10 Health Benefits of Ragi during Pregnancy (No.5 Excellent)

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Ragi porridge is one of the foods easily found in Africa and Asia. While western people is using oat as cereal, ragi is what people in Asian, especially India, choose as their cereal. Just like oat, ragi is also having a lot of health benefits for a pregnant mother as well as a new mom who want to do exclusive breastfeeding for their newborn baby. That is why putting ragi as part of your daily diet during pregnancy is not only giving you the beneficial perks during pregnancy but also after the pregnancy.

  1. Calcium for Strong Bones and Teeth

Health benefits of ragi during pregnancy came from its calcium nutrient. During pregnancy calcium is a must substances a mother should make sure available in their body. Without which the development of bones and teeth of the fetal might be disturbed and the chance of baby born with birth defect will be higher. Consuming ragi porridge as breakfast is a delicious way to make sure the availability of calcium in your body system.

  1. Natural Fat for Healthy Diet

It is true that a pregnant mother should not worry about their weight during pregnancy but controlling fat that enter the body system is still necessary to do. Why? Because too much fat will lead to excess weight and excess weight means higher chance of hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. Consuming ragi will provide a pregnant mother enough natural fat which is healthy for their daily diet.

  1. High Fiber for Digestion Problem

ragiDue to the rapid grow of your fetus which narrowing/pressing the bowel could cause digestion problem. Consuming foods high of fiber and drinking a lot of water is highly recommended to assist the movement of foods, so the intestinal muscle will work a little easier and relieve the digestion problem which commonly occur during pregnancy.

  1. Vitamin C for better Iron Absorption to Cure Anemia

Anemia is a common condition but could cause a serious health problem if a pregnant mother is suffering it. Red blood cells are very essential in the development of fetal, without which the fetus will not grow optimally. Consuming foods rich of iron is the best solution but you have to aware that iron is easily interference that is why making sure the optimal absorption of iron is necessary to do. Vitamin C contained in ragi could help optimizing the iron absorption to cure anemia.

  1. Amino Acid to Release Stress during Pregnancy

Stress is easily attaching a pregnant mother. In most case it is just a psychological matter and sometimes it is also hormonal. Amino acid contained in ragi that is well known to help releasing stress and depression is tryptophan which is also beneficial to help a pregnant mother dealing with their insomnia.

  1. Natural Source of Polyphenol to Reduce the Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Polyphenol contained in ragi is the reason why consuming this food could reduce the risk of gestational diabetes. It is because polyphenol has function as natural control of glucose level.

  1. Gluten-free For Those who Allergic to Gluten

Allergic could be a serious problem during pregnancy. A mother should make sure that they are only consuming foods that are safe for them as well as the fetal.

  1. Boosting Quantity of Milk Production for Exclusive Breastfeeding

Ragi is rich of essential amino acid, iron and calcium. Those three substances are prominent in boosting the milk production, especially a mother who have a plan to do exclusive breastfeeding.

  1. Rich of Lecithin and Methionine to Control Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol level is not an easy task to deal with. That is why controlling what you consume is necessary, especially during pregnancy. Cholesterol level could lead to a serious hypertension problem and once a pregnant mother has been diagnosed to have hypertension problem, they should wash away their dream of having a normal labor.

  1. Excellent Source of Protein and Mineral

Super food is the right choice of words to describe ragi. It is an excellent source of protein and mineral. Especially for a vegetarian, finding a rich source of protein from foods other than meet products could be a real challenge. However, just by consuming ragi as part their daily diet, a pregnant mother could make sure that they have enough protein and mineral for their health as well as the development of the fetal inside their womb.

The choice of food during pregnancy are a lot but still choosing them so they fit with your daily diet and meet your need of nutrients for your health and the development of your fetal is not an easy task. That is why there are a lot of mothers decided to meet a professional nutritionist in order to have insight knowledge about the best foods they should consume during pregnancy.

Actually, there is one thing a pregnant mother should remember; sometimes what’s the best is what you already have. Though, of course, consulting this kind of need with a professional nutritionist is also recommended to do.