20 Top Health Benefits of Roasted Seaweed (#1 Healthy Snack)

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Seaweed is a kind of sea vegetable which has been a popular dishes in many countries. It is a species of Porphyra which is a kind of red algae, cold water seaweed. As the consequence, it is known that seaweed has been the common dishes to Japanese. It comes with many kinds of food recipes including as the favorite snack to many people. Moreover, due to the great flavor of seaweed, then many people like to consume it as the food options. As a matter of fact, people often consume it as the dried seaweed or roasted seaweed. This food also can be easily found in sushi.

Besides, roasted seaweed is known as the seaweed which has been being dried and roasted resulting in a delicious fish as well. The end result of this product is like a green sheet of seaweed. While making the roasted seaweed, it only adds a bit of oil and salt so that it becomes the pure seaweed with great nutrients contained.


As a matter of fact, this roasted seaweed is famous due to the delicious taste and abundant of vitamins and minerals contained. Thus, if you want to know the health benefits of roasted seaweed, then you can have a look at the following statements below.

1.Contains Healthy Carbohydrate

The first benefit you can get from consuming roasted seaweed is by providing the healthy carbohydrate. It is shown that the consumption of 1/3 cup of seaweed can give you the daily requirements of 225 to 325 g healthy carbohydrate. As a result, the carbohydrate will work greatly to boost the energy level in the body. Moreover, carbohydrate has a role to aid in healthy digestion system and helps you feel full. Also, it is beneficial to maintain the blood cholesterol levels. Indeed, with a good consumption of carbohydrate foods like roasted seaweed, whole grains, and rice will help you to promote the fuel for the brain, heart, muscle, and nervous system as well.

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2.Your Favorite Diet Food

Many people do diet but do not know how to do it properly. As a result, if you want to do diet, the best thing you can do is by eating the good foods for sure. At this point, you can consume fruits and green vegetables as the option. Besides, as this article describes roasted seaweed, then it is recommended to add this sea vegetables to the top of your salad bowl. As the consequence, by adding roasted seaweed, your diet food menu will have the wonderful taste and also you have succeeded to add abundant of excellent nutrients as well.


3.Source of Sodium

As a matter of fact, by consuming one serving of seaweed, you will obtain 312 mg of sodium nutrient. This is good since sodium has been a major part in helping the body to prevent the risks of heart disease. Also, sodium is valuable to maintain the enzyme operations. Furthermore, it plays a role in promoting the muscle contraction and fluid maintenance as well. For the tips, you can consume roasted seaweed together with canned meat or fish to fulfill the sodium needs in the body.

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4.Source of Iodine

As roasted seaweed contains a high amount of iodine, then it will be beneficial to promote the thyroid function as well. As a matter of fact, you can get 65 percent of iodine amount you should consume every day if you eat one serving of roasted seaweed. With iodine, roasted seaweed will be beneficial to pregnant mothers. On the other hand, lack of this nutrient may lead to certain health problems including the difficulty in losing weight and thyroid health problems. Hence, if you want to get rid of risks of thyroid problems, you can have roasted seaweed as your favorite snack option for sure.

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5.Provides Vitamin B-12

What is great from roasted seaweed is the way it gives us the benefits of vitamins. In fact, roasted seaweed contains an ideal amount of vitamin B-12. At this point, as you eat 1/3 cup portion of seaweed, then you will get 21 percent of vitamin B-12 requirement. Then, vitamin B-12 will help you to promote overall body health as it promotes the red blood cells formation. Moreover, vitamin B-12 has a major role in boosting the body immune function as well. In addition, to obtain the vitamin B-12, you can consume roasted seaweed regularly. Further, you can also have red meat and salmon to achieve best health results from vitamin B-12 for sure.


6.Provides Vitamin K

Not only for providing the great vitamin B-12, but roasted seaweed contains a good amount of vitamin K. As the consequence, vitamin K is a fat-soluble nutrient which contributes to the body health. Vitamin K itself has a role in preventing the blood clot so that the body will stop the blood flow in the wound. Moreover, as roasted seaweed contains a good amount of vitamin K, then it will be beneficial to promote the strong bones and preventing the risks of heart diseases as well. So, have you interested in consuming roasted seaweed as your favorite food option?

7.Provides Calcium

It turns out that milk is the main source of calcium based on what people think. However, what most people may not now about roasted seaweed is that this vegetable contains a great calcium inside. Calcium as a vital mineral is the one who plays a role in maintaining the bone structure and destiny. With calcium, it helps to keep the bones and teeth strong. Also, it is beneficial for muscle contraction and takes part in promoting nervous system function. Then, if you want to get the calcium from foods, you can easily found it in roasted seaweed and dairy products as well.

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8.Provides Potassium

One of the health benefits of roasted seaweed is providing the great minerals. As the consequence, it is shown that roasted seaweed provides potassium in it. Then, as potassium is an essential mineral to the body, you need to consume potassium regularly. Besides, it is recommended to consume roasted seaweed together with calms and another kind of seafood to fulfill the potassium nutrient.

Moreover, why we need to consume potassium foods as well? Then, it is stated that potassium will be beneficial to maintain the blood pressure, enhance the muscle strength, and also control the water balance in the body. Furthermore, it will help prevent the risks of certain diseases such as heart and kidney disorders.


9.Provides Iron

Another health benefit of roasted seaweed is the way it contains a great amount of iron. For this reason, iron has an important role in producing hemoglobin and red blood cells. Also, iron is valuable to prevent the risks of anemia and chronic fatigue. For the tips, you can consume roasted seaweed together with beans and peas in order obtaining best iron benefits. Indeed, wit a good food consumption, then you will get a healthier body and life for sure.


10.Provides Protein

In fact, roasted seaweed provides an abundant amount of vitamins and minerals. Next, it is known that roasted seaweed contains protein as well. Consequently, it is a good news for those vegetarians and vegans who also needs the protein nutrient from this sea vegetable. Then, with great protein, it will be beneficial to promote the body function. At this point, our body uses protein to repair the tissues. Also, protein has a role in promoting the work of enzymes and hormones. As a result, protein takes part in building and renewing body cells including the bones, muscles, skin, and blood. Hence, you can start consuming roasted seaweed to promote the body function and system then.

11.Source of Antioxidant

Due to the presence of great vitamins and minerals, roasted seaweed is a good source of antioxidant. An antioxidant is known as the major nutrient compound which is beneficial to protect the body against risks of health problems. For this reason, antioxidant has a role in preventing the presence of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens in the body. With this benefit, it gives the positive result in creating the strong protection for the body health. Then, if you want to have the great body protection and strong body immune system, thus you can have roasted seaweed as your snack options as well.


12.Prevents Cancer

Many research suggests eating the best foods in order to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body. However, we may be confused about what foods we have to consume as well. Then, for the tips, you can consume foods which are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for sure. Consequently, as roasted seaweed contains the source of antioxidant, then it will help t prevent the risks of cancer. At this point, you can also prevent this chronic disease by applying healthy lifestyle. Then, by consuming best foods, it will be a great prevention of cancer and other health problems.


13.Source of Probiotics

If you look for probiotics food, then you can have yogurt or other fermented foods as well. Yet, one thing you may not have known is one of health benefits of roasted seaweed is by providing the probiotics source At this point, probiotics are known as the god bacteria to keep the gut healthy. Also, seaweed is rich in probiotics due to the presence of polysaccharides which acts as prebiotics. As a result, by consuming roasted seaweed, then you will help to keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy.

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14.Source of Fiber

Talking about fiber may result in the large range of health benefits. This important nutrient takes a major role in maintaining the digestion system. On the other hand, as you consume a serving of roasted seaweed, then you will achieve the good source of fiber. In this case, fiber helps to prevent constipation and other digestion problems. Also, fiber is known as the great nutrients which help to reduce the risks of diabetes and heart disease. Then, getting fiber nutrients is important as it will give best health results for sure. In addition, you can consume roasted seaweed together with fiber foods such as lettuce and berries to provide the best benefits of fiber.


15.Promotes Digestion System

As explained before, due to the presence of fiber in roasted seaweed, then this food is valuable to promote healthy digestion system. It is known that fiber helps to promote nutrient absorption and preventing risks of gut diseases. Also, the research found alginate, a substance in seaweed which has a role in strengthen gut mucus and helps to make you feel full for a longer time. Furthermore, seaweed can help increase the good bacteria in the gut resulting in positive health results as well.

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16.Low in Calories

If you wish to consume delicious food, yet, it has the low-calorie level, then choosing roasted seaweed might be the best option. As the consequence, if you consume one sheet of roasted seaweed, it contains only 5 calories. Such a great one, isn’t it? As a result, with the low level of calories, you will have no worry to consume this sea vegetable for sure. Also, you can add this food to your diet food menu or simply sprinkle the sheet of roasted seaweed on the top of your salad bowl. What is even great, it will help control the cholesterol level in the body. Moreover, it also has a role in preventing risks of heart disease and stroke as well.

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17.Improves Heart Health

People try to maintain their heart health by consuming best foods. they try to control their cholesterol food consumption to prevent the presence of blood clot in arteries. Moreover, they also do regular exercise to prevent the risks of heart disease. As the consequence, research has shown that roasted seaweed can maintain the blood pressure level in the body. For this reason, this food is valuable to improve heart health as well. This benefit is linked to the presence of great vitamins and minerals contained in roasted seaweed. Also, the antioxidants help to prevent the risks of heart disease. Then, having this food is really great as it offers you the valuable nutrients for sure.


18.Promotes Detoxification

You may wonder why our body needs to do the detoxification process. Thus, if you are curious about how roasted seaweed takes part in the detoxification process, so you can read this statement then. Due to the presence of chemical srontium in roasted seaweed help promoting detoxification. At this point, it will be beneficial in removing toxins in the body. The detoxification process in the blood which is valuable to cleanse the blood and remove the access of bacteria and pathogens. Hence, if you want to promote the detoxification process in the body, you can consume roasted seaweed regularly as well.

19.Regulates Estrogen and Estradiol Levels

In fact, some foods have shown the positive result in promoting the work of body hormones. In the same way, a study has shown that roasted seaweed has a role in regulating the estrogen and estradiol levels in the body. These hormones are valuable to promote the development and function of sexual organs. Also, it will help to maintain the female fertility issues. As the consequence, roasted seaweed has shown a great range of health benefits you may have never expected. Thus, it is great to start adding this sea vegetables in your daily consumption from now on.

20.Promotes Beauty Skin

While people believes that green vegetables allow the great nutrient to promote the beauty skin, then there is seaweed which also provides the great vitamins and minerals contained. As you have read above, there is a good range of health benefits that this food has provided to us. Moreover, one that makes this food special is the way it helps promoting the beauty skin.

Surprisingly, roasted seaweed can help you achieve the beauty and glowing skin due to the presence of great vitamins and minerals. Also, as it has the source of antioxidants, it will help remove the presence of spots and blemishes on the face. As a result, by consuming roasted seaweed regularly, your skin will be beauty and healthy at the same time.


Now you know the great benefits of roasted seaweed, then you can also read the tips for consuming roasted seaweed as written below.

Tips for Consuming

  • Before buying roasted seaweed as the snack in the food market, you should watch carefully the ingredients of this food. It is recommended to choose the one which only contains the vegetable oil and salt. As you pick carefully, you will get the best benefits of roasted seaweed for sure.
  • Moreover, you should look for the one which has the highest quality. It is shown that the darker color and the less transparent of roasted seaweed means the better quality as well.
  • You can add the roasted seaweed in many kinds of dish. In this case, sushi is the most popular food which includes seaweed as well. However, you still can eat the fresh roasted seaweed as a great snack in your free time.
  • For the recipe tips, you can have roasted seaweed in your salad and miso soup. Indeed, with the crunchy texture, you will have a wonderful food to be eaten then.

To sum up, consuming roasted seaweed will bring you tons of benefits. Besides, you can have this light and crunchy food for your afternoon snack . not only providing the delicious taste, but this food provides great vitamins and minerals. Indeed, you will have no regret after trying this healthy snack. Then, it is time to enjoy your roasted seaweed as your favorite snack!