18 Health Benefits of African Mango – Reproductive – Beauty Tricks

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Do you get familiar with African Mango? African mango is one of the endemic fruit from Africa continent, particularly in Cameroon. It has no slight difference with any other mangoes at a glance, but when an American doctor stated in international talk show about the health benefits of African mango for body sliming and metabolism smoothing, it becomes popular worldwide.

He said that African mango is a hidden secret of fat weight losing shortly without any dangerous side effect. Isn’t what most of you waiting and wishing for?

A little bird told that the seed of African mango has been extracted for treatment by local African for ages. The seed extract has many functions such as preventing obesity, reducing cholesterol, and curing infection. Nowadays, people have managed to product the extract of African mango into pills and powder. However, the benefits and nutrition contain will not as good as it is in a fresh and ripe version.

Those who live in Indonesia are lucky because this country is quite perfect to cultivate African mango for its tropical and dry climate typical. Mango is widely known containing anti-oxide which neutralizes free radicals and you will get end to such healthy problem like heart attack, cancer, and aging. However, there are further health benefits of African mango described in the following passage:

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1. Pregnant Nutrition and Anemia Curing

African mango has high portion of zinc and minerals of which work good for pregnant woman and anemia suffer. Consume African mango in moderation and do not excessive eat while you don’t know the right and balanced portion from the nutritionist. Also, for first trimester pregnancy, a mother soon to be will feel easy to vomit and have no appetite to eat food. It is time to serve them mango as it is so fresh and healthy.

2. Digestion Problem

How many times you do defecation a day? Once? Twice? The number of fruit which can help your digestion to smooth the metabolism is limited, unless mango. Consuming African mango can help you to smoothen the digestion due to its enzyme concentration to help protein digesting. By consuming African mango at least three times a week, you can say good bye to constipation forever.

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3. Reducing Hypertension  

Mango, especially African mango is rich of potassium and pectin. Pectin is a fiber you need to reduce your cholesterol level inside your blood vein. When you are lacking of potassium and pectin, your body will be easily rising of blood pressure. Then, it will cause hyper tense which can stimulate any other dangerous diseases such as stroke and heart attack.

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4. Weight Gaining

On the contrary of weight losing function by reducing fat cholesterol, African mango can also be functioning as weight gaining. You may put this mango slices into your daily menu for its carbo and calorie contains. They can treat your cells and boost your immune to have such a good metabolism so your body can find its ideal weight by itself.

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5. Preventing Kidney Stone

A very nightmare comes when you have the kidney stone since it is so shockingly painful. When you have lack of water and vitamins while your hobby is eating salty and less fiber meals, then you welcome the kidney stone to come. Consuming African mango can be one of the best curing treatments to prevent kidney stone according to some research done by the researchers.

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6. Strengthen the Memory and Concentration

Are you studying for the exam? Eat slices of African mango than chips or cookies instead. Mango works much better to strengthen your memory and concentration because it has an important protein; glutamin acid. It is a good deal, isn’t it?

7. Macular Degeneration Preventing

Zeaxanthin anti-oxide is found in mango which filter blue ray of sun, of which role a play of protecting your eyes and prevent the macular degeneration.

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8. Preventing Heart Attack

Potassium, vitamin, and fiber are three most important contents in African mango which cooperate together to prevent the heart attack. Consuming more potassium along with natrium less is the best daily diet option. Automatically, it will also reduce the cardiovascular disease which stimulate heart attack.

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9. Cancer Curing

Anti-oxide inside mango is found to protect your breast, colon, heart, and lung organs. It has a good impact to reduce and kill the cancer cells before it is too late to spread out over the body. Consuming more mangoes every week can reduce your risk of cancer up to 30%. Isn’t it a good deal?

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10. Bone Strengthening

Milk is not only one source of potassium and K vitamin to strengthen your bones and cells healthy. African mango surprisingly has almost same proportion of potassium and K vitamin to optimal potassium absorption into the blood and cells. If you want to have such strong and solid bones, try to consume more mango and others fruit from now on.

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11. Cholesterol Enemy

As one of the most dangerous cause of deathly diseases, cholesterol is kindly being public enemy of every human being. Unfortunately, it is such an irony to see the fact that people consume more unhealthy food like junk food and processed food while they keep wishing to be free cholesterol. It is so ridiculous! Therefore, you need to balance your diet by consuming more African mango, particularly the fresh one which is source of potassium and vitamin to control the cholesterol level.

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12. Eyes Health

What very important of human organ is. Eyes are such a treasure for human since we know everything in this entire world by our eyes. As a result, keeping the eyes health is crucially encouraged since we don’t want to have our eyes get suffered from any problem. Consuming a bowl of mango slices everyday will supply a bunch of 25 % A vitamin of our eyes daily need. Fresh and healthy!

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13. Curing Diabetic

Mango has low glycemic index (41-60), as a consequence, it is safe to be consumed as many as you want without being worry your sugar blood will rise up. Surprisingly, it is not only mango fruit which is good for diabetic suffer but also the leaves of African mango itself.

You can boil 5-6 mango leaves for more than 30 minutes until the boiling water is turned into reddish. Let it cold for a night and filter the water essence in the next morning. Drink it three times a week to cure your diabetic disease and it will surely keep your sugar blood in the safe level.

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14. Best Diet Treatments 

Behind the scene of African mango popularity nowadays, there have been some researchers conducted a research about the effective of African mango for our health. According to a research published by Lipids in Health and Disease, African mango can reduce body fat up to 5 kilograms in 28 days, without you need to cut your meal portion. This round oval shaped with a shade of red and green fruit is believed as the latest and the newest breakthrough of healthy diet for people.

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African Mango Benefits for Sexual Systems

Indeed, there are many benefits of African Mango, now let’s talk about reproductive systems!

15. Excretion System

Mango has such enzyme to help destroying fat and protein contents on what food we ate. The natural fiber containing inside mango will aid your digestion process naturally and get you easier to excretion the residu of food and urine.

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16. Rising Sexual Desire

Traditionally, mango is not classified into an aphrodisiac, but it has numerous amount of E vitamin which stimulating body to produce sexual hormone to raise your sexual desire. You can consume it once or twice a week to get the maximum benefit.

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African Mango as Beauty Treatments

Indeed, there are many benefits of African Mango for beauty tricks:

17. Pore Plug

Hello women out there, do you have problem with pore plug? You may be happy for saying good bye soon to this problem since African mango can rejuvenate and revitalize your face skin causing pore plug. You need to attach mango slices into your face and wait for up to 10 minutes before cleansing it. A fresh and clear skin is ready to be yours now.

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18. Smooth Skin

When it comes to the beauty, no one can ever have enough to do. This condition particularly done by woman who rarely think that nature has provides such variety of beauty compounds to treat and maintain their psychical beauty. Little did people know that African mango can help our skin to be revitalized and rejuvenated, as a result the skin looks fresh, fair, humid, and get many nutrition.

Consuming African mango should be your new habit minimum once in a week to optimal the function into your beautiful and fair skin. Slice into cut pieces or blend the mango and apply as a mask in your face skin to get such an extra benefit.

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Although consuming African mango is strongly recommended, you may still need to be careful of the allergic possibility which might appear. Consuming too much potassium can be hurt and dangerous for kidney malfunction people. When your kidneys cannot exhaust the excessive amount of potassium from blood circulation, you will be unhappy with this case.

At the end of the day, the benefit of African mango will be more important if it is done by moderation and vary by any other sources of food. Eating too much is not good, it is applied for everything. Therefore, consuming African mango in such moderation to keep your health body be energized and powerful.

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