Top 19 Health Benefits of Drinking Bones Broth #No.3 is Amazing Fact!

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Do you like to eat some kind of thick, savory gravy although you don’t add a lot of seasoning in it? Surely that is a broth. Usually, you can find broth when you eat soup or another gravy food. However, between people on diet. That is to consume broth made from bones stew. So, we can collect every kind of bones, such as chicken, cow, or fish, and boiled it for more than 12 hours. The question is, why 12 hours? Why it took long time to boiled this bone?

The longer the time to boiled this bones, the important nutrient inside the bones will come out from these bones. The important nutrients that we’re looking for is collagen, gelatin, hyaluronic acid, condroitin, glycans glycosamino, proline, glycine, calcium, phosphor, magnesium, and potassium.

The Trend of Bones Broth

Some of you maybe questioning why bones broth become trend? So, it started because of those who want to diet. Some people will find the right way to diet while the other still wandering. Some research found out that bones broth is one save way if you want to diet.

People who do this kind of diet only allow to consume bones broth. master of nutrients, said for the first two days, you are not allow to consume anything beside bones broth. As for the next days, you can consume fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and egg but you have to limit it. You can drink bones broth in between.

Petrucci said, with this kind of diet, people will loose weight more fast. And also, your bones will become stronger. Consuming bones broth also can cure inflammatory, arthritis, boosting immune system, also a good choice for skin care. Now we already know what is bones broth and a bit health benefits of bones broth. Is there another health benefits of drinking bones broth? Let’s find out!

We already know that there is another kind of broth made by bones. And, not like another broth, it takes a long time for us to make it. But, we can try to because there are a lot of benefits by consuming bones broth. What is the benefits of drinking bones broth? Let’s find out!

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1. Protect Your Gut

Gut is a really important organ in our digestive system. Food that we eat are being processed there and we can get nutrients that we need. Some people suffer some gut disease and that condition will decrease the food processing inside it. And because of that, body will become weaker because body can’t get enough nutrients. Bones broth contains gelatin, which is responsible to take care of gut, make it work better include absorbing nutrients that needed. Bones broth is a good choice to boost digestive system and calm our stomach.

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2. Prevent From Arthritis

Some people suffer from arthritis and another joints disease. If you are one of those people or you want to prevent it, you can try bones broth. Bones contains collagen in it and if you cook it, it will produce gelatin which contains amino acid in it. Amino acid will help you protect your joints. And for those who suffer arthritis and another joints disease, bones broth is a good choice to help you cure it if you don’t want to take medical drugs.

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3. Prevent Early Ageing 

Every people in this world, specifically every woman, want to have a turn-back-time kind of skin. There are a lot of supplement that can take care of your skin, the chemical one and the natural one. If you want to try natural supplement for your skin health, you can try bone broth. It tastes good, not bitter at all, and its healthy?

4. Promote Skin Beauty 

What is the content of bone broth that can help you take care of your skin and prevent from aging skin? First is collagen. This protein make your skin stronger, protecting against aging and wrinkling. Second is glycine. Actually, glycine does not directly protect your skin, but it helps you to get toxins out from your body. And toxins is one of the cause of aging cells. And also bone broth contains minerals that can protect us from aging skin.

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5. Sleep Better

A good, deep sleep is what everyone need. But, sometimes we can’t have a deep sleep or we can’t sleep at all. And when that happens, we always wandering, is there any way to solve it? Actually, there are a lot ways to overcome it. One of which is by consuming bone broth.

Why bone broth? Researches shown that consuming gelatin before you go to sleep helps you sleep faster and deeper because of the amino acid glycine. So, if you want to have a good night sleep, you can try drink bone broth. Beside that, glycine can improve our memory.

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5. Boost Immune System

Have you ever think that our body actually has some kind of anti-virus? Yes, it have. It’s called immune system. Immune system protect us from viruses or any other sources that can affect our health. Each person have different level of immune system, so that’s why each person have to take care of their immune system differently

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6. Charge Yourself 

Sometimes, our immune system can be at low level. When that condition happens to us, viruses and other sources can attack us more easily. So that’s why, just like anti-virus in our computer, we need to “upgrade” it so our immune system can work properly? What kind of foods that we need to upgrade our immune system? One of which is bones broth. Also read: Health Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon

7. Boost Energy 

Thanks to the high concentration of minerals contain in it, bone broth become one of those food that can help us boost immune system in our body. Even Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint, said that bone broth a “superfood”. And also studies in Harvard shown that people with auto-immune disorders experienced a relief after consuming bone broth. So, if you want to stay healthy, we suggests you to drink bones broth regularly.

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8. Make Your Bones Stronger

Bones is an important component of our body. Without it, our body will have no shape and we can’t even stand. So, we have to really take care of our bones healthiness. How? Let’s find out! Some people suffer bones illness, from osteoporosis until broken bone. The cause of these problems is because we don’t have strong enough bones. We can me them stronger by consuming bones broth because bones broth contains phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium that can make our bones grow stronger. And if you suffer broken bone, those minerals will help your bones to heal your bones.

9. Increase Your Energy

Energy is a really important thing for our body. Well, everything that we already mentioned before are also important. But, they can’t work if we don’t have energy. Energy is like an electricity for our body. Nowadays, we can only some things if we don’t have energy. Specifically, not a lot of things. The same things goes to energy. If we don’t have enough energy, we can only do not a lot of things and just lay down on bed.

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10. Burn Fat and Calorie 

Why we can loose our energy? Because we use energy when we make even a simple little movement. When we do our daily activities, our body burnt fat and calorie and we need energy to burnt it. And when we sick, systems at our body are at their low level, so does our energy. Just like the low battery condition in our hand phone, we need “recharge” our energy.

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11. Cure Tiredness 

In what condition we loose our energy? As you already know, we always loose our energy in a small amount after doing daily activity or exercise. But we also can loose energy in massive amount, for example when we are sick. That’s why when were sick, we can just stay at home and take a full rest. Meanwhile, health benefits of drinking bone broth can recharge you again.

12. Full of Active Ingredients 

How do we “recharge” our energy? There are two ways to “recharge” our energy, there are “recharge” our real energy, literary energy, and find some mood booster. But, we will talk the first option only, “recharge” our real energy. How? By consume healthy foods and beverages. One of which is bones broth. Why? Because bones broth has a lot of important minerals and active ingredients such as calcium, potassium, etc. to recharge our energy. And of course you know the refreshing sensation that you get only when you drink broth. It will refresh your body and mind as well.

13. Anti-Inflammation

Inflammation. Actually we can meet this kind of disease pretty often, but in a small scale such as throat inflammation. But, if we don’t cure it as soon as possible, it will become worse and, for the big scale, it can kill you. Pretty scary, isn’t it?

14. Natural Medicine 

But, don’t worry. You can find medicine that can cure inflammation everywhere. If you’re too afraid to eat medical drugs because you hate bitter taste, you can try natural medicine. One of which is bones broth.

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15. Promote Health 

Why bones broth? As we already know, bones contains a lot of active ingredients and important mineral for our body. And maybe there are another important minerals or active ingredients that haven’t found yet. So if we drink it regularly, it will prevent us from get inflammation and cure for those who suffer inflammation.

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16. Strengthen Teeth – Bone Broth contains magnesium, potassium, Vitamin D, Zinc, iron, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin A that works to promote strong teeth.

17. Promote Weight Loss – Bone broth contains L-glutamine which is best to burn calorie and good diet tricks.

18. Build Muscle – muscle protein synthesis.

19. Improve Mood – Yes, bone broth is tasty to boost your mood on again.

So, those are some health benefits of consuming bones broth. And maybe, for some of us, it’s all surprising. We didn’t know bones, that we usually just throw away, actually bone broth has a lot of health benefits for our health. Just put it in a boiled water and it will turn into a healthy potion. And it’s cheap because you don’t need to buy a whole new bones at supermarket. Just use the one that you used to throw away.

And, not only healthy, it’s also taste good. But, it takes a long time to make it. So, for a busy person like employee or businessman who spend half of your day outside, whenever you have long enough time like during weekend or long holiday, you can try to make it at home. So, stay healthy!