27 Health Benefits of Eating Sprouted Moong – Skin – Hair Treatments

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moongSprouted moong is a type of sprout people would likely love consuming it and even could easily find at their surrounding. Sprout itself has actually four main types which are moong, fenugrek, gram and brussel sprouts. Among those four, sprouted moong is particularly characterized on its distinct flavor and possibility to combine to other food materials and mix in various types of food. Another popular type of sprout is the bean.

Anyway, sprout is called as a wonder food due to its rich nutrient and variety of benefits. It is also very affordable that everyone could easily consume it due to each person’s preference. In addition to soup or chop suey, sprout is usually cooked in other types of food as what is practiced in South America, India and Africa, in addition to salad or in its raw condition. If you would like to know its essences as well as its benefits, just keep reading.


Essences of Sprouted Moong

These following essences are good for keeping the body health as well as developing the mind. Fortunately, is scientifically proved that all of those essences are found in sprouted moong such as high source of protein and fiber. Also, sprouted Moong contains low calorie, fat, sodium, and glicemic index. Then, sprouted moong also contain Vitamin A Benefits, Vitamin C Benefits, Vitamin D, E and Vitamin K Benefits, Oligosaccharides Carbogydrates, Manganesse, Potassium, Folate, Copper, and Zinc.

Thus, sprouted moong contains high source of nutrients which bring health benefits. As a result, here is the health benefits of eating sprouted moong.

Sprouted Moong for Skin Treatments

Indeed, you will never know that sprouted moong is beneficial for your skin until you read this

1. Promotes Skin Glows

Having a glowing skin must be the needs of every female out there, yet they may be chasing some treatments to get it. Indeed, eating sprouted moong skin can be the traditional way to promote skin glows. As sprouted moong contains vitamins for skin to enhance glowing skin for you.

2. Hydrates the Skin

Having dry skin is not good both for health and beauty. Indeed, you may drink sprouted moong water or juice to hydrate the skin. Further, sprouted moong has the source to fill the skin’s mineral needs. So, your skin won’t be dry and it’s healthy by it.

3. Promotes Cells Regeneration 

Dry skin happens because the skin cells died. Thus, the source of sprouted moong has the ability to promote skin cells regeneration. As well, sprouted moong also helps to heal wound faster and another skin irritation or skin disorder.

4. Prevents Skin Cancer 

Sprouted moong contains the source of antioxidant which is the weapon to kill free radicals. Thus, eating sprouted moong can help you to prevent skin cancer. As well as protect your skin from free radical, sun damage, and more dangerous effects for skin.

5. Cleans Acne 

Acne is one of the skin disorders causing by bacteria on skin face. Indeed, sprouted moong contains 3 fatty acid that beneficial to treat skin well. Meanwhile, sprouted moong promotes your skin to look younger, fight the face bacteria, and as well as cleans acne. So, it’s a win-win solution for skin face.

6. Skin Detox 

Also, the sources in sprouted mong is good for skin detox as well as killing skin toxin. By this, eating sprouted moong also promote skin cells regeneration.

7. Prevents Anti Aging 

Also, the free radicals attack causing early aging for us through the population and dirty air. Indeed, we can prevent it by traditional way such as eating sprouted moong. Thus, sprouted moong contains the amount of antioxidant to treat aging.

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Sprouted Moong for Hair Treatments

Here are the health benefits of eating sprouted moong to promote hair health.

8. Promotes Long Hair 

As it said, sprouted moong contains vitamin C that is good to promote long healthy hair. Also, it prevents from hair fall. Then, sprouted moong also contains protein to promote glow and smooth hair.

9. Anti-Dandruff 

Dandruff is the worst hair problem that happens due to unhealthy dry skin head. Thus, sprouted moong contains selenium as a natural anti-dandruff.

10. Thick Hair 

For female, having a thick hair maybe everything. Thus, vitamin A in sprouted moong promote thick hair for you. So, you can easily sprinkle sprouted moong on your food to get its double benefits for your hair.

11. Elastic Hair

Sprouted moong contains Omega 3 to promote elastic hair.

12. Healthy Young Hair 

Meanwhile, sprouted moong have the natural sources of nutrients to maintain your healthy hair. Indeed, it will be your best alternative way if you have hair problems.

As a result, sprouted food is good for hair and skin treatments. Also, sprouted moong is also beneficial for health.

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Sprouted Moong Consumption

13. Supporting a healthy life style (by the rich nutrient of carbohydrate and protein)

14. Strengthening immune system and tissue maintenance (by the rich essence of nutrient)

15. Supporting healthy blood circulation and avoiding away any blood clotting (by its vitamin K essence)

16. Nourishing bone tissues (by vitamin K benefits essence inside)

17. Maintaining skin and cartilage tissue (by its vitamin C benefits essence inside)

18. Fighting cellular aging (by its antioxidant)

19. Helping to decrease Pre-Menstruation-Syndrome (by its vitamin B, folate and magnesium)

20. Fighting obesity and helping to loss weight (by its high level of fiber and protein as well as its low calorie and fat level)

21. Fighting against infection and viruses (by its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory essence)

22. Boosting immunity (by its phytonutrients)

23. Helping to Prevent even Heal one of types of diabetes, which is Diabetes Type II (by its anti-diabetic effect)

24. Preventing cancer and Fighting its development (by its antioxidant) (read: how to prevent cancers)

25. Helping to lower high blood pressure (by its protein fragments called peptides)

26. Lowering high cholesterol and help against heart disease (by its antioxidant) (read: foods that lower cholesterol level)

27. Vanishing or softening aging symptoms (by its phytoestrogent)In addition to those mentioned above, it is also believed that sprouted moong could help in healing some diseases. Those diseases are inflammation, symptoms of anemia and anemia itself, osteoporosis and digestion disorders.

However, one thing you need to pay attention is that you have to be careful in washing and cooking the sprouted moong. Make sure you remove any dirt away from the moong and cook it in proper time so that you could fully enjoy the full nutrient of the moong and get the best result for supporting your health.