21 Health Benefits of Basketball (No. 10 100% Proven)

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Basketball is one most populer sport in the world after football. There are two teams playing the ball in groups. This sport is interesting to play with only 5 players in each team. Every player trying to get the point with to put the ball in to the opponent’s basket.


But before be a popular sport like today. At the first time basketball get many complaints from students. There was a problem when playing football in the middle of field. After many complaints, basketball was gived some rule and a circle in both side of the field added. After the creator think enough for the new rule. The students as to play basketball again. After all of the problem, new rule and circle actually make more students interest to play basketball. High school and college students play this atractive sport. Like know in Indonesia there one and only college that play in Indonesian Basketbal League. UKSW Salatiga, from Middle Java. Than, basketball inaugurated as a sport on january 20, 1892.

This sport that was created in 1891 is a competitive game. There three position on it, defense, forward, and playmaker. Defense, according to the name is keep own basket from opponest’s shooting. Forward, have a job description to get the point with put the ball in to the opponent’s basket. Than, playmaker is take the game tempo to defense and attack.

Basketball with 5 players in middle of field. Each teams have 5 players more for substitution. Player who has change before can not play anymore. Every substitution must be get a permission from the referee. There are two referee in basketball. Both of them has a different name. The first referee is called a Referee and the other referee call the umpire. When we play basketball there is a big possibility of incident and foul. Than the referee will take a decission to it.

The referee and the umpire lead the game in 4 times game. Every game in 10 minutes according to International Basketball Federation (IBF). But there is a differetial between IBF and NBA. NBA play every games in 4 X 12 minutes. There are two minutes different. But eventhough there is a different both of the time rule has a break 10 minutes every change of the time.

Today basketball is very popular in United States of America, Southern Europe, and South America. In America there is  NBA, Nastional Basketball Association . In Indonesia there is IBL, Indonesian Basketball League. Before become populer like today Basketball is a results from cooperation some sports teacher. Dr. James Naismith as sport teacher from Canada teach in College of Massachusetts trying to create new game. They want the game can play indoor. So that can use idle time during the holidays.

26 Short facts about basketball

After all of the benefits let us talk baout the unique facts, namely:

  1. In 1947, Philadelphia Warrior is the first winner of NBA;
  2. Los Angeles Lakers is the wins most team get champion in 16 times after Boston Celtics in 17 times;
  3. Denver Nuggest versus Detroit Pistons is highest score in NBA, 186 – 184. Detroit Pistons win the game;
  4. Chicago Bulls is the NBA best team in 1955-1956 seasons after win 72 times and lose 10 times;
  5. The most MVP title in 6 times is Kareem Abdul Jabbar;
  6. 30 assists in one game was made by Scott Skiles. That is the highest of NBA history;
  7. Larry Kennon in 1976 and Kendal Gill in 1999 have done 11 steals in one game;
  8. There are 5 player has made more than 30.000 point, namely:
    • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38, 387) Milwaukee Bucks, LA Lakers;
    • Karl Malone (36.298) Utah Jazz, LA Lakers;
    • Michael Jordan (32.292) Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards;
    • Wilt Chamberlain (31, 419) Philadelphia Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers, LA Lakers;
    • Kobe Bryant (30, 423) LA Lakers.
  1. Manute Bol with 235 cm is the tallest player in NBA history;
  2. Mugsy Mugsy is the shortest player in the NBA with 160 cm;
  3. James Naismith in 1891 in Boston is the inventor as an American teacher;
  4. Former basket of peaches is the first ring of basketball;
  5. Olympics Berlin, Germany is a lucky city to officially played basketball in 1936;
  6. In 1949, National Basketball League (NBL) and the Basketball Association of America (BAA) joined be a NBA;
  7. In March 2, 1962 Wilt Chamberlin made the highest score in one game, 100 points. He was playing for position Center in Philadelphia;
  8. First ball colour in basketball is brown. Than to make it easier to see created into orange color;
  9. First time a board added on basketball was to block audience from the ball. Until know it can use to put the ball in;
  10. Slam dunk at the first time is ilegal in 1967. Untuk 9 years lather it was allowed in 1976;
  11. In NBA playoff, Michael Jordan have scrored more than 5987 points;
  12. Jump ball is always do in each team made poin until it was change in 1937;
  13. NBA logo has a silhoutte, that is Jerry West Photo when got hall of fame laker;
  14. Wilt Chamberlain get 55 times rebound in one game;
  15. In 34 years old, Kobe Bryant made 30.000 points. He is called the youngest player who get that.
  16. Elmore Smith in 1973 made 17 times block;
  17. In 1892 women basketball was began;
  18. In 1997 Women NBA was began with only 8 teams.

Before we talk about the benefits for our health to cure some disease. Basketball have others benefits, namely:

1. Good Physical Health Of Children.

Keep healthy better than cure the worst disease. How to get that? Playing basketball since a child can keep a good physical health. Child as a most atractive creation of God like to run and jump. The child can get the atractive movement with playing basketball.

Atractice movement will develop children physical strength. Good sport good heart. Playing basketball in regularly time will keep the heart healthy. Child wo like to eat everything they like stil far away from disease. Because the food can burn with playing basketball. Parents needs no worry about that. Parents just need to controling child time for playing basketball.

2. Basketball Teaches Children To Socialize

Basketball need at least 10 child to play. In one teams there are 5 player. As one teams every player need to know each other. How to beat the opponents they need to know each other too. This process will teach child to socialize.

When child know the teammate character, their skill will growth time by time. The team will better to play. They can beat the other teams. More team they will compete. More friend they will get. So there is no parents anymore disallow their son to play basketball. Because there are a long time benefits they can get. It can helps parents to teach their son.

3. Basketball’s Mental Development

Basketball exercise and basketball competition are big part to develop mental. Especially if play it from child. From basketball exercise every player learn and try to support each othe. They do that so that the team can be growth better and can we the competition. When competition begin every player must face the audience, the opponents, and face mental for lose or win.

Many time to face that moment, threre is not absolute fact can prove that every player will get better mental. They need support from outside the team. Parents and coach need to give some advise that they can use in a game. Parents support for mental and the coach support for best strategies.
Defense and attack moment are looks simple ofr audience. But actually need skill, mental, and healthy physical to pass all of that.

4. Basket For Fun

Hallo basketball lover. This part is not for you. Because all of you have get this part all the time. This information is for you who do not play basketball before. Especially you who was play it but did not get to enjoy it. First, play basketball is better with friend. But if you want to practise your self before get in the game is good too. There is moment will make us laugh and smile.

For beginner there is more time for laugh, when try to cath the ball but do not is the first laugh. That moment will push us to learn it again and agains. When you try to get the ball in to the basket from a close, but fail. It is also a funny moment for your friends because for them that is very easy way. Enjoy the moment and it will push you to play it again and again. Until you can catch the ball, shoot, and get the point.You have no way to do not play it anymore.

Do you know?Basketball was not name from the creator.

But a statement from a student and than whole the world said the game is basketball.

When first time basketbal was created. Each team is played by nine player. They start the game with no driblle. Just throw the ball one each other and put in the ball in to basket. James Naismith is the man who make 13 basic rule in basketball  at the first time.

Field of basketball standart is 28,5 meters in length and the width 15 meters. But NBA have own standart, the length is 26 meters and the width is 14 meters. The NBA standart has be International Standart. And the circle result from the complaints before, the radius is 1,8 meters. And than the ball rule is circumference 75 – 78 centimeters. The heavy must be in range 600 – 650 grams and than if it dropped from 1,8 meters must be bounce in range 1,2 meters until 1,4 meters

For you who like to do sport in indoor, basketball is a good choice for cure some disease or just maintain our healthy. It is comfortable to play and you will get the others benefits namely:

5. Build endurance, Nourish And Refresh The Body

Fast tempo when playing basbetball is one of the most interesting in it. As a dynamic sport, every movements will develop the body becomes agile. Time by time with routine playing basketball the endurance of our body can be maintained.
Like other sport, basketball is healtfull. Residual energy from our body will get rid in liquid. Basketball exercise is use the past energy and than new energy will come by new food and drink. This process if doing in regular schedule will make body fresh. It is good to do others activities, especially for work.

6. Increase The Body Immunity Power.

“Better to prevent than cure” Good immune system is better than a powerfull medicine. So to get that, playing basketball can be the solution. Bacteria and viruses can not do anything if we get a good immune system. Regularly basketball exercise actually is not enough. The body immune system need fruits and vegetable fot best result.

7. Build Balance and Coordination Body

Playing basketball need a good coordination of eyes, feets, and hands. It is same way like playing volleyball. But basketball is more atractive. At the first time playing basket needs more effort. Because the body need to adapt. But after that balance of the body will come. Playing basket ball regularly will give us a good balances. For someone who play it since a child will have a good coordination and balances skill.

8. Improve Motoric Skills

Like was said before is nice to play, good for our body, and best for our motoric skill. Playing football as atractive sport push every part of our body to move. That is a must eventhough we do not playing the ball. We need to stay focus fot catch or bolck the ball.

9. Train Body Muscles

In every minutes when playing basketball whole body and organ inside move continuously. Since the whistle sounds every player of basketball needs to move. One player dribbling, one or two block the ball, and others running. Those activities will train our body with muscles inside.

10. The Body Becomes Higher

I do, you too, and them. Everybody want to have a ideal body in 180 cm. Actually for now, father mother who has not ideal hight. Basketball can be solution for our son and daughter to got that. Doing basketball in regularly exercise will stretch our leg bones and leg muscles, especially the spine. Benefits of volleyball also very effective to make your body higher.

12. Lose Weight

Playing basketball will burn our calories. Playing basketball will make dream to get ideal body is not a dream anymore. No matter how many food we consume everyday. Basketball exercise regularly will burn all of the food be an energy. The most important about this diet can done with smile. Because playing basketball is fun.
Just play basketball at least one hour a day. So we can burn 700 calories until 750 calories a day.

13. Improve brain function

Brain is nothing without concentration. Good news for all of us. We can get that with basketball exercise. Concentration can be developed with just playing it. Foot, hands, and eyes must focus to the ball. Brain will practise day by day to make three of it syncron. When play in a hard game, the pressure will stimulate the brain to get new strategies to fix the pressure.

14. Stabilizing hormone

For next benefits, woman will be very happy to read this. Woman’s stomach muscles will be more toned when playing football. Because of stretching and jumps when playing basketball. With toned stomach muscle, woman does not worry anymore to hormonal problems.

15. Avoiding Obesity and Osteoporosis

Wow, when I just read this. I did so exciting. Because with just play this sport. We do not need to worry again about obesity and osteoporosis. Every movement in basketball make our body become stronger, outside and inside. The body and the organ. Just driblle the ball, run, and than shoot will give us freedom from both that annoying desease.

16. Improve Cardiovascular Health

This is will be explained again and again. Basketball as a atractive sport can improve our cardiovascular. Dribbling, jumping, passing, running, turning quickly, and throwing are effective for acrdiovascular workout. Those movement accelerates and increase blood supply for our body by quickly in and out breathing. So when we are so exhausting after playing basketball. Do not worry is was good for improving cardiovascular health.

17. Exercising Healthy Heart

When playing basketball, heart will work hard than before. Quickly movement in basketball is a good exercising for heart. The best and the number one job description of heart is circulate blood to wholw body. Atractive games will make heart circulate the blood better.
With good circulation desease will afraid to our body. There is no worry anymore to cramps, dizziness, stroke, and tingling.

18. Accelerating The Growth Of The Body

Jumping is the most powerfull effort to accelerating the growth of our body. Good news for basketbal lover. Because we do all the time, jumping when playing it. Good muscle in high will come voltarily to us. Just play basketball regularly.

19. Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

Playing basketball need more power than other sport. Atractive game need atractive food also atractve way to burn all the food. So there is no time for fat to stay in our body. No time for choleterol.
With no fat and no cholesterol, the heart will save from heart disease. Today heart disease has change the target, not only oldman anymore. But teenagers can be the victim. So basketball exercising regularly can help us.

20. Dexterity Exercise

Many people do not realize that a rigid body is annoying. It is hamper our activities. Playing basketball can be dexterity exercise. Fast movement can be learned from basketball. But we must realize too that lithe bodies can be get from long time exercise. So keep maintain ourbody with playing basketball not only once a week.

21. Basketball Good For Overall Body

After all of the benefits above. This last benefits can be a conclusion of all of that. Overall every movement in basketball can prevents us from disease also can help us to cure the disease. Run is good for our legs, hearth, and the muscles. Driblle is good for our motoric. Jumping aso good for accelerate body’s growth. Every movement has the benefits each others.  So do not think twice to playing basketball today. We can play it indoor or outdoor. We just a ball, a field, and basket.