19 Health Benefits of Trampolining : Bone – Health

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Trampoline is one of the sport as well as the game equipment that is applicable for adults or children. It does not only used for gaming but also for sport since it helps us in building our fitness. Jumping on a trampoline is healthy as long as we do it in a right ways.

19 Health Benefits of Trampolining:

1. Burning Our Fats Effectively. 

Trampolining for 10 minutes is the same as running for 30 minutes. Both activities are proven effective to burn our fats effectively.  Jumping on a trampoline for 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a week can burn our fats fast. As a result, weight loss can occur.

2. Training Our Heart.

Trampolining is 68% effective than running for burning the fats because one of the anaerobic movements are moderately high. Jumping on trampoline is good for training our heart so that it can have a standard heart beat.

3. Reducing the Risk of Osteoporosis.

Besides burning the fats fast, trampolining can make our bones dense so that it automatically reduces the risk of suffering from osteoporosis.

4. Detoxification. 

TrampoliningTrampolining can also be used as a detoxification because it facilitates the flow of lymphatic disposal. Therefore, the toxic in our body, bacteria, virus and dead cells can be disposed in lymphatic disposal.

5. Reducing Obesity.

Since trampolining is 15% more effective than running, it is said can reduce our weight so that the risk of obesity can be avoided. Trampolining is increasing the rate of our metabolic and helping our body to process nutrients more efficiently. Thus, this way helps to keep our weight down.

6. Decreasing the Risk of Aging.

Exercising on a trampoline is an effective weapon against aging process which are signed by the poor performance of our heart and muscles, the shrink of our lungs capacity and the density of our bones lessen.

7. Promoting Our Blood Flow.

Trampolining is undeniably perfect for facilitating our blood flow which finally can reduce the level of our bad cholesterol. Besides, sufficient supply of oxygen to our red blood cells can lower our blood pressure and increase the strength our our heart.

8. Promoting the Strength of Our Muscles.

The process of jumping involves the work of our muscles. Thus, trampolining plays an important role in making our tendons, ligaments, and muscles around our joints strong.

9. Shaping Our Posture.

The regular use of a trampoline makes the muscles in our stomach and back strong. That condition will help us in shaping our posture because the muscles in our stomach and and back improve the grow of our spine.

10. Increasing the Strength and Fitness our Our Calves and Soles.

Trampolining requires the work of our feet a lot, especially our calves and soles.

11. Improving Our Motor Skills.

Trampolining is good for improving our motor skills, such as coordination (balance, agility, rhythm, and timing) and balance.

12. Improving Our Mental Health.

It is not only our physical health that can be improved by trampolining, but also our mental condition. Trampolining makes us happier, more self-confident, and more positive about ourselves since when we jump, our body releases endorphines hormone.

13. Perfect Entertainment Facility at Home. 

Unlike television or smart phone, trampolining is a perfect entertainment at home since it does not only offer the fun but also the fitness. Having a trampoline in our yard, will make our family become more active, more healthy, and have a tight bound since trampolining can be done together with the member of the family.

14. Improving the Health of Our Heart.

Trampolining is good for the health our heart since it makes our heart beat normal and reduces the development of a heart disease.

15. Therapy.

Trampoline is helpful for people who are in the process of healing after accident. Therefore, in a place that specializes in giving therapy after accidents does not only have one trampoline.

16. Improving Our Lungs Performance.

When we jump, we do not only train our feet muscles but also our lungs. Trampolining makes our lungs work perfectly and improves our respiratory system.

17. Increasing Our Immunity System. 

While we bounce, our internal organ will move the liquid at the back side of our brain. The movement is good for our intestines. The immunity cells such as T-Limfosit and macrofag will be triggered and become an active protector. We need only 5 minutes bouncing for gaining the benefit.

18. Improving Our Respiratory System. 

If we have a respiratory disturbance because of smoking, we should take an immediate action to make us better before we experience the unexpected things. We should bounce for 40 minutes everyday. We should do this for 5  days in a week. It is better for bouncing in a mini trampoline since it offers ideal benefit for our body because bouncing is considered as an oxygen therapy.

19. Stabilizing the Effect of Our Nerve System.

Bouncing makes us more relax so that it automatically reduces our stress. During practice session, bouncing for health and fitness will stabilize our nerve system. As a result, we will have sufficient protection against stress that always invites our emotional side. Practicing trampolining will make us avoid from psychosomatic and depression.

Trampolining does not only offer benefit for adult but also for children.

3 Benefits of Trampolining for Children:

  • Brings Academic Success.

While jumping, the children should manage their body movement. Thus, trampolining is called as a “trainer” for muscle control and coordination because many children gain academic improvement after they use trampoline regularly.

  • Improving Self-Esteem. 

As soon as a child gains confidence when he masters new skills on the trampoline, he will see his life within a positive value which later can improve his academic success.

  • Teach persistence. 

Mastering skills of trampoline takes time. Therefore, a child should do it persistently. This can teach the children important lesson that doing something right is worth the effort.

Despite the health benefits it offers, trampoline also brings negative side effects which can lead to fatal condition of our health.

4 Side Effects of Trampolining:

  • Fracture and Bones Dislocation.
  • Sprain, broken bones, and bruises.
  • Turn upside down makes the head experiences a permanent head defective.
  • Injury in our backbones.

However, parents should not be extra worry for the injuries that might happen since they can minimize the accidents.

4 ways to minimize the injuries because of trampolining: 

  • Play trampoline alone is a better idea since playing together with friends can make the risk of bumping higher. It is even better if we provide owned trampoline at home.
  • Set the net around the trampoline that works perfectly to protect children whilst playing.
  • Place the trampoline on flatland.
  • Parents should actively oversee the children during trampolining to prevent the children from turning upside down that can put them in danger.

For having the best result of trampolining, we should know how to trampoline well.

6 Ways of Better Trampolining:

  • Open our feet for 6 inches.
  • Bend our arms and maintain the position of our elbows in each side of our body.
  • Bend our knee a little and let our body bounce little by little up to down (keep our feet 6 inches from the trampoline).
  • Repeat the action for 30 times.
  • Bounce daily for 15 minutes a day.
  • Start to bounce on gently jumps and work to jumping with our feet leaving the bouncer.

There are a lot of different models of rebounders to choose from. The more expensive models reduce the impacts for our joints.

3 Kinds of Trampolines:

  • Needak Rebounder.
  • Jump Sport Rebounder
  • A Stamina 36 inch Rebounder.

Trampolining provides various health benefits in addition to cardiovascular fitness. It also beneficial not only for adult but also for children. However, we should be careful in trampolining since there are several negative impacts that we should be aware of.