then, consuming charoli will really give you the great range of health benefits.


16. Relieves Fatigue

Another great health benefit of charoli is the way it acts as a tonic. Indeed, with this function, charoli will help you to relieve the fatigue and chronic tiredness. Then, for the tips, to relieve your fatigue, you can consume best foods like green vegetables and apply a healthy lifestyle for sure.

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17. Treats Respiratory Problems

You can use chironji oil to relieve the cold as well. Also, the chironji seeds are believed to relieve nasal congestion and chest congestion as well as they contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. What a great benefit, isn’t it?

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Now you know the health benefits of charoli. Then, not only for providing health benefits, but charoli seeds have the great benefits of beauty treatments. So, if you want to know what are the charoli beauty treatments, then have a look at the list below.

Charoli for Beauty Treatments

18. Relieves Itchy Skin

Charoli as a kind of nutritional seeds will help you to relieve itchiness on your skin. Besides, not only for that, the great nutrients contained in it are valuable to deal with certain skin problems including prickly heat, rashes, and skin spots. Moreover, to use the charoli as the beauty treatment, then you can use it as the ointment as well.

19. Helps in Wound Healing

Further, you can use charoli seeds as the one who can help in speeding up the wound healing process. Moreover, studies have shown that charoli contains anti-microbial properties which are useful to heal the wound. So, are you interested in consuming charoli from now on?

20. Exfoliates Skin

Charoli seeds are believed to bring great benefits including to remove the dead skin cells. As a matter of fact, charoli seeds has been used in many beauty products as well. As a result, you can make this kind of seeds as your daily face mask. Further, not only for that, charoli seeds is valuable to prevent the acne, pimples, and other skin infections. For the tips, you can use charoli seeds as the beauty scrub to exfoliate and removing the dirt and dead cells.

21. Promotes Beauty Skin

In fact, nowadays people try to find the natural treatment for their skin. As the consequence, they try to apply the healthy lifestyle by consuming many kinds of fruits and vegetables. In the same way, using charoli as your daily face mask can help to promote the beauty skin. Then, by combining the charoli seeds with olive oil or milk will provide you a glowing face and remove facial blemishes as well.


To conclude, charoli is a kind of seeds which is beneficial to promote the body health. In another hand, you can consume charoli as the desserts bakery products. Moreover, charoli also can be used to thicken sauces and give great flavor on meats.Using charoli as a food is great as it is often used as a spice and great flavoring which the flavor is compared to almonds and hazelnuts. As a result, if you want to have a healthier body, then choosing charoli seeds is the best option as they will promote wellness and prevent certain health problems as well.