30 Benefits of Exercise and Recommendation for Healthier Lifestyle

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When it comes to benefits of exercise the number will be endless. You could count it until you old and grey and still you still far from finish. However, there are a lot of types of exercise and the choice is depending on your personal goal like which exercise that suits you the most though some types of exercises are prominent for everyone with normal physical condition.

Daily Exercise

Daily  exercise means not only exercise that you could do daily but exercise that you ‘should’ or ‘must’ do in daily basis.

Examples or recommendation of exercises that you could do in daily basis:

  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Jumping
  • Stretching

The function of doing daily exercises are a lot and some of them is to maintain your current health condition and at the same time improving your physical condition as well. Some of you may be wondering whether it is possible for you to do it daily. Well, below is the recommendation:

  • When you wake up in the morning starting your day with some simple stretching movements.
  • After that you could spend 30 minutes up to 1 hour to do jogging or if your office reachable by using bicycle, avoid car and use bicycle instead. If not you could take bus or train and then take some distances so you could walk to your office. While you’re in your office, avoid elevator and use the stairs.
  • When it comes to jump, well you could do it anytime you want in random pace during your jogging, during working time, while waiting for the bus or anytime you want. Though it is not recommended for women with high heels at least you want to catch someone attention.

Speaking of benefits of exercise in daily basis well you must be surprised that those simple movements could do wonders to your body and health.

Medium Exercise

What is the meaning of medium exercise? Well, it is kind of exercise that you need to do in medium level. In other words, this kind of exercise still important for you to do but you don’t need to do it in daily basis. Instead it is recommended for you to do it in weekly basis whether it is once a week or twice a week or even twice a month. It is your choice.

Examples or recommendations of medium exercise:

  • Swimming
  • Gym Time
  • Fitness Training

If the only thing you could do in daily basis is only stretching and then perhaps you could do the jogging and cycling in weekly basis instead along with some other exercises recommended like swimming, gym time and fitness training. Stretching is probably good for your health but at least once or twice a week you need to burn your calories and make yourself as sweat as possible and gym time or fitness training is the solution.


Benefits of Doing Exercise in Weekly Basis:

1. Maintain Strong and Toned Look

Some of you might be thinking that it is not always about ‘the look’ but at the same time you cannot deny that ‘the look’ has prominent role in first impression. That’s why for you who are looking for solution to maintain your strong and toned look, don’t miss your weekly gym appointment.

2. Psychological Health

Believe it or not people who do exercise regularly is much happier than those who don’t. It is because exercise will improve your blood circulation, so oxygen which is distributed through blood will reach every corner of your body from your toes up to the most important part, brain. Oxygenated brain means you could think clearly and solve problems in much better way. That condition will reduce stress and improve your mental stability in other words, your psychological health is in normal and healthy level.


3. Detoxification Solution

Some people might prefer instant solution when it comes to body detox by consuming certain drugs. Well, drugs no matter how effective they are always come with side effect. Regular exercise is side effect free solution for body detoxification. The sweat you produce during exercise is not only functioning to control your body temperature but also way to remove toxins properties through your body through the sweat. That’s why is recommended for you to take a bath immediately after exercise in order to remove all the toxic materials in your body.


4. Body Shaping and Weight Loss Solution

Who doesn’t want to have a perfect body shape? Regular exercise like weekly exercise is an excellent solution to shape your body and at the same time dealing with the weight loss problem. Many people out there are complaining about their body weight and spending most of their time comparing price of diet supplement when the solution is one or two hours a week in the gym or swimming pool.


5. Good for Human Health Generally

Generally, doing exercise regularly is good for human health and some studies even mentioned that since exercise is good for heart and heart attack is one of the silent killers world wide, doing exercise could extent someone’s life by reducing the risk of heart attack and other heart problems.

Professional Exercise

Professional exercise is mostly conducted by athlete. Compared to daily, medium and intense exercise, professional exercise required entirely different level of self discipline since the goal is not only for your health or body shaping but much more than that. Athlete do their things with certain goal like life career, scholarship, trophy up to bring proud to the country. That’s why only athlete with high self-discipline is able to reach not only for the sake of their health but also lifetime goal.

There is no such recommendation for professional exercise because it depends on each person’s personal goal. However, if somehow you want to pursue your dream of becoming a professional athlete, choose type of sport that is your passion and then look for a trainer that will help you to reach your goal professionally.

Benefits of Exercises in General

Generally benefits of exercises are closely related to human’s health and life span. Each type of exercise has its own benefit for human’s health but below is general explanation why doing exercise is vital:

6. Good for Physical Health

Exercise is good solution to deal with weight problem. Meanwhile, regular exercise will maintain the body posture and at the same time improve the bone health as well as the joints and muscle mass. Thus, those who are doing exercise regularly will look more energetic because exercise could improve mobility and flexibility.

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7. Good for Mental Health

Since regular exercise could improve your mood so it is also good for mental health generally. Meanwhile, exercise could reduce stress caused by many factors like work pressure or personal matter. Exercise helps in releasing tension and relaxing muscles. After exercise you will feel the urge to take a rest and sleep, a good night sleep is good for your mental health as well as your emotion and when you wake up in the next day you will be in a better mood and have a clearer mind to face the day.


8. Good for Focus

When you find yourself hard to focus even to a small matter perhaps it is the time for you to hit the gym or just spend more time cycling in the morning, whichever that suits your best, it is because exercise is a good distraction so whenever you need to focus, you will have your head on the game. Meanwhile, focus is closely related to your brain condition. It is not only body that could suffer tiredness, brain is also the same. Amount of oxygen that your brain received is also influencing your focus because brain needs oxygen to function optimally.

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9. Improve Blood Circulation

Exercise is one of the way to make sure that oxygen is distributed to your brain through blood circulation. Besides that tensed muscles could cause stress as well because you are working too hard and exercise is a fun way to loosen them and at the same time deal with your stress effectively.


10. Good for Energy Booster

A lot of people think that exercise in the morning is going to make them tired and weak so they will have energy left to do the work. Well, it is not true as long as you are not overexercise the effect will be the opposite because exercise is actually natural source of energy booster.


11. Improve Endurance

That’s why regular exercise is required not just kind of exercise that you do when you feel want to do it. The regularity will improve your endurance and the muscle strength so you will be ready to face anything during the day.

12. Improve Metabolism

Exercise will improve the blood circulation so it will also improve your body metabolism. When your body metabolism functions optimally, all the nutrients that you consume through foods will be absorbed optimally and provide energy that your body really needs.


13. Good for Fighting Diseases

If you are listing the type or name of diseases the list will be larger than life. However, nothing of those diseases cannot be prevented by doing regular exercise even the simple stretching in the morning could improve your body stability and reduce the risk of injury.

14. Serious Diseases Prevention

Just do a short list of diseases like heart attack, strokes, cholesterol, diabetes, cancer and even dandruff could be dealt with just by doing regular exercises. Since health blood circulation is able to reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes, the production of LDL could be limited and instead boost the production of HDL or good cholesterol, regular exercise is the key to optimal absorption of nutrients and reduce the excess amount of blood sugar to reduce the risk of diabetes, healthy cells reproduction will be able to fight the development of numerous cancerous cells caused by free radicals.


15. Health Maintenance 

Take some examples of disease you probably face daily like headache. Headache occurred when your head is not getting enough oxygen, by doing exercise oxygen will be distributed without disturbance and effective to release headache. Muscle tensed after a long day at work could be relieved just by doing simple exercise like stretching.


16. Good for Social Life

Believe it or not regular exercise is also good for your life in general. If your life is good your social life will follow suit because you will be more confidence. The more confident you are the better your life will turn. Since exercise is a regular activity you will meet some people who loves doing it as much as you are and without you know it your circle of friends will increase as well.


Benefits of Doing Simple Exercise in Daily Basis:

17. Jogging is closely related to the heart health. So, jogging could reduce the risk of heart problems like hypertension, cholesterol, strokes and many more.

18. Besides that jogging and cycling also have a lot of benefits related to the bone and joint health. Many studies have proven that the repetition movements during jogging and cycling are good to train the bone, joint as well as muscle. So some conditions like osteoporosis could be dealt with in early stage.


19. Even the movements as simple as stretching movements rightly after you wake up in the morning could give your life so much benefits like increasing your vision toward the day. Yup, during the stretching, the stress muscle will be stretched and all tight muscles will be relax. Relax muscle will increase blood circulation, normal blood circulation means normal distribution of oxygen throughout your body so you will feel energized and ready to face the day.

20. Stretching and then combined it with jogging or cycling will increase your stamina and your mobility so whatever you need to do during the day, you will be just fine.

21. Daily exercise is good to maintain your current health condition as well as good solution to maintain your weight because there is no easier solution to burn excess calories in your body but jogging or cycling. Do it daily so you don’t need to worry about your diet and your shape for the rest of your life.


Furthermore the benefits of doing exercise daily is there will be the time when your body reaches the conclusion that it is no longer like an exercise but already part of your daily routine.

Intense Exercise

Intense exercise is quite different from daily and medium exercise. What makes intense exercise different is the goal you are going to achieve. Usually, the exercise required a certain discipline in certain times. You cannot just like ‘feel like doing it’ when it comes to intense exercise. In other words, you do the exercise to reach a certain goal with limited time.

Examples or recommendations of intense exercise:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Yoga

If you see the pattern, in bodybuilding you cannot just do it like you want to do it. You should pour all of your time to reach the goal that’s why an intense exercise is required and usually guided by a professional trainer. The same thing goes with yoga as well. Yoga is not type of exercise that you can do without an intense exercise session and time discipline.


Benefits of Doing Intense Exercise:

Well, speaking of the benefit is depending on what kind of goal you want to achieve but over all whatever it is always good for your health:

22. Example of benefit of bodybuilding is you will be able to improve your body shape especially for men. It is not hurt at all to have a six pack body shape and at the same time healthy life.

23. Bodybuilding also has a lot of other benefits and it is not always about shaping your body but also training your bone, muscle as well as the joints. In other words, bodybuilding is able to reduce the risk of bone problems and improve your body posture.


24. Bodybuilding is also able to improve your self-esteem. No matter how much you say that it is not always about body shape but body shape and weight in some ways are really matter.

25. It goes the same with yoga as well. You need self-discipline to do yoga and speaking of the benefits of yoga for human’s health, the list is endless.

26. Among the wonders that yoga could do for you, yoga has significant role in improve your flexibility as well as your mobility and at the same time repair your self-esteem.

27. Just like bodybuilding, yoga is a gentler way for body shaping and perfecting your body posture. If bodybuilding is mostly done by men, yoga is mostly done by women but the final goal is relatively similar.

28. Yoga is one of the ways to protect spine since yoga is type of exercise that emphasize balance of your body. By doing it regularly yoga could make sure the health of spine and at the same time maintain its strength.

29. Yoga and bodybuilding are not always about shape but many studies have proven that those types of exercises are able to improve heart health as well by improving metabolism and circulation. Healthy blood circulation will ease up the work of heart in distributing the blood throughout the body, so heart will function normally and optimally.


The important thing of doing intense exercise like bodybuilding and yoga is you need to build your own self-discipline first without which your effort is just going to be useless.

One important thing to note is you are not supposed to do over exercises because instead of benefits of exercise you only get the opposite which is harmful for your body and improve the possibility of injury. Furthermore, you should avoid to do exercise that required supervision without a trainer.