12 Research-Base Health Benefits of Playing Football

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Football is a sport with the largest fans in the world. That means a lot of people who love to watch or play this kind of sport. The history of football as a sport started at 2nd century and the 3rd BC in China. During the Han dynasty, people dribble skin with a small net and kicked it into the so-called Tsu Chu. The game is played for physical training for the army and the Emperor’s birthday. A similar game was played in Japan as ‘Kemari’. In Italy, the game kicking and carrying the ball also popular, especially at 16th century.

In 1815, a major cause of football development started into famous universities and school environment. This modern football occurred in the Freemasons Tavern in 1863, when 11 schools and clubs gathered to formulate standard rules for the game of football. In 1869, touching the ball with hands started to be banned in football. During the 1800s, the sport is played by sailors, merchants, and British soldiers to different sides of the World.

Playing Football Goal

Football played by two teams, each consisting of 11 people fought to enter a round ball into the opposing goal (scoring). The team that reached higher score goals is the winner (usually within 90 minutes, but there are other ways to determine a winner when in draw condition). The most important regulations in achieving this goal is the players (except the goalkeeper) cannot touch the ball with their hands.

Health Benefits of Playing Football

Playing football was not only usefull to relieve stress, but it also has several other benefits for your physical and mental health. anyone is allowed to play football.

1. Raising Agency

The man with the routine play ball will have a bone density levels 1.3 times higher (Journal of Bone Mineral Research).

Movement of run and jump on football training leg bones that eventually stimulate the growth. High bone density to minimize the occurrence of osteoporosis, which makes the body more bent. So with just playing football on a regular basis you can elevate your body and prevent body bent with osteoporosis

2. Increase the ability of Consentration, Creativity, and Mental Health

Regular physical exercise can improve creativity, concentration, and mental health (Daniel Landers, a professor of physical from Arizona State University)

Playing football can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood and accelerate the flow of blood to the brain. If the blood flows smoothly to the brain, it is not only increased physical abilities, but also the brain’s ability to respond to something.

3. Help to delay the aging process

You will always be young when playing soccer (Daniel Landers, a professor of physical education at Arizona State University)

Research shows that playing football on a regular basis can help to reduce mental decline in women over 65 years. More often and longer it to do so, then the mental decline more slowly. Reportedly, many people feels the benefits after nine weeks regularly three times a week. This exercise should not be done at a high intensity.

4. Increase endurance

60 percent of mild and moderate depression, doing football exercise for three times a week for four months and each exercise for 30 minutes can overcome depression without medication (researchers at Duke University).

If you love sports, even in a short but intense period, or longer but done with ease, can increase the good hormones in the brain. This hormone plays a role in increasing endurance of the body. Researchers at Duke University found that 60 percent of mild and moderate depression, doing  exercise three times a week for four months and each exercise for 30 minutes can overcome without medication.

5. Maintain a healthy heart

People who don’t actively doing exercise burns no more than 500 calories a week. And when doing sports activities are more likely to develop heart disease (Albert M. Hutapea in his book “Toward a Healthy Lifestyle”)

Generally, the more proficient person in an activity, then confidence will more increase. In fact, a study proves that teens who actively exercise feels more confident than his friends who didn’t do similar activities. Feeling lazy to do exercise by reason of lack of time in the long-term impact is quite bad, the emergence of disease caused by hypokinesia (lack of movement). Among them, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, hypercholesterolemia, and obesity.

6. Reducing Total Body Fat Embankments.

When you play football, the fat in your body turns into energy.

Playing football regularly leads to increase body’s metabolism to provide enough energy to exercise. The energy source is obtained mainly from the burning of fatty tissue that will produce energy, it will cause a decrease in fat tissue on your body.

7. Strengthening Muscles

There is an increase in muscle strength at women who play recreational soccer for 16 months (Skandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports).

Perhaps you will be surprised after exercise, why your weight does not decline or even increase. This is not because there is no reduction in the amount of fat on your body, but because of an increase in muscle mass (muscle has a mass that is heavier than fat tissue). Although weight does not fall does not mean your efforts futile, because exercise can increase the ratio of muscle mass to fat, if the ratio of muscle mass to fat increased (muscle tissue increases and fat tissue decreases) it is very good for your health.

8. Strengthening Bones

Playing football on a regular basis not only strengthen bones in your feet, but also  all parts of your body.

Since we turned into 30 years, we begin to experience a decrease in bone mass. Severe bone loss caused bones become very brittle, it is much experienced by many women after menopause. The disease is called osteoporosis, which causes bones to become very brittle and easily broken.

9. Reduce stress

Just like other sports games, each game has a positive effect to brings joy.

Exercise can reduce anxiety. Even further, it can help to control anger. Aerobic exercise can improve the heart and make you to cope faster with stress. Activities such as walking, swimming, cycling, and running is a great way to reduce stress.

10. Concentration Training

Concentration is an important thing in football and life, that both of them require concentration. When playing football you will surely have offense and defense. When you lack of concentration you’ll make enough blunders that hurt your team at the time. Football also test the speed and accuracy of thinking, that’s when the coordination between the eyes, the mind with the other limb.

12. Nimble and Flexible

To be able to play football, people required to move quickly in a certain direction, for example, moves laterally and vertically, and running forward or backward. Rapid movements required in football will help athletes become more flexible. Legs, chest, and arms all will become more flexible because of the constant shifting is done while playing, which also encourages the muscles become stronger. Increased flexibility will also help to reduce the risk of injury, because the body will be trained to move continuously in a high intensity.

That is all about health benefits of playing football, guys. I hope you can get an important information in this article. So are you a football lover too?