15 Scientific Health Benefits of Sea Grape – Medical Uses – Beauty Treatments

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health benefits of sea grapeSea Grape is the type of readily serve seaweed that has small air bubbles surrounding on its stems. Hence, the fruit likened like a little, green grouping of grapes. The bubbles break easily on the mouth unleashing a slightly salty taste of southern sea freshness. This sea grape seaweed has flavor like sea water and other algae, its texture are crispy, watery, robust, and slimy when you bite it. It is slightly salty due to prolong exposures of sea waters. The softness that is found in this seaweed makes it safe to consume. The sea grape colors are bright green to bluish and olive green.

The fruit itself is grape like however a bit harder than the normal grape and it has one big seed as rather than several little ones. They always green and tough for a long period until finally, they transform to their matured purple color. There are, nonetheless, only two areas in the Pacific Rim that are well known for providing this small delicacy of seaweed. One would be the Philippines where it’s known as an opulent food and the other is Okinawa, Japan, the northernmost area where the plant is able to thrive wildly. Sea Grape is a native plant in the sea waters of the Western Pacific all the way from Vietnam in the south to Okinawa in the north.

The sea grape plants are needed to make hedges and also grown in the streets of the areas located in the coastal regions. These plants are normally likened for landscaping used by the natives. They resist salty air and also the salty soils and also survive high temperatures and strong winds too. Sea grape plants act as guards of the windstorm surrounding the coasts line. The trees are containment of great shade which gives a similarity of a tropical area near to the sea.

Sea Grapes are very salt resistance, wind tolerant, and can hold some shade but prefer full sun. They are unable to withstand deep cold. The nutritional value of Sea Grapes is thought to be the same as to other purple grapes, being immersed in copper, iron, potassium and manganese.

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Nutritional Value of Sea Grape 

Vitamin A Retinol Equivalent10µg
Vitamin E Alpha Tocopherol0.2mg
Vitamin K35µg
Vitamin B20.01mg
Sodium Chloride Equivalent0.8g

They are also a good source of vitamins A, B, C, K and beta carotene. Grapes are always known to be healthy and are good for total human health, sea grape is a seaweed, that’s why we thought that sea grapes have a high nutritional value and we believe that from consuming sea grapes we could be able to prevent ourselves from having a preventable sickness. Thus, here are the health benefits of sea grape that you should know.

The benefits of Sea grapes are as follows:

1. To Strengthen Bones and Joints

Sea Grapes has healthy contents of protein, calcium and polyunsaturated fatty acids found in the omega 3 group (DHA, EPA, ALA). Meanwhile, it’s effective in soothing inflammation and reduce the symptoms of bone loss.

2. Helps Strengthen Eyesight and Heart Health 

Sea Grape contains unsaturated fatty acids AA, LA, DHA, EPA, and ALA that help to enhanced eyesight and memory, lowering cholesterol, enhancing the fluidity of blood vessels, prevent oxidation, maintain collagen structure of skin in the arteries, preventing cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction.

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3. Helps Prevent Hypertension and Diabetes

Sea Grapes, full in calcium, potassium and vitamin C, is efficient in lowering blood pressure because of the capability to trigger excretion and regulating normal blood pressure for patients with high blood pressure. Besides containing vitamin C, Sea Grapes also help regulate sugar level and hinder the spread of free radicals, decrease the intracellular buildup of sorbitol and prevent the binding of glucose and protein, lowering complications of diabetes.

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4. Helps Prevent Constipation

Sea Grapes provide lower calories and sugar, thus serving good bacterium to digest food and excrete waste faster which is efficiently helping in preventing constipation.

5. Helps Prevent Goiter

Goiter or abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland can be prevented by consuming 150g of Sea Grapes that provide about 2mg Iodine. Eating 40gr of Sea Grapes a day can give enough Iodine important for thyroid, to efficiently eliminate goiter.

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6. Helps Generate Beautiful Skin and Silky Hair

Full in various vitamin, Sea Grapes are able to efficiently processed collagen and antioxidants matters to provide youthful looks and are regarded as normal cosmetics that can enhance skin regime and hair scalps through the cellular membrane. The fatty substance in Sea Grapes can make cell membranes to regenerate and enhance fluidity and reduce the mobility of the vessel pores wall to lower the side effects of dry skin.

7. Helps Prevent Obesity

Sea Grapes contains lower sugar but heavy in vegetable protein, vitamin C, calcium, zinc, iron and unsaturated fatty acids are regarded to be nutritious value and great food for overweight and dieting consumers.

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8. The Power of Fucoidan

Fucoidan is a natural substance contained in much different shaped of seaweed. It is thought to be an anti-cancer substance in seaweed.

9. Many other Ailments

Seaweed may be helpful when it’s consumed to cure against tuberculosis, worm infestations, arthritis, and influenza. It is also used as an additive in some pills since it has a filling sensation on the stomach. In Japan, there is the seaweed wrapped around with sushi that is regarded to be a medication for radiation toxin poisoning.

10. Reduce Depression

Seaweed is also efficient to cure a patient towards stress and depression. It is a natural origin of the B vitamins pyridoxine (B6) and pantothenic acid (B5). These are the energy vitamins that regulate the adrenal glands from turning exhausted during a period of high pressure. Without B vitamins, we become easily tired and we don’t think brightly.

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11. Prevent cancer

One of the most popular health benefits provided by sea grape is the avoidance of cancerous cell. Lignans are the origin of seaweed’s cancer-destroying properties. Matter of factly, many cultures that eat heavy numbers of sea grapes such as Japan and Korea have a population with very few examples of these deadly diseases and it can also able to cure Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease

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12. Cosmetics and Toothpaste Uses 

It can also be consumed for many variations of products such as cosmetics, toothpaste, fertilizer, compost for landscaping, bioethanol and even paints. In fact, rotting seagrapes produces large amounts of methanol, a toxic gas that can be used as a burning gas.

The essence of the sea grape is used in Africa continent for dyeing and coloring of leather. Seagrapes look like total greens color with a good-looking, golden-brown wood that tends to unwrap. These trees are about 15 to 21 feet in tallness, even capable of reaching up to 30 foot. Seagrapes have got a pretty good growth rate.

13. Additional Flavoring 

They grouped in bunches, everyone with a primary seed, and are about the normal of everyday grapes. When fully cultivated, they turn mild and have a sweet-sour taste transforming them into good usage in jams and jellies. It is capable of making an alcoholic beer made from the grapes, the same as wine.

14. Healthy Juice 

Besides eating such fruits they also provide benefits to the medicine areas, especially in areas of Mexico. Its juice helps people to treat digestive problems and as well as many other diseases. This plant is also named as Manzana.

15. Beauty Treatments 

Health benefits of sea grape for beauty treatments. Sea grape provides in healing the problem of digestive ailments, anti-inflammatory, skin whitening , the ingredients made from leaves can enhance curing asthma, soreness in the throat and also to disinfect the open injury. The juice and also the substance made from wood, bark and also roots helps in healing dysentery, hemorrhages, venereal disease, the external usage contribute in improving rashes and also skin based ailments.

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Sea Grape Side Effects

Plantings Sea Grapes are normally done manually. Cultivating starts two months prior after the first planting, thus the seaweed is yanked out of the muddy soil. The seaweed is similar to other bunches of seaweed. The grapes are narrowly packed on a vertical stem and the whole forming a cylindrical-liked shape. Sea grapes are a well-known food type in certain parts of the worlds.

It should only be taken on a doctor’s advice and should not be used with monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors and people with high blood pressure, angina, glaucoma, prostate diseases and hyperthyroid problems should avoid it.


This type of Food sea grapes has a group of bacteria that exist within the seabed. Sea grapes are divided in two. Namely, the fine or very small fruit that resembles seaweed grain. This kind of quality sea grape has a lower price. Meanwhile, some sea grapes that grow well, so the fruit is slightly smaller than the sea pearls. This kind of Sea grape quality is much higher and much more expensive. However, both have the same taste and properties. If the sea grape fully was grown, then the Diver will dive into the ocean to take this plant. Thus, there are many sea grape benefits.

Seagrapes is a type of plant that is beneficial to one’s health when it is taken lightly, but due to high salt content in the fruit then it’d be best to take this fruit moderately and finally you can reap the benefits of eating this healthy fruits.

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