7 Top Health Benefits of Sea Urchins #Works for Sexual Treatments

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If you meet something with round shape and has a lot of thorns on its skin, than you meet one of sea animals called sea urchin. All of us know what sea urchin is, but only some of us who already saw it in front of our eyes. Almost all of us want to stay away from this animals because its thorn contains poison, although its not deathly for human. Those thorns are used to protect from enemies. But, do you know that sea urchin is good for our health?

Maybe some of us don’t know that, even don’t know that sea urchin is edible. Yes, sea urchins are edible. Maybe some of you questioning how we cook it, if we want to do it by ourselves? You have to grab its thorn, you can use gloves if you afraid. Then, you can peel its skin using knife then you will find its meat inside. And how do we consume it? Actually, its meat is delicious. And not only delicious, its also full of nutrients. So, sea urchin is one of healthy food for our body.

Good Materials Contained in Sea Urchins

And the next question is “What are good materials that contained inside sea urchin?” Well, it’s a very good question. What are good materials contained inside sea urchin? Based on researches, sea urchin contains a lot of good materials for our body. A 100-grams of sea urchin, which is about 3,5 ounces, contains 119 calories and very little fat. And, if you consumes sea urchin, you will find only good fat such as polyunsaturated fat. And we can’t find it in fast food such as burger. And also sea urchin contains omega-3 fatty acids.

And what is the good impact of good fat and omega-3 fatty acids for our health? Good fat’s impact for our body is completely different than the bad one. If the bad fat will increase our cholesterol level, than the good one will decrease it. Then, how about omega-3 fatty acids? Based on America Heart Association, It will help us lowering our blood pressure and reduce the risk of abnormal heart beat.

So, have you consider to consume sea urchins? If you haven’t, then maybe information below will make you consider it. Why? Because sea urchins have more good materials for our health. Such as proteins and zinc. “Okay, but what is the good impact of proteins and zinc for our body?” Let’s find out the health benefits of sea urchins!

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  1. Rich of Proteins

What kind of food that comes to your mind if you heard “food that rich of proteins”? Well, surely foods like meat, egg, fish, and such will comes to your mind. You’re not wrong. The reason why those foods are exposed more on TV because you can find it easily in supermarket. But, sea urchin?

For you who live at beach, you will find sea urchins everywhere. But for you who not live at beach, it’ll be harder for you to find sea urchins. But, for your information, sea urchins contains proteins as much as those familiar foods. Inside 100 grams of sea urchins contain at least 13,3 grams proteins, which is very good for our body. Those amount will fulfill the needs of daily proteins.

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  1. Zinc

Some of already know what zinc is, but don’t know what its benefits for our body. Even, some of us don’t know what zinc is. So, what is zinc? Zinc is one of minerals that good for our health and needed for our body, actually. But not a lot of foods and beverages out there contains zinc in it.

Sea urchins are one of those “rare” foods. What is health benefits of zinc? It plays an important role of wound healing. Also, zinc can boost our reproduction system. Another health benefits of zinc is to increase our immune system and exacerbate our sense of smell and sight.

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  1. Good For Diet

You want to go on diet? Sea urchin can be one of your solution. Usually, you can get these sea urchins serve along with sushi in raw condition, of course. How is the taste? Of course it’s delicious and will make you want to eat more. You can also cook sea urchins and eat it plain or include them in another dishes, only if you know how to cook it. Remember, sea urchin’s thorns contains poison in it.

So, how sea urchins good for our diet? Sea urchins contains low-fat minerals. And also it contains nutrients that is needed for diet. So, sea urchins is one of good sources for you if you want to go on a diet.

But, you have to be careful. Usually, sea urchins served in raw condition and we have to be careful when we eat raw dishes. The reason is because maybe that food still contains bacteria that can make us sick. So, if you want to try sea urchin diet, you have to consult it to the doctor first.

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  1. Vitamin C

As we already know, sea urchin contains a lot of good materials for our health. One of which is vitamin C. If you were asked where we can get vitamin C, then maybe some of you will answer some fruits such as oranges, mangoes or some green leaf vegetables. Or maybe we will answer health supplements. But, not a lot of us know that sea urchin is alsoe one of good sources if we want to get vitamin C.

So, what is the impact of vitamin C for our body? Vitamin C is essential for our body, especially prevent from deficiency. It also have a responsibility to boost our immune system and stimulate our brain. If you are a student, then consuming a lot of dishes contains vitamin C in it will help you study better. One of which is sea urchin.

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  1. Source of Calories

We use our body to do daily activities such as work, study at school, housekeeping, and stuffs. To do our daily activities, we need energy, just like car which need gasoline. And, just like care, our energy can be at “empty tank” mode. When we are in “empty tank” condition, then we need to fuel our “gasoline” called calorie.

What is the functions of calorie? One of which is to fuel our body with energy that needed. Another function of calories is to help our blood circulate better. One of foods that contains calories is sea urchin. It rich of calorie that can fuel our energy to do our daily activities. And no need to be worried, because it’s low-fat. So, although you consume it more often than you expected, you still can keep your weight.

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  1. Immune System

Immune system is one of important systems of our body. If we have low immune system, then our body will be affected by illness and disease easily. Can our immune system get drop? Yes. Everyone have different condition that can affect their immune system, but usually immune system will drop during bad weather or after do exhausting work.

Is there any way to boost our immune system? Yes, a lot. One of which is by consuming healthy foods. One of those healthy foods is sea urchin. As we know, sea urchin contains vitamin C that can help boost our immune system. And also sea urchin contains vitamin A that can help to boost our immune system. So, if you’re looking to great source of natural immune system booster, that sea urchin will be a good answer for you.

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  1. Help Your Sexual Life

Each people has their own sexual life and it’s different from the others. But, some of them suffer low libido and frigidity. If you are one of those people, then you need to threat it because low libido and frigidity will affect your love life with your partner. None of us want it to be happened, right? So, is there any way to cure low libido and frigidity?

Actually, there are a lot of ways to boost your libido. If you don’t want to take medicine, then you can take natural sources. One of which is sea urchin’s spawn. Its spawns will help circulate your blood includes your reproductive organs. Then, after consuming it, you will find your sexual life improved and your love life will be more secure

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Now we know that sea urchins has a lot of good materials for our body and it will improve our body’s healthiness. And maybe it still have another good materials that haven’t found yet. So, if you want to keep your body healthy, you can put sea urchins on your menu list.

But, as we know, it’s pretty hard to find it if we live far away from the beach. But, if you really want to try it, maybe you can try to go traveling to the beach and catch it by yourselves. If you really do that, then you will get another health benefits of sea urchins that is relaxation.

But, you have to take a note that sea urchin’s thorns are poisonous. So, if you want to catch it by yourselves but not skillful enough, you have to take someone experienced with you. Or, if you don’t want to catch it or too busy to take vacation to the beach, you can consume it at the nearest sushi restaurant. But, please be careful. Because raw food maybe still contains bacteria in it. So, before you consume it, it’ll be great if you consult it to the doctor first. So, stay healthy!

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