27 Benefits of Reading Book for Physical and Mental Health

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What is your favorite book? How many books you read a day? Frankly speaking, most of people think that reading is just another boring activity they love to avoid. As a result, those who loves reading is calling out as “a geek” or “the weirdo.” It is out of our mind that reading is the healthy guide we can do to be a better person. There are many benefits of it, mentally and physically, reading is cool.

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  1. Engage Knowledge

You can get knowledge from every genre of book that you read. Whether is fiction or non fiction. Science or novel. There is no limitation. Every book that has been published was written from research telling you some information you have never known before. Indeed, if you read a book about automotive then your knowledge about how to fix a broken car will be added. If you read a novel about South Korea then you will learn about their culture automatically. Read a book and steal the knowledge you didn’t know before. Hence, that’s how it works.

  1. Engage Imagination

This is the basic thing you will get from reading. There is improvement of imagination in smooth way. While you are reading a novel, your imagination sense will react more than its book. The result of imagination is very wild, yet it’s very good somehow. If you ever wonder why the color of book pages is always black and white, is due to improving your imagination. So, your mind will color its story they way you want. Moreover, every good things happen from a very freak imagination. Further, Harry Potter was just imagination, but now its series sell a million dollars per hour.

  1. The Best Escape 

If you are having a bad day, if you don’t feel like human today, or if the world doesn’t fit you, just pick up one book and start reading. Book is the best escape place you will know now. You can read a book and let it melt with you. You will read a good plot where the main character swims on New Zealand’s beach, and you will be swimming there too. Get lost on book to find the new better world that fits you, though.

  1. Learn More Vocabularies 

Book is a compilation of vocabularies forming plot in chapters. The more you read, the more vocabularies you will learn. Also, it will always be new words you never thought it does exist. Eventually, if you read a book outside your mother tongue language. Slowly you can be able to know or speak foreign language for free. By the way, you will also be familiar with grammar and paragraph structure, or the layout of a page.

  1. Stronger Analytical Skill

Particularly, in a book narrates every single detail of everything. If the setting of time of the story was in summer time, then it will give you all sketch of how the leaves fall or anything. Further, when you read a mystery book, your brain will be tracked to break the conflict of its plot. Simultaneously, the analytical skill of yours will grow and you will be the great thinker due to reading. Especially, if you choose a specific genre namely economy, politic, or social book.

  1. Think Creative

Creative people do read to add inspiration. Above all, reading fiction is much more like giving yourself free space to grow in whatever you are thinking about. I mean, watching movie is you get what it served, yet it don’t work like that in reading. Reading encourages you to think creative on every pages you see, forces you to think more than you ever did before. Indeed, reading is creative process to lead to everything.

  1. Improve Focus and Concentration 

In fact, you need to bring all your focus and concentration when you are reading. Your eyes and your mind collaborate to identify the words on book. As reading is not a multitasking activity that you can do while you are doing something else. As a result, most of reader geek choose a quiet, piece, desolate, silent places just to read, to get the focus level on the top. Indeed, it improves focus and concentration in many aspect of life.

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  1. Better Writing Skill

As well as many great writers today was a wild reader yesterday, I mean, they even read harder now and then. Likewise, a pro reader may be the world’s best writer someday. As reading tracks you to identify what a good paragraph consists of, how to write a conflict, or how to describe something. Further, the writing style of the writers will influence the reader to write too. The same way as the musician inspire each other. In the end, the only thing to learn writing is by reading.

  1. Open-Minded People

The form of reading comes from many perspectives, opinions, researches, mindsets, cultures, and more. Thus, when you read a book those aspects will automatically effect you, whether you agree or not. Notably, the writer’s mindset will surely creeping on your mind. By the same token, from now and then you will never think a problem in the same way as the book influences you many. Meanwhile, a Japan author Murakami ever said that “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” Afterwords, read as many to open mind evermore.

  1. Burns Calories

Well, who knows reading burns calories? As people thinking that reading is just a useless passive activity in sitting or laying position. The fact is reading burns calories more than watching TV did. Well saying reading is a workout for mind as brain keeps work on active metabolically thinking. Further, someone who finished a full book looks more tired than those after gym. This is because reading spends more energy, likewise, the brain keep working on, analyzing, interpreting, and dealing with all the things written.

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  1. Improve Memory

When you read a book, you need to remember all the things on it like the characters, the setting, the plot, the backgrounds, and more. Especially, if you are not finishing the book in one time shoot. Automatically, you will also quote what the author says and even on what pages that is because you love its meaning. Thus, when you read a book of Steve Jobs biography then you will remember where Jobs was born and how he grew with Apple. So that, the ability to remember things improve and it adopted to real life.

  1. Time Traveler

Many scientist has been looking for a formula to create a time traveler machine, yet they don’t found it yet. Indeed, time traveler does exist for those who reads. I mean, there are many books that has been published since a hundred years ago and they stay long-last. When you read The Great Gastby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, you will turn back time to summer 1922 in World War 1. It means that you just travel yourself to the feel, time and place you never knew. Even more, you can also know what will happen a few years by now by reading a book. The writers are doing their job to let you travel time for free.

  1. Entertainment

People who loves music go to concert as well as those who loves sport go to gym. Reading is an entertainment for the readers. Believe it or not, by reading someone can feel so happy. Especially, it is a low budget entertainment that you can simply go to the library nearby, choose many books you love, and stay there the whole day for free. You don’t spend so much. Even more, there are many people in the world who gets entertained only by the smell of the book. Are you?

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  1. Encourage Life Goals

The more things you know, the more things you want to achieve. When you read a book, it will automatically inspire you to have the same story as it is. Back to Steve Jobs biography book, you will then add more your life goals to be as success as him in the future after you read it. You will underline the chapter of his keywords to success, later then, it will encourage yourself to have a greater life goals to achieve.

  1. Food for Brain

If body needs vitamin, then it is the same as brain. Indeed, brain stimulant. Book is food for brain and reading is the way to chew it. The brain likely the machine of body where we need to keep stimulate it with good contents, information, knowledge, to broadening our mindset. Reading feeds the hungry brain. On the other hand, when our brain full then we can grow and expand in life. Indeed, it keeps your brain healthy.

  1. Make You Smarter

Reading a book brings you large information and knowledge you never knew before. Likewise, when you know new things then you realize that you don’t know anything at all. Further, after reading Hitler Biography book then you will find out that Hitler went to art school more than twice. The first impression you will say is, “Oh, I didn’t know it before…” and you feel like you are fool. Indeed, after you read and you find out the new information, that is the only thing you get smarter then.

  1. Learn Stuff

Book is the mirror of life where the story on it it’s the reflection of real life. There are problems and tragedy, also facts. Reading a book likely learning stuff from someone you never met. Further, every single stuff about life whether is big things or not are told in implicit way there. Still, life be more interesting when you explore on book. Even more, book is compact and small that you ca carry wherever you are as your compass to learn stuff.

  1. Stress Cure 

Snuggling with a good book can met away stress. Thus, reading a book can make you forget about anything due to you can only focus on the book. Mostly, if you are having a bad day, you can read a favorite book to read and let it light up your day. Further, if you have stressful feeling, by reading you may find out some solution. This time, reading fiction book is so good boost mood.

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  1. Discover Yourself

Sometimes, we don’t know who we are until we get of off the floor. In any case, book serves you many stories, plots, characters, information, and other stuffs you have been looking for yourself. Back then it’s a mirror of life that causes you to look deeper to who you are. Through the pages, you may meet your goals, your friends, your long gone lover, or your old self again. Moreover, when you discover yourself closely you can be the original version of you.

  1. You Never Be Alone

You know, friends come and go. Fake and Leave. There are many type of people that have chances to hurt us. In contrasts, book brings you loyalty and never ending love. The characters or the writer, or whoever on it, stuck on your mind once you read them. Moreover, you always feel they are real and there are your real life friends. Indeed, book is small and compact that you can always hang out with them. Above all, you meet other book lovers, reading group, or Harry Potter community in the town that never let you feel alone.

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  1. Hotter

Guys who read is hot. Nerdy girls who read is even hotter. As they have open-minded, sexy, analytical, and smarter brain. Indeed, people like them are so rare and unique. Beautiful inside and out. You can talk to them about anything and they respond it with bright eyes over glasses. Furthermore, you can find them on waiting rooms, layover, traffic with the old book on hand. They are deeper and braver. That is hot.

  1. Big Investment 

You collect books now and few years then you can open public library. Also, some old books are rare and cost. That is good investment no one ever thinking about. Thus, you grow old and you can bring the books for your kids and grand kids. Tell them the story you love the most at the bedtime. In the end, you don’t invest money yet you invest knowledge and memory. What a treasure!

  1. Massive Success

The research proved that over 75% self-made millionaire people read books at least two books a month. As book likely a guide and an inspiration to grow. The knowledge and information we get by reading book is exploring, making us a better person. Taking time to read at least 30 minutes a day will grow self-development. Later than, if we focus we can reach massive success following the book we read.

  1. Get You to Sleep Better

Reading creates a better environment to sleep better. Mostly, for insomnia people to get a routine sleeping schedule. It is due to energy spends of reading can make you tired. Then, when you tired you can sleep better while thinking about the last chapter you read. Remember about the old days where our mamas storytelling us about Cinderella before our bedtimes till we fell asleep? However, that’s how it’s going to work.


  1. Deep Lover

Scientifically, reader is the best lover you should date with. As all book is triumph. Reader had been through all chapters to finish book cover to cover. Likewise, they experience many conditions, emotions, conflicts, pains, victories, and sorrows as it is their real life. Automatically, they learn to be wise, to appreciate things, and solve problem. This is the best component you want to see in your lover for the rest of life.

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Meanwhile, reading is a healthy guide that has many benefits for body and brain. By reading, we can improve ourselves in many aspects in life and we can read everywhere.

8 Types of Readers We Can Identify

To tell the truth, people read books following their favorite genres. Some love fiction, yet another love non-fiction. Further, they have their own favorite places to read but once a reader, will be siblings forever. However, there are 9 types of readers you can identify when you see them all around.

  1. The Polygamist Readers

Polygamist readers are those who cannot stay only reading one book. They can add multiple lists and go to bookstore to catch the books. Moreover, they can read more than one book at the same time without get interrupted by one and other story. If you ask them, they can tell you with bright eyes how all those books get in his brain at the same time.

  1. The Monogamist Readers 

Monogamist reader is the opposite with polygamist reader. Monogamist reader stick with one book from years. They never stop reading it all over again till the book gets ripped and old. Even more, they love re-reading, re-thinking, remembering every single detail and never gets bored. Well, I am one of this.

  1. Extrovert Readers

This type of readers love buying books whenever they see cool cover on display. Even though, they still have many books on the shelves, they keep collecting new arrivals. Yet, they will get mad to manage time what book they must read first. Are you this type reader?

  1. Introvert Readers

Meanwhile, introvert readers stays reading one book till finished. Then, they analyze the plot, identify the characters, fangirling the whole book until middle of the night. As a consequence, they are dying with their own mind.

  1. Altruist Readers

This is the readers who love recommending good books to best friends, classmate, family, or strangers. The way they promote the book is so annoying and provocative because sometimes, this type of reader have not read the books they are promoting.

  1. Neurotic Readers

Are those readers who easily get disturbed, distracted to switch the book.  They have not finished one book yet have picked another book. I guess maybe because of The Altruist Reader brings new cool book and The Neurotic Reader cannot avoid it. As a result, this type of reader can never finish one full book.

  1. The Spoiler Reader

This is the most annoying type of reader. As worst as you watch at the cinema but the girl next to you keep talking about the ending when the movie have not started yet. Also, The Spoiler Reader always skip the book to ending like they knew the whole story-line.

  1. Non-Fiction Reader

Those who only reads non-fiction works such as biography, essay, historical, or college book. The Non-Fictional Reader kind of favorite books are I Knew Why The Caged Bird Sings (Maya Angelou Biography), The Diary of A Young Girl (Anna Frank Biography), and Steve Jobs Biography.

  1. Series Reader

Series Reader are those people who only read books that has its sequel. Likewise, animation, comics, or science fiction genre of books. For example, A Game of Thrones, The Maze Runner, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and more. In the end, you should date this type of reader.

After all, those are 9 types of readers you can identify. Despite, which one are you?

Tips for Effective Reading

  • Create a list of good books that would change your life
  • Spend time at least 30 minutes a day to read
  • Enjoy and let it make you healthy

In the end, there are many mind-blowing benefits causing us to read and read more.