25 Top Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit (#1 Top Vitamin C Source)

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kiwi fruitKiwi fruit is a kind of edible berries in the genus Actinidia. It comes with the oval shape and about the size of a large hen’s egg. This small fruit has black seeds which are edible and the semi-translucent emerald green flesh. The flesh also has the creamy taste with the mixture taste of strawberries and bananas resulting in the unique sweet flavor. Moreover, it has the fuzzy brown peel as well.

It is known that kiwi fruit is packed with great essential nutrients contained in it. It has the sources of vitamin C, E, K, folate, and potassium. Moreover, it is also great in providing antioxidants and fiber for sure. What is even great from kiwi is that this fruit has twice as much vitamin C as oranges. Moreover, kiwi has been widely used for food consumptions like breakfast cereal, pancakes, and ice cream.

As the consequence, to know more detail information about kiwi fruit, then you can have a look at the table of nutritional facts of kiwi fruit below.

Nutritional Facts of Kiwi Fruit” state=”closed

Nutritional Facts of Kiwi Fruit

InformationAmount per 100 g% Daily Value
Total Fat0.5 g0%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Sodium3 mg0%
Potassium312 mg8%
Total Carbohydrate15 g5%
  Dietary Fiber3 g12%
  Sugar9 g
Protein1.1 g2%
Vitamin A   1%Calcium   3%Vitamin B-6    5%
Vitamin C   154%Iron       1%Magnesium   4%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


After knowing about the nutritional facts of the kiwi fruit, then you can see the health benefits of kiwi fruit as written below.

1. Source of Fiber

Many kinds of fruits and vegetables have the source of fiber. At this point, we should consume fiber foods to maintain the certain health body system. Consequently, as the source of essential vitamins and minerals, kiwi also contains the good amount of fiber. As a result, fiber is beneficial to prevent cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease as well. Moreover, fiber helps you to keep you feel full for a longer time. Then, by consuming kiwifruit regularly, it will help you to remove the toxins in the colon and help to keep the blood sugar level in the body for sure.


2. Helps Losing Weight

As described before, kiwi fruit provides a good source of fiber. As the consequence, it will help you to feel full for a longer time. Hence, it will be beneficial to be added to your diets. Not only providing the good fiber, but kiwi fruit also has the low glycemic index which leads the body to not respond the storing fat. What is even great from kiwi fruit is the presence of low-calorie level in it. Indeed, by saving the calories level, you will have kiwi fruit as the great diets with the delicious and healthy benefits for sure. In addition, you can have kiwi fruit on the top of your salad bowl or simply make it into kind of juices or smoothies.


3. Source of Potassium

In fact, kiwi fruit provides potassium as the vital mineral in the body. If you consume on the cup of kiwi fruit, you will have 552 mg of potassium which means a good thing. Then, with the great potassium, it is beneficial to maintain the fluid levels in the body. Also, potassium can help control the blood pressure as well. You can consume potassium foods by eating kiwi and other ones like clams. Otherwise, the lack of potassium nutrients will lead to the certain health problems including the chronic fatigue, and irregular heartbeat.

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4. Source of Sodium

As you can see on the table, kiwi fruit has a good source of sodium. Consequently, sodium has a major role in regulating the level fluid in the body. Moreover, it also helps to maintain the normal contractions of the heart. However, you should consume sodium foods in moderate since the excess amount of sodium may lead to certain health problems. In addition, you can eat kiwi fruit together with the salted nut and canned beans for the food options.

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5. Source of Protein

One of the great things that kiwi fruit has done is by providing the great amount of protein. At this point, protein holds the important role in building the block of muscles, skin, bones, and blood. It also helps to build the energy to digest the food. Moreover, as kiwi provides the good amount of protein, then you can choose this fruit as your favorite food option. Besides, to fulfill the protein needs in the body, you can also consume eggs, meat, and dairy products as well.

6. Source of Vitamin C

Surprisingly, it is known that the amount of vitamin C in kiwifruit is higher than oranges. As the table shown above, by consuming 100 grams of kiwi fruit, then you can have 154 percentage of daily requirements of vitamin C. This is great since vitamin C has been a major part in acting as the powerful antioxidant. Also, vitamin C is very valuable to boost the strong body immune system. What is even great is that vitamin C takes part in wound healing as well. Then, by consuming kiwifruit, you have succeeded obtaining the great health benefits of vitamin C for sure.


7. Source of Vitamin A

As a matter of fact, kiwi fruit contains the good source of vitamin A. Consequently, it will be beneficial to prevent the presence of macular degeneration which causes the vision loss. Moreover, a study found that by eating three servings of fruit a day can help decreasing 36 percent of the risks of macular degeneration. This benefit is also linked with the presence of zeaxanthin and lutein in kiwi fruit as well. Hence, if you want to protect your eye from the risks of certain disease, then having kiwi fruit might be the best option to choose.

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8. Source of Magnesium

Next, kiwi fruit provides essential minerals for sure. At this point, it has magnesium which helps to maintain the body function. In this case, magnesium will help to promote the heart health as well as regulating the levels of calcium, potassium, and sodium. Moreover, it is great to prevent the anxiety. Then, if you want to fulfill the needs of magnesium in the body, you can consume kiwi fruit together with spinach and pumpkin seed as the option.


9. Source of Calcium

Many people watch their food consumption in order getting the best nutrients for sure. Besides, they consume dairy products to fulfill the calcium needs in the body. At this point, kiwi fruit has shown the positive result in providing calcium. As the consequence, calcium in kiwi fruit is very beneficial to build the strong bones structure and density. Hence, if you can get the calcium from another kind of foods like kiwifruit, why do not yo choose this one then?

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10. Source of Antioxidant

In fact, everybody wants to be healthy every day and have the strong body immune system. Consequently, As kiwi fruit contains a very great amount of vitamin C, then it acts as the powerful antioxidant which promotes the strong immune system as well. This primary antioxidant helps to prevent the presence of the free radicals. It also helps to deal with the damage and inflammation caused by free radicals. Besides, vitamin C as the antioxidant shows the great result in protecting the body against the risk of respiratory problems like asthma, arthritis, and even the lung cancer. Hence, if you want the great protection for your body, eating vitamin C is the wonderful way for sure.


11. Have Antibacterial Properties

One of the health benefits of kiwi fruit is by providing the antifungal and antibacterial properties. At this point, the one that works for this benefit is the presence of a protein called actinchinin. As a result, if you consume kiwi fruit regularly, then it will help protecting your body to prevent the presence of bacterias, viruses, and pathogens. What a great benefit, isn’t it?

12. Aids in Digestion

As described before, kiwi contains the good amount of fiber which is good for digestion system. Also, kiwi provides a proteolytic enzyme called actinidin that can help the digestion of most proteins. Moreover, kiwi fruit shows the positive result in preventing constipation. It is shown that the regular consumption of kiwi fruit can promote softer and more frequent stool production. What is even great is that this fruit promotes the growth of lactic acid and inhibits the development of Escherichia Coli bacteria. Indeed, by having kiwi fruit is such a very best way to obtain the healthy digestion system.

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13. Boosts Immune System

Due to the presence of antibacterial and antifungal properties, they enable kiwi fruit to boost body immune system greatly. Also, it is linked with the presence of the abundant amount of vitamin C which is essential for building the stronger immune system. Indeed, as vitamin C in kiwi gives 273 percent of daily recommended value for just 1 cup of it, then you can take a great range of health benefits for sure.

As the consequence, kiwi fruit is valuable to support immune function and prevent risks of diseases like cold or flu illnesses. Moreover, it helps protect our body from infections of various pathogens including Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus phones. Therefore, consuming kiwifruit will bring many positive results as it reduces the damage of body inflammations.

14. Natural Treatment for Diabetes

For those who suffer from diabetes, then you may consider lowering the blood sugar level in the body. At this point, you can watch the sugar intake of food consumption as well. For this reason, it is recommended to eat kiwi fruit as it is valuable to be a natural treatment for diabetes. It is known that kiwi fruit has the low category for the glycemic index which does not raise the blood sugar level quickly. Hence, it is safe for diabetics. Furthermore, a study has shown the positive result in the prevention of diabetes by consuming this fruit as it helps to regulate adipogenesis. Besides, it is known that dysfunction of adipose tissues may lead to the development of insulin resistance as well.


15. Treats Asthma

One of the great health benefits of kiwi fruit is that this kind of sweet fruit can help treating asthma. Moreover, this benefit is linked to the presence of vitamin C and antioxidants in kiwi. Then, by consuming kiwifruit regularly, it will help to bring the positive effects on the lung function. In this case, this fruit also becomes the protective agent against respiratory problems such asthma as it is associated with the wheezing symptoms. In fact, a study has shown that eating kiwifruit regularly may less incidence of wheezing in children.

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16. Controls Blood Pressure

People trying to find the best way to control their blood pressure. Indeed, the level of blood pressure plays a major role in body functioning. As the consequence, one of the solutions you can have to control the blood pressure is by consuming the best foods as well. In the same way, not only to be a natural treatment for asthma, but kiwi fruit is also beneficial to help to manage the blood pressure level. This benefit is associated with the presence of great potassium contained in kiwi as well. As a result, it will help to prevent the risks of high blood pressure and other kinds of heart disease.


17. Prevents Blood Clotting

At this point, kiwi fruit helps to prevent blood clotting as it is beneficial to control the blood pressure level. Moreover, it is also great in reducing the number of fats in the blood. Besides, this benefit is linked to the presence of vitamin C, polyphenols and potassium which plays a main role in protecting the blood vessels and heart. Indeed, with the regular consumption of kiwi, it will help protect the cardiovascular health for sure.

18. Promotes Heart Health

We can not deny the great benefits of kiwi fruit as you have known what things that this fruit has offered to our body. As the consequence, consuming kiwifruit may help to prevent the blood clotting as well as controlling blood pressure level. As a result, it has great benefit in maintaining the heart health for sure. In addition, the ones who works at this benefit is the presence of fiber and potassium. Then, with the great potassium intakes, you will help to protect the body against stroke and the presence of kidney stones, too.

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19. Promotes Bones Health

Due to the presence of calcium and vitamin K in kiwi fruit, then it is beneficial to promote the bones health. It is known that vitamin K takes part in reducing the risks of bone diseases like osteoporosis. Thus, if you want to have the strong bones, then you can pick kiwi fruit as your favorite food option as well.

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20. Protects the Body Cells

What our body needs is a strong protection from environmental stress. For this reason, the next health benefit of kiwi fruit is by protecting the body cells. This benefit is associated with the presence of antioxidants and vitamin C which protecting the cell DNA from oxidative damage. As the consequence, kiwi fruit is also great to prevent the growth of cancer cell.

21. Improves Iron Absorption

Due to the presence of vitamin C and other phytochemicals like lutein and zeaxanthin in kiwi fruit, then it will help to improve the iron absorption in the body. At this point, iron is very beneficial to promote the hemoglobin and red blood cells production in the body. As a result, it is beneficial to prevent the chronic fatigue and anemia. Hence, by consuming kiwifruit together with beans and peas regularly, you will prevent the iron deficiency iron disorders as well.


22. Prevents Cancer

As explained before, kiwi fruit is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, then it will prevent the risks of certain health problems including cancer. At this point, the fruit and kiwi roots are believed to have the positive effects in reducing the human liver, lung, and colon cancer cell growth. Thus, if you want to be free from the presence of cancer cells, having kiwi fruit as the food option may help you a lot then.


23. Promotes Sleep Quality

What is even great from kiwi fruit is the way it helps promoting the sleep quality. At this point, kiwi fruit provides useful compounds like antioxidants and serotonin to deal with sleep disorders. Indeed, serotonin is a kind of useful compounds which has a major role in promoting the sleep-aiding abilities. Then, if you have trouble at sleeping, consuming kiwifruit is a great way for sure. Furthermore, it is known that serotonin in kiwifruit may help to deal with stress and depression as well.

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24. Helps with Pregnancy

Due to the presence of natural folate in kiwi fruit, then it is beneficial for a pregnant woman. This great folate will work preventing the occurrence of neural tube defects in the unborn babies. Also, folate is known to be useful for the brain health and cognitive growth as well. Not only for that, the presence of vital nutrients such as vitamin C, E, and K contributes greatly to promote the fetus development and the expectant mother.

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25. Promotes Beauty Skin

The last benefit of kiwi fruit is to promote beauty skin. At this point, the ones who work for this benefit is the presence of vitamin C and E which is beneficial for te sake of healthy and beauty skin. They also act as the powerful antioxidant which prevents the presence of skin spots, blemishes, and other kinds of skin degradation. For the tips, you can mix kiwi fruit with olive oil and apply them as the daily face mask. Indeed, by using kiwi fruit as your beauty treatment, this fruit will bring the beauty and the healthiness for your skin then.


Now you know the health benefits of kiwi fruit, then you can also read the tips for consuming kiwifruit below.

Tips for Consuming

  • While shopping, you should avoid the ones which are very soft and have bruised skins or spots. After that, kiwi should not be eaten too long after cutting, just eat it as soon as possible then.
  • To store kiwi fruit, you can keep them at room temperature away from the sun. Also, keep it away from other fruit since it is very sensitive and can be resulting in over ripen.
  • You can consume kiwi in many kinds of food options including smoothie, yogurt or make it into your favorite fruit salad. Indeed, the health benefits of this fruit will be always there for you.
  • As kiwi contains oxalates and the enzyme substances associated wit the latex-fruit allergy syndrome, then you should consume it in moderate. Otherwise, the excess amount of this fruit consumption may lead to health problems.
  • If you suffer from the allergic reaction after consuming kiwifruit like having the itchy throat, swollen tongue, or vomiting, then it is better to stop consuming the fruit and consult your doctor.

To sum up, kiwi fruit is the great source of vitamins and minerals. Even, it is packed with the abundant amount of vitamin C more than oranges and lemons. Then, you can add this one for your daily fruit option as well. Indeed, by having kiwi fruit, then you will get the delicious taste and the great range of health benefits for sure. So, stay healthy there!