14 Health Benefits of Watermelon During Pregnancy

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Do Pregnant Women Can Consume Watermelon?

Before talk about health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy. We need to know this plant look like before. Citrullus Ianatus is the latin. Watermelon is included with gourd in latin cucurbitaceae, cucumber in latin cucumis sativus, and melon in latin cucumis melo. This plan originated from South Africa.

About this watermelon, Indonesia has a culture in many ways. For example about food and pregnancy. Let us take watermelon as an object of it. There are so many health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy can be get. But actually, do pregnant women can consume watermelon?

Because those culture has been found long time ago. Some of it does not make sense. Those culture make pregnant women confious. Especially about health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy. Parents need to know the details.

So, what are actually health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy can be get arccording to the science?

  1. Curing;
    • Reduce Digestion Problem;
      Complaints about digestion is common thing when pregnancy. Nausea, heartburn, and stomach acids is the usually happens.
      The solution of that is simple. After consumed watermelon stomach will feel soothing. This is why watermelon is recommended for pregnant women. Because Nausea, heartburn, and stomach acids will be reduce with just consume it.
    • Reduce Swelling
      When pregnancy, feet and hands will get mild swelling. This condition called edema. But do not worry because it is common condition. High water content in watermelon can handle that. Blockage of muscles and the blood vessels can be fix bacause of it.
    • Reduce Morning Sickness
      Signs of early pregnancy is morning sickness. This conditon is something common. This is happen in 1 to 4 months of pregnany. Before husband of wife get this information maybe panic is something fair. But know, do not be panic, especially for husband. Because actually the solution is simple.
      Effect of the morning sickness can be reduce with consume watermelon is regularly. Especially in the morning. Take tha watermelon routine. It will give spirit effects when sun is coming. This effects is come from the high water content. The water generated from fresh and soothing taste.
      Know, after know the health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy. How to get it is justb by make watermelon juice. Make it not too cool and after breakfast and dinner, just drink as dessert. Or pregnant women can eat the fruit.
    • Reduce Muscle Cramps
      After the morning sickness. Muscle cramps is the condition will happen during pregnancy. Muscle cramps is condition when muscle and bone feel pain. This is can be happened because extra weight from the infant. Regular hormone also can make it happen.
      Actually the solution is easy, just consuming watermelon. By eat the fruit or make it juice will reduce muscle cramps.
  1. Maintain Health.
    • Antioxidants
      Health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy by Vitamin A that contains in it can be antioxidant. It can be prevent from disease that happened by free radicals. Vitamin A can be neutralize it.
    • Eye
      Watermelon is contains Vitamin A. Health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy by this substance is keeping eye and other organs of vision healthy.
    • Helps Fot Better Digestive
      Complaints about digestive system al so can be happen when pregnancy. Not only  muscle cramps or morning sickness.
      This problem must be fix soon because can be impact to the baby. So, soon consume the watermelon. It does not matter consume the juice or just eat the fruit. The high water content on it is good to solve digestive problems.
    • Heart
      Heart is the main machine of our body. So keep it healthy with lycopene that contains in watermelon. This substance is give health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy for the heart. Lycopene is very beneficial to keep cardiovascular health.
      Not only for the pregnant women but also the infant.
    • Immune System
      Watermelon contains Vitamin C. For a prevention step, consume watermelon is a good way. It is easy, fun, and tasty.
      By consumed watermelon, it will boost the immnune system of pregnant women. In extreme weather or climate change pregnant women need to no worry because Vitamin C in watermelon making the body far away from sickness.
    • Support Fetus Bone Formation
      Potassium is contains in watermelon. This substance is give health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy to maintain calcium in the body. There no one can helps process of bone formation as better as potassium. This substance also can strengthen joints for pregnant women. And than the effects is pregnant women will feel healthier and stronger.
    • Urine Launched
      Health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy also can urine lauched. Watermelon can improve the flow od urine. This health benefits of watermelon is not only good during pregnancy but also for others.
      Consume this fruit in routine time will keep kidney healthy. What ever we consume is up to us, the fruit or the juice.
  1. Prevention;
    • Dehydration
      Watermelon contains high water contens about more than 90%. This fruit is very recommended for who has problem with dehydration.
      Pregnant women need more water than before. Because the water is needs for two person in one body. So for pregnant women this fruit is very recommended to consume. Consume the fruit pr the juice in routine for prevent from dehydration.
      The big reason, simple, and very important why watermelon is recommended to prevent dehydration. Because dehydration can cause premature. So consume watermelon for pregnant women is a must.
    • Pigmentation;
      Skin pigmentation can be happened during pregnancy. Every women will feels happy during pregnancy. But this condition can break that. So it is a better way to prevent skin pigmantation.
      Doing cleaning routine can be prevents from pigmentation. Know the questions is how?
      Easy disgestion of food will happened by keep bowel movements. It come from inside with helps from consume watermelon. At the end the results is affects texture of skin. The watermelon will keep skin look smoother during pregnancy.
    • Preventing Muscle Cramps
      One of health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy that must be get is prevention. Because pregnant women will experience a variety of changes. One of the prevention is muscle cramps. Pregnant women needs prevention for muscle cramps.
      Muscle cramps can be happen by hormone factor and over weight. To prevent that pregnant women needs to consume watermelon.
      After all the health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy above. It is not can feel by the pregnant but the infant too. High nutrition in watermelon is good for both of them. But there are some caution we needs to know.

Side Effects

First, pregnant women can consume watermelon sufficiently. If taking it too much will cause side effects. Sugar level is pregnant women body will increase if consume it too much and too often. Not even health but ill will comes. Do not take watermelon too much because it will make too much glucosa. It will make gestational diabet. That is not good for mother also the infant.

Second, is als caution to consume too much watermelon. This fruit can keep our body clean inside from bad substance. But to much watermelon in our body can bring good nutrition get out to.

Third, water which has been put on open place is not good for consumed. It will make problem with stomach. Because the acids in it will increase. The acids will make nausea. Just consume watermelon is fresh condition.

Watermelon has many health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy. It can be provide healthy. It can also refresh our body and also source of energy. Because watermelon contains Vitamin A, B6, C, fiber, magnesium, and potassium. All of the health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy can be turn back as a disease if not consume right. So keep in touch to your doctor.

So to get health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy. We need to take attention to good measure. Aspect of balance must be payed.