23 Top Health Benefits of Moroccan Spices – Medical Uses – Beauty Treatments

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Talking about spices refers to a seed, root, bark fruit or another part of the plant which is used for flavoring or coloring food. Now, this article will describe Moroccan spices which are the extraordinary combination of tasty and healthy spice. The Moroccan spices are used to process Moroccan cuisine which is famous because of its excellent taste.

There are several spices that are used in Moroccan cuisines such as ginger, saffron, cumin, cinnamon and others. Indeed, you have to prepare yourself before eating Moroccan spices because they have amazing aromas of sweet, spicy and smoky taste. Besides, there are each different characteristics of the spices such as the rich golden yellow of turmeric, the deep red of red bell pepper, and the warm beige of cumin.

Back to history, Moroccan spices are the important commodity for the trade in ancient times. For instance, Cardamom is native to India and has been used fro culinary and natural medical treatment for thousand of years. Cinnamon was used in ancient Egypt for cooking and this spice is native to Sri Lanka, China, and Indonesia. Saffron is another Moroccan spices which were once used as a cosmetic in Greece. Consequently, while hot red bell pepper was brought to Spain by Christopher Columbus, turmeric originally comes from India, China, and Indonesia. Further, turmeric is used as a flavoring and natural medications since many times ago.


As a result, not only for providing Moroccan flavorful cuisine, but Moroccan spices is valuable to promote the body health. Thus, if you want to know what are the health benefits of Moroccan spices, then kindly check the following statements below.

1. A Great Source of Protein

To get the source of protein, you can use one of the Moroccan spices. As a result, you can use chickpeas for your food. This traditional ingredient is believed to promote the body energy as well as replacing the broken cells with the new one.


2. Promotes Healthy Digestion System

You may consume fiber foods to promote the work of the digestion system. Yet, there are many ranges of foods you can choose to maintain the healthy digestion system. As the consequence, you can consume cumin as one of the Moroccan spices which will give you the great health benefits. Indeed, cumin will help you to prevent certain digestion system problems including vomiting and bloating as well.


3. Acts as Antioxidant

One of the health benefits of Moroccan spices is the way they provide a source of antioxidant. Take one example, if you consume cumin as the spices for your food, then you have succeeded in promoting the antioxidant nutrient in the body. Besides, cinnamon as one of the Moroccan spices takes part in providing the antioxidant powerhouse to the body. With antioxidant, it will protect your body against the presence of viruses and bacteria. Hence, with this function, it also helps you to prevent the presence of any disease.


4. Supports the Detoxification

In the same way, cumin is having a role in improving the detoxification process in the body The nutrient contained in cumin help to cleanse the blood from the toxins.

5. High in Iron

To prevent the risks of anemia, you should consume iron foods regularly. For this reason, you can pick cumin as your option. This spice will help you to prevent from chronic fatigue and anemia as well. Besides, you can consume red meat, beans, and peas to support the needs of iron nutrient in the body.


6. High in Magnesium

The major function of magnesium is to promote the nerve function, control the blood sugar level, and increases the body energy as well. To get those benefits, you can consume cumin as a way out. Indeed, by adding cumin to your food, you will free from certain health problems such as heart attack, anxiety, and depression.


7. Acts as Anti-Inflammatory

As cinnamon acts as the anti-inflammatory, then it will help to protect the body against infections and tissue damage. Indeed, by having anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to prevent the risks of certain health problems including cancer.

8. Promotes Heart Health

In the same way, cinnamon plays the main role in promoting heart health. It works well in reducing the cholesterol levels in the body. Also, it helps to lower the LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Moreover, a study has shown that cinnamon van increases the HDL cholesterol which refers to “good cholesterol”. Not only for that, cinnamon is beneficial to lower the blood pressure level. As a result, by consuming cinnamon as one of the Moroccan spices, you will cut the risks of heart disease.


9. Lowers the Risks of Diabetes

As cinnamon can lower the blood sugar level, then it is valuable to prevent the risks of diabetes. Apart from that, cinnamon can decrease the amount of glucose as well as slow the breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive tract. With those function, you may consider consuming cinnamon as it can help you to prevent diabetes.


10. Prevents Risks of Cancer

Cancer is a chronic disease which is caused by the uncontrolled growth of cells. Consequently, cinnamon is one of the great spices you can choose to prevent the risks of cancer. This spice has been tested in many studies and results in positive results to reduce the growth of cancer cells.

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11. Treats Nausea

Ginger appears as one of the Moroccan spices which also has great health benefits. As a result, it is beneficial to treat nausea as well as relieving morning sickness. This delicious warming spice will give you the great taste and the great benefits at the same time. Yet, you have to consume ginger in moderate to prevent any bad things that could happen.


12. Treats Muscle Pain

Due to anti-inflammatory properties which ginger also has provided, it is useful to treat muscle pain. For the tips, you can use ginger as the flavoring for your food or have it as a drinking beverage.

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13. Relieves Menstrual Pain

A study has shown that drinking ginger juice may help to relieve the menstrual pain. This spice works well in this function similar to the drugs mefenamic acid and ibuprofen. Hence, if you suffer from menstrual pain, you can have a ginger as the option.

14. Heals Wound and Bruises

Not only providing the good taste and the good look, but turmeric also can help you to promote the body health. This golden-yellow spice is native to Middle Eastern and was used as medical treatment. Indeed, as turmeric contains a good source of antioxidant, then it is beneficial to speed up the healing process of wound and bruises.

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15. Promote Oral Health

As cardamom is one of the Moroccan spices, then you should know what are the health benefits which cardamom has provided. As a result, cardamom is believed to help with bad breath. Indeed, cardamom can be used for mouth ulcers and is useful to treat mouth and throat infections.

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16. Treats Cold and Flu

If you use cardamom as your food spice, then you have succeeded adding the great nutrient to prevent and relieve cold and flu. As a result, this one is also being used for bronchitis and coughs treatment.


17. Acts as Aphrodisiac

Consuming cardamom will help you to deal with erectile dysfunction and impotence. Consequently, this Moroccan spice acts as a great aphrodisiac.


18. Acts as Anti-Depressant

Further, cardamom is believed to possess anti-depressant properties as its essential oil is used as natural aromatherapy. Indeed, by having this aromatherapy will help you to prevent and cure the depression. Thus, if you have a bad working time, then take cardamom as a way out.


19. Fights Fungal and Bacterial Infections

Moroccan spices are used for culinary purposes and for natural home remedies including ginger. Besides, cayenne pepper as the one who gives Moroccan food the spicy taste also has a role in promoting your body health. It is known that cayenne pepper will help your body to fight fungal and bacterial infections.

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20. Source of Vitamin A

If you find that one Moroccan spice is the red bell pepper, then you must also know the health benefits of it. This one includes the green and red peppers which provide great benefits. At this pint, red bell pepper contains a good source of vitamin A and carotenoids. In fact, one teaspoon of bell pepper has 37% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A. moreover, a small intake of bell pepper will deliver the great nutrients to your body. These nutrients will help you promote the yes health and prevent the cellular damage. As a result, you will also help your body to prevent macular degeneration and cataracts as well.

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21. Source of Vitamin E

Acting as antioxidant, vitamin E in red bell pepper protects the body from the damage of free radicals. As a matter of fact, vitamin E contributes well to prevent the inflammation such as the heart disease and other certain health problems. Not only for that, vitamin E has a role in protecting nerve cells as well.


Moroccan Spices for Beauty Treatment

You may have never expected that Moroccan spices are great to be used as the beauty treatment. Then, you can check the following statement if you are curious about what are the beauty benefits of Moroccan spices.

22. Natural Treatment for Acne

Using cinnamon is effective to treat acne. You can use the cinnamon powder to be applied on pimples and just leave it for 20 minutes before washing it. Then, this will help you to get rid of the acne. However, it is recommended to use it just once a week as it will cause skin irritation if you use it too often.

23. Prevents Earlier Aging

It is known that cinnamon can help to increase the collagen levels in the skin. Indeed, this function brings the positive result in improving the skin elasticity as well as preventing the signs of aging.


To summarize, Moroccan spices is very great to be used as a flavoring and coloring for your favorite food. Still, the one that takes the important thing is the way these spices plays a role in promoting the overall body health. Therefore, by consuming them, their natural and unique flavor is not only really mouthwatering but the positive effect will also be transferred to your body.