35 Health Benefits of Coconut Juice for Skin and Pregnancy

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Coconut juice is also well known as coconut water which coming from the belly of the coconut. It is different from coconut milk which is extracted from the grated coconut’s meat. In tropical country, coconut juice is common type of juice that consumed daily and there a lot of people also believe if a pregnant mother is drinking coconut juice in daily basis the baby will be born with clear and bright skin though it is not entirely true but it has been proven scientifically that coconut juice is good for skin and good for pregnant mother. However, not all of types of coconut juice is highly recommended to be consumed only those from young coconut is good to drink and one that freshly cut.

Fun Facts of Coconut Juice

  • Flavor of coconut juice could be different in each area depending on the soil, climate and even the distance from the seashore influences the flavor of coconut juice.
  • Coconut older than 5 months will contain less nutrients and the taste is a bit bitter compared to young coconut.
  • Coconut juice could work as fluid replacement and is able to be used as emergency transfusion directly to the bloodstream.
  • Coconut juice contained zero cholesterol.
  • Coconut tree is family with Palm trees and member of Arecaceae and the botanical name is Cocos nucifera.
  • Coconut juice is sterile juice.
  • One coconut could contain coconut juice between 200 – 1000 ml depending on the size of the fruit


Nutrients Fact of Coconut Juice

Coconut juice is a delicious solution to solve your dehydration problem and the the same time provide your body with its nutrients like Vitamin, Minerals, Calcium and some other more properties and compounds that good for your health and body metabolism. Below is the list of nutrients contained in delicious and fresh coconut juice:

Serving Size 240 g

Vitamin C5.8 mg – 10%Calcium58 mg – 6%
Thiamin0.1 mg – 5%Iron0.7 mg – 4%
Riboflavin0.1 mg – 8%Magnesium60 mg – 15%
Niacin0.2 mg – 1%Phosphorus48 mg – 5%
Vitamin B60.1 mg – 4%Potassium600 mg – 17%
Folate7.2 mcg – 2%Sodium252 mg – 11%
Choline2.6 mgZinc0.2 mg – 2%
Copper0.1 mg – 5%
Manganese0.3 mg – 17%
Selenium2.4 mcg – 3%
CarbohydrateProtein & Amino Acid
Carbohydrate8.9 g – 3%Protein1.7 g – 3%
Dietary Fiber2.6 g – 11%
Sugar6.3 g

1. Weight Loss Natural Solution

Coconut juice is low in calories so it will not cause weight gain and it is also rich of fiber to assist in your weight loss program because fiber will keep you feel satisfied a bit longer to reduce your craving toward food. Its natural sweet taste will be a healthy replacement for sugary beverages as well.

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2. Hangover Remedy

Partying all night and drinking alcohol may cause your body suffering from dehydration when you wake up in the morning due to constant urination. Electrolyte contained in coconut juice will replace it immediately and improve your energy in the morning so you could say goodbye to hangover.

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3. Good for Digestive System

Fiber is compound that cannot be absorbed but it has important function in digestive system by making sure all unnecessary properties in the bowel system will be removed. Coconut juice contained high fiber that will solve any digestion problem naturally and effectively.


4. Hydrating Your Body

There are a lot of solution to hydrating your body even water is able to do the great job. However, coconut juice has sweet taste that will make the hydrating body process much more delicious. Hydrated body has a lot of benefits for your body system for healthier metabolism while dehydration could cause some conditions like headache and nausea.

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5. Improve Metabolism

Do you aware that hydrated body will improve your metabolism? In other words, dehydration will slow down your metabolism that will cause some weight gain problem because slow metabolism will burn less calories that cause the accumulation of excess fat in the body. Healthier metabolism also affects better nutrient absorption and prevent some deficiencies.


6. Delicious Recovery Solution after Intensive Workout

Intensive workout will cause body suffering from dehydration. Water may able to solve it but coconut juice will solve it deliciously. The electrolyte will make sure your body get all the fluid back and balance it.

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7. Aids in Reducing Blood Pressure

Sodium in the blood is the main reason why blood pressure could be uncontrollable. The Vitamin C and some mineral contents like potassium and magnesium have significant role in controlling the blood pressure by lowering and balancing the level of sodium in the body.


8. Natural Source of Antioxidant

It has been proven scientifically that coconut juice contained zero level of cholesterol and instead so rich of antioxidant. Antioxidant is the only solution to fight free radicals that could be harmful for your body and could cause several serious and chronic diseases.

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9. Benefits Against Diabetes

Coconut juice is beneficial against diabetes especially diabetes type 2 where as coconut juice could improve insulin sensitivity and deal with weight problem. It is common knowledge that weight problem is one of the causes of insulin insensitivity and by consuming coconut juice regularly you could solve two problems at once.

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10. Good for Kidney

Consuming coconut juice regularly has significant effect in preventing the formulation of kidney stone by increasing the urine flow. Furthermore, coconut juice is also rich of potassium which is well known as one of the properties that promote kidney health and alkaline to balance the Ph that reduced the risk liver stress.

11. Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

As rich in potassium surely coconut juice is good for heart and could reduce the risk of heart diseases by dealing with the excess amount of sodium in the body. It is also good to control cholesterol level and prevent the accumulation of plaque in the artery so it will ease up the work of heart.

12. Controlling Cholesterol Level

It is true that controlling cholesterol level is as delicious as drinking coconut juice during summer day under the palm tree. It promotes the production of HDL or good cholesterol and limit the production of LDL or bad cholesterol.

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13. Reduce the Level of Triglyceride

Just like coconut juice is effective in controlling the cholesterol level, it is also good in controlling and reducing the level of tryglyceride.

14. Anti-cancer Effect

As rich in antioxidant surely coconut juice is effective and natural solution as anti-cancer effect. Free radicals could cause the development of cancerous cells and antioxidant is the only solution to deal with this condition and coconut juice is so rich of antioxidant.


15. Help in Boosting Immunity System

Electrolyte is the reasons behind why coconut juice is good for immunity system. It is due to the micronutrients contained in coconut juice that could help in boosting the immunity system.

16. Treats Headache Naturally

Some of you may not know that one of the causes of headache is dehydration. Hydrated body will likely suffer less risk of headache. So, whenever you suffer a headache, instead of aspirin, why don’t you get a glass of coconut water to relieve your headache.

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17. Delicious Way to Get Fiber

Fiber is one of the prominent compound that human body needs in daily basis since fiber is good for digestive system and assist in making sure the bowel system works of optimally so the nutrients extracted from food consumed will be absorbed optimally as well.

18. Reduce the Risk of Plaque Formation in Artery

Plaques accumulated in artery could cause some chronic diseases because the blood circulation is disturbed. Disturbed blood circulation will cause heart to work harder and oxygen flow limited in the body. The lack of plaque in the artery will make sure blood circulation and oxygen distribution flow optimally. Coconut juice is able to reduce the production of LDL which is the main cause of the accumulation of plaque by promoting the production of HDL.

19. Lower the Risk of Heart Attack

As mentioned in previous point, heart attack occurred when heart is forced to work too hard. One of the main cause is when there is the accumulation of plaque in the artery that will slow down the blood circulation. Besides that the high level of sodium could be harmful for heart as well and as rich if potassium, coconut juice is effective to lower the risk of heart attack caused by high level of sodium.

20. Lower the Risk of Stroke

Stroke may occur when brain doesn’t get enough oxygen. In the body, oxygen is distributed through blood and if the blood circulation is disturbed the supply of oxygen is also disturbed. Coconut juice which is good for heart and able to prevent the accumulation of plaque in the artery may lower the risk of stroke as well.

21. Aids in Treating Migraine

When a person is often suffering from migraine and then she or he probably is suffering from magnesium deficiency. Coconut water is so rich of mineral and one of them is magnesium. Drinking coconut juice regularly will assist in treating migraine naturally and deliciously. (Also Read: Benefits of Magnesium)

22. Balancing PH Level

Having a PH balance is important for your body. Acidic PH balance is caused by unhealthy lifestyle like consuming too much junk food. When your PH level is too high or getting acidic, the condition will slow down the nutrients absorption, so vitamins and minerals you have consumed from food will be washed away without being absorbed or worse stay in your blood and cause excessive amount of unnecessary compounds that could harm your body. (Also read: Health Benefits of Drinking High Ph Water)

23. Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin insensitivity often caused by obesity or weight problem. Consuming coconut juice could solve this problem both in short and long term. Short term by improving insulin sensitivity so diabetes type 2 could be prevented and in long term could assist with weight loss program so insulin insensitivity caused by obesity will no longer be a problem.

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24. Improve Circulation

When your blood circulation is slowed and then your body will suffer some diseases and the early symptom is like numbness in your feet or arms. The main cause is there’s probably some plaque accumulation in your artery and coconut juice could prevent that accumulation by promoting the production of HDL. 

25. Great Laxative Effect

Well, constipation is not a chronic disease but constipation could be really annoying. Not many people know that coconut water is actually having laxative effect that could assist in dealing with constipation condition though it is depending on each person’s bowel tolerance.

26. Natural Diuretic

Having healthy diuretic is important for the health of your bowel system and kidney health. If you are urinating in healthy frequent means your body will be able to wash away all toxic properties inside your body regularly. This condition is also good for your kidney.

27. Natural Detox Solution

Detoxify your body is required regularly. However, many people prefer to consume certain drugs for detox but anything artificial will have side effect. Coconut water is offering natural detox solution because of its fiber that will make sure all unnecessary properties and toxic will be cleansed away from your body.

28. Promote Healing

People from tropical country usually drink coconut juice when they got cold. It is because coconut water is so rich of vitamin C that will promote healing effectively.

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29. Treating Hypertension

Hypertension caused by the high level of blood pressure. Well, as mentioned in some points above coconut water is effective in dealing with blood pressure. So, in other words, it will effectively treat hypertension as well.

30. Reducing Anemia

It has been proven scientifically that coconut water is also effective in reducing anemia especially for pregnant mother since during pregnancy a pregnant mother cannot consume supplement that could harm the fetus. Coconut juice is a healthy and natural solution to fight anemia. (Also read: Symptoms of Anemia, Fast Anemia Treatment)

31. Energy Booster

When it comes to energy booster most people prefer to drink isotonic beverages. Well, right now there are a lot of isotonic beverages you could purchase but you have to careful with the sodium and sugar content. That’s why coconut water is natural solution as natural isotonic to boost your energy.


Skin Beauty Tricks with Coconut Juice

32. Reduce the Risk of Skin Infection

Coconut juice has been well known as effective home remedy against skin infection since ancient time. It is due to anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that also found in coconut juice.

33. Natural Anti-aging

As rich in antioxidant, coconut juice is good in making sure to accelerate the regeneration of new cells and slow down the degeneration of cells.  Cytokinins is effective in preventing the occurrence of premature aging. Instead of consuming vitamin bottle or supplement, drinking coconut juice is natural way in keeping your skin healthy.

34. Perfect and Healthy Skin Solution

Hydrated body will make sure your skin looks smooth and soft. As natural source of antioxidant, drinking coconut juice regularly could act as natural anti-aging or premature aging that will ease of the occurrence of wrinkles. Thanks to the cytokinins contained in coconut juice.


Coconut Juice for Pregnancy

35. Good for Pregnant Mother

Coconut juice is natural source of Vitamin B complex and one of them is Vitamin B9 which is also well known as folate. Folate is good for fetus because it promotes the healthy development of brain.

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Caution of Coconut Juice

Coconut juice in some ways may do the wonder for your health but still if you consume it too much the benefits will do nothing for you. Furthermore, coconut juice is better to be consumed fresh rightly after the cutting because if not it is just another sweet beverages. That’s why below are some caution you should aware that sometimes consuming coconut water could cause some serious health problem as well:

1. Allergies

Thought he cases reported regarding allergic reaction caused by coconut juice is not much but those who are allergic to nut is probably allergic to coconut juice as well.

2. Diuretic

Natural diuretic may good for your health but those who have been suffering from diuretic problem should avoid drinking coconut juice in excess amount.

3. Electrolyte Imbalance

Electrolyte is good for your body but if too much may cause harm for your body. Electrolyte imbalance caused by high potassium in coconut juice. Drink it in moderate amount is still good for your body.

4. Acts as Laxative

Coconut juice may good to deal with constipation condition but if you are already having bowel problem, the laxative effect of coconut water may worsen the current condition.

5. Increase Blood Sugar

Though coconut juice could solve insulin insensitivity problem and relatively low in carbohydrate but too much coconut juice is still able to increase blood sugar level.

6. May Lower Blood Pressure

One of the benefit of coconut water is able to lowering the blood pressure. Well, if you are already taking medication to deal with the condition, avoiding coconut juice is a must because it will suffer too low blood pressure. (Also Read: Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure)

Since ancient time coconut juice has been used as both healthy drink and home remedy solution since it is effective for both whether as food or medicine. In tropical country, coconut juice from fresh young coconut is widely consume though right now there are lot of products of processed coconut juice but you should aware that processed coconut juice may have some additional ingredients like sugar or artificial syrup that may cause some harms for your body. That’s why consuming coconut juice from fresh young coconut is highly recommended.