23 Scientific Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds (#1 Top Herbal Spices)

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cumin seedsTalking about cumin seeds refer to the Cumin in generally. As the consequence, Cumin is a kind of flowering plants belongs to Apiaceae or Umbelliferae family. It also has the scientific name as the Cuminum cyminum. Besides, this plant is native from the east Mediterranean to South Asia. Moreover, it is known that the seeds of cumin have been widely used for both of cultures cuisine consumption and the natural medical treatment as well. Further, the seeds are available in the whole seed form as well as the ground powder form.

When it comes to the looks of cumin seeds, then the cumin seeds is the caraway seeds which has oblong in shape and has the yellow-brown color. the nutty peppery flavor packs in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Most of the use of cumin seeds is for being the component of curry powder. As cumin seeds are also called jeera, this culinary seasoning also has been popular since ancient times ago. It is due to the presence of peppery flavor and often becomes a substitute for black pepper.

As a matter of fact, cumin seeds are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Consequently, it has the great vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and folate. Also, the minerals which it has provided include the magnesium, calcium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc.

Then, as stated before, these seeds are useful for the natural medications. Hence, to know the detail information of nutrition in cumin seeds, then you can check the following nutritional value table below.

Nutritional Profile

NutrientAmount per 1 tspDaily Value
Total Fat1.3g2.00%
Vitamin A76.2 IU2.00%
Beta carotene45.7mcgN/A


As the consequence, we also list the health benefits of cumin seeds. Then, to find out what are they, kindly read the following statements below.

1. Your Favorite Healthy Spice

The first benefit of cumin seeds is the way it provides you the great source of vitamins and minerals. In this case, it shows that you will get a good flavoring agent to be added to your food while at the same time you also input the nutrients to the body. Indeed, you will get double-kicked best benefits from consuming the seeds of cumin as well.


2. Promotes Digestion System

What is the important of the good work of digestion system? Well, it is stated that the nutrients come from food which we have eaten, right? Then, the process of nutrient absorption happens in the digestion system. As a result, it builds the connection between what we eat and how good and healthy our digestion system is.

In fact, it has shown that by consuming seeds, it will help to stimulate the pancreatic enzymes. This event will be very beneficial as it promotes the proper digestion and nutrient assimilation. Not only for that, there is thymol contained in cumin seeds which help to stimulate the salivary glands which help the food digestion process. Then, you can consume cumin seeds from now on as it will help to prevent the presence of constipation as well.


3. Prevents Cancer

One of health benefits of cumin seeds is the way it can help to prevent cancer. In the same way, we know that cancer has been a chronic disease that we afraid of. As the consequence, it needs the great knowledge about how to do the prevention and also for the treatment. As studies have shown, eating best foods regularly can help to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body. At this case, cumin seeds play their role as well.

The benefit that cumin seeds have provided is linked with the presence of anti-carcinogenic properties including vitamin A and vitamin C. Indeed, it due to the presence of free radical scavenging to prevent the access of risks of cancer. Furthermore, it also promotes the ability to control the carcinogenic metabolism as it has the chemo-preventive substance.


4. Maintains Immune Function

Due to the presence of vitamin A and vitamin C, both of them work well in maintaining the immune system in the body. As the consequence, with great nutrients contained in cumin seeds, they will help to prevent the risks of certain health problems by building strong barriers against viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens.


5. Source of Vitamin A

As cumin seeds are rich in vitamin A, then it gives the nutritional value to the body. We know that vitamin A is an essential nutrition which is important to maintain the body health. As a result, we should consume best foods which provide this vitamin as well. Then, you can consume cumin seeds together with carrot, dark leafy greens, and dried apricots.

Believe it or not, vitamin A is very valuable to our body. For instance, it will help in boosting the immune function and promoting the skin health. Not only for those, vitamin A is great to prevent the blindness and macular degeneration. Indeed, this vitamin is really important to support the healthy vision.


6. Source of Protein

We know that protein is a nutrient which is needed by the body. The deficiency of protein may lead to certain health problems including the chronic fatigue and the lack of food absorption. In another hand, an ideal amount of protein will help to build the body muscle, helping to balance the hormones, and also promoting the healthy digestion system. Furthermore, consuming protein foods like cumin seeds will result in the healthy neurological function.

7. Source of Iron

Rich in Iron nutrient makes cumin seeds a good candidate to be such a natural health booster. By consuming iron foods, you will get great benefits from it. For instance, iron will help you to promotes the oxygen transports from the lungs to all body cells. Also, iron has a role as the key enzyme systems as well as providing energy production and metabolism. Not only for that, as iron is a vital mineral, then it is also valuable for pregnant women or lactating.

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8. Boosts Energy Level

As explained before, iron takes part in maintaining overall body health. Consequently, we know that cumin seeds have the great source of iron. As a result, you will be surprised that iron is good to increase the energy level in the body. Thus, if you suffer from fatigue, then you can cumin seeds as your food option for sure.


9. Low in Carbohydrates

If you want to do a healthy diet, then consuming cumin seeds is a good way for sure. For this reason, it is known that cumin seeds have low level of carbohydrates. For the example, you will only get 2.6 grams in each 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds serving. At this point, eating cumin seeds will be an enjoyable moment as you will not have any worry about getting the addition of body weight.

10. Rich in Fiber

Not only for providing the vitamins and minerals, but cumin seeds also have fiber in it. Fiber is known as the essential nutrient that helps to deal with digestion problem. As the consequence, by having fiber, this essential nutrient will help to promote the healthy digestion system. Also, it is beneficial to add fiber foods for your daily consumption as it helps to control the appetite. Indeed, you need to consume many kinds of fruit and vegetables regularly for achieving best benefits of fiber.


11. Helps Losing Weight

Next, one of health benefits of cumin seeds is the way it is being a great dish for helping the weight management. At this point, it is a fact that people nowadays try to manage their weight. They try to get the ideal body shape. Then, As cumin seeds are low in calorie and carbohydrates, then it is valuable to help losing weight. However, to get best results in weight management, you can just eat the good food. Indeed, you need to do the exercise regularly for sure.


12. Source of Calcium

Surprisingly, cumin seeds contain the great source of calcium. At this point, if you consume 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds serving, you will get 56 mg of calcium. This nutrient is known best for promoting the building bones density and structure as well. For the tips, you can also consume calcium foods including dairy products and lettuce together with cumin seeds to achieve the best benefits.

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13. Prevents Osteoporosis

As described, cumin seeds contain the source of calcium. With this nutrient, it will give the great benefits to the body. Indeed, it will help to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis. Then, you may now have no doubt to consume cumin seeds as it offers a great range of health benefits.

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14. Source of Potassium

As a matter of fact, cumin seeds contain potassium nutrient as the vital nutrient to the body. With an ideal amount of potassium nutrient in the body, it will help to control the electrolyte balance in the body. Moreover, it is great for regulating the cell production so that it helps to control the level of both blood pressure and heart rate. As a result, if you consume potassium foods regularly, it will prevent the risks of heart disease as well.

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15. Source of Manganese

To find the manganese nutrient in the food, you can consume seafood like clams for sure, also you can consume pumpkin seeds, spinach, and brown rice as well. Yet, cumin seeds also have a role in providing great manganese nutrients in it. As a result, by having manganese nutrients in the body, you will get a good range of health benefits for sure. At this point, it is beneficial to strengthen the weak bones and can help to prevent the epileptic seizures. Hence, considering to have cumin seeds at your food table is a great way, as you have the chance to boost the health level in your life.

16. Source of Antioxidant

Consequently, cumin seeds contain antioxidant properties and the beneficial essential oils to support the body health. At this point, the antioxidant properties help in preventing the risks of certain health problems. For the tips, you can also consume another food which contains antioxidant nutrients such as berries and green vegetables as well.


17. Treats Inflammation

Not only providing the antioxidant properties, but cumin seeds also act as an anti-inflammatory. In this case, it shows that by consuming cumin seeds regularly will help to reduce the risks of joint infections, swellings, toothache, eyes problems, and treating the intestinal diseases as well.

18. Treats Asthma

When it comes to the benefits of anti-inflammatory properties, then treating asthma is one of the benefits. Therefore, by acting as an anti-inflammatory, cumin seeds is believed to deal with asthma as well as they help in treating other respiratory disorders such as bronchitis. At this point, the one who works is the presence of essential oils which provide the effective anti-congestive and expectorant. Furthermore, they work well to reduce the phlegm and mucus accumulation in the respiratory tract. What great benefits, aren’t they?

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19. Protects Liver

The next health benefits of cumin seeds are the way they protect the health of life. You may have never expected that cumin seeds have a role in it. However, a study has shown that cumin can prevent the changes in the phospholipid fatty acid composition in the liver. Also, by the presence of the great detoxification benefit, then the liver will be healthy as it should be.


20. Treats Diabetes

Many research and studies have been done to find the prevention and the treatment of diabetes. Indeed, diabetes is one of the chronic diseases which is very harmful to the body. Moreover, many people find hard way to get rid of this disease. For this reason, it is a must to discover the right and effective prevention of diabetes for sure.

As this article describes cumin seeds, then it has shown that this kind of herbal plant will help to prevent diabetes. It is due to the work of powerful effect which reduces the chances of hypoglycemia. Further, the researcher has found that consuming cumin seeds will increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Even, cumin seeds is valuable to help lowering the blood sugar level in the body.


21. Promotes Cognitive Function

Surprisingly, cumin seeds also have a role in promoting the cognitive function. It is shown that consuming cumin seeds will help to improve the memory. Moreover, a study also has states that cumin can prevent the memory loss and the stress as well. According to this benefit, if you have a very bad day and feel so depressed with the situation, then choosing cumin seeds as your dish is something that should be taken into account.

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22. Acts as Aphrodisiac

Due to the great nutrients contained in cumin seeds, this herbal spices is beneficial to promote the overall body health. As explained before, cumin seeds have been used as the natural medical treatment since ancient times. On the other hand, for centuries, cumin seeds has been used as the aphrodisiac. Then, cumin seeds are valuable to Increase the libido as well as treating the erectile dysfunction.

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23. Improves Skin Health

Everyone wants a healthy and beautiful skin. For this reason, they try to apply the healthy lifestyle and taking care of their self as well. At this point, to achieve the youthful skin, you can consume best foods which provide great vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, not only for promoting a great range of health benefits, but cumin seeds also shows the positive effect in improving the skin health. As a result, the presence of vitamin C and antioxidants help to prevent the blemishes as well as reducing the risks of rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and boils.

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Now you know the health benefits of cumin seeds. Indeed, the provide a great range of excellent benefits you may have never expected. As the consequence, we also have listed the tips for consuming cumin seeds as written below.

Tips for Consuming

  • You can buy cumin seeds at the herbal store, local spice stores or supermarket and it is recommended to have whole cumin seeds instead of cumin powder.
  • Next, you should choose the superior quality and the freshness of cumin seeds. Also, try to have the organically grown dried cumin as well.
  • Store them in the tight container in a cool, dark, and dry place. Moreover, you can also store it in the refrigerator for sure.
  • After that, you can ground the cumin seeds to be used as the spices of food flavorings. The grounder form also makes it last for about one year.
  • For the cooking tips, you can lightly roast the whole cumin seeds to get the fullness of aroma and flavor. Then, they are ready to be added to your favorite food.
  • Then, you can add the cumin seeds with the brown rice, dried apricots, and almonds and make them as a special pizza.
  • Last, as the diet recipe, you can have the cumin seeds as your morning tea. This effort is believed to help to eliminate the fat from the body. Not only for that, you can eat one spoon of cumin seeds powder in 5g to help to reduce the weight.

To sum up, cumin seeds is beneficial as the addition spice to several dishes across various cultures including Middle Eastern. Mediterranean, and Asian. With many dishes that can use the cumin seeds as the flavorings, then you will have such a delicious food. The magical trick that cumin seeds have done sis the way it provides excellent health benefits. Indeed, by consuming cumin seeds regularly, you will have the healthier body and life as well.