15 Health Benefits of Playing Guitar (#Research Base)

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Keeping the body healthy either mentally or physically is really important. Consuming the healthy food mostly is contributing in physical health and even mental health. Food is not the only one which can improve and enrich physical and mental health. There are some methods in which they are proved and used to stimulate the mental and physical health. One of them is playing music. This method is proved as the effective way to enrich the health of mental and physical health.

Playing music can bring the happiness for people who are playing on it. One of the instrumental music which is very healthy for mental and physical health is guitar. Playing guitar has been proved that it can make people feel happy and good while playing it. Playing guitar can rise the creativeness and it will also stimulate the ears and muscles especially brain. Besides, playing guitar is not only about the hobby but it is related to healthy effects for people who play it.

For some people playing guitar is not about making how the sound heards well, but it is also related to how to grip it well and also can stimulate the brain. Some studies have been revealed the benefits of playing guitar and hereby the benefits of playing guitar:

1. Stimulate the Brain

Numerous studies have demonstrated that playing guitar can boost the brain function and stimulate the cognitive function. It has been demonstrated for some people while playing guitar affects the brain power well. It is because when playing guitar you have to focus on some things such as learning chords, balancing the notes and even griping and picking the cords. Those are played in once and related to making a pitch you will surely notice the failure of making it. In the same case, you will improve your errors again and again. That process of learning and playing music surely affects to brain power and cognitive function of brain. According to some studies playing guitar can sharpen brain function and also stimulate the power of brain quickly.

2. Overcome the Stress

Playing guitar will not only stimulate the brain function and its cognitive function but also it can overcome the stress or even depression. Heavy lifestyle is one of the reason why people get stressed and it has been proved that when they start playing guitar it slowly reduce the stress. Even for some people, spending time by playing guitar will powerfully affect to overcoming the stress and depression since as it is mentioned above that playing guitar can boost the brain power and sharpen the cognitive function. This is related to boosting the mood as well. Playing guitar has been the effective way to boost and improve the bad mood.

3. Easy-doing Fitness

For some people they spend their money and time to join at fitness club. In fact, physical fitness is really important for health and it must be regular exercise in order to get healthy condition. For some researches revealed that we should not spend money for doing fitness regularly, there is the effective way to do so. It is playing guitar which can be the easy doing fitness.

There are some reason why playing guitar can be the effective way to do fitness. It is because when we play guitar we will sit in long time in adjusting the sound or pitch, while we are sitting and griping the guitar can keep use in balanced physical condition. Sitting while we are focusing on how to adjust the pitch will impact to pain muscles for some people. It will handle the trouble weakness since when you are playing guitar you will focus on making the proper sound and adjust it in the time you make errors.

4. Relaxation Effect

Some studies have revealed that playing guitar is not only boosting brain power but also it has therapeutic effect for mind and soul. It is known as the effective relaxation treatment for mental health. It is stated that when people are playing guitar, they will focus on many things as mentioned above. They will not get stressed thinking negative things when they are doing so. It has been proved also for people in sadness or nostalgic. They can get relaxed when they are playing guitar.

5. Rise the Self-Confident

Self confident is very important in order to enrich the mental health. Having the self confident will lead to mental health. Self-confident effect will rise in the time when you already improve the ability of playing guitar. Moreover you will have high self confident when you are good enough to play it well and teach it to your people around you.

6. Reduce the Pain

Some studies about mental health have stated that playing guitar can also reduce and even heal the pain. It is still related to listening music in which it also can heal the pain among people. Playing guitar is not only about hobby but it can also be the effective way to reduce and heal the pain for people. So, for people who wants to start healing the pain, it will be better to take action and play guitar well.

7. Keep the Heart Healthy

Playing guitar is not about related to boosting brain power. Some medical researchers have demonstrated that playing guitar can keep the heart healthy. When people are playing guitar their brain function will surely affect to the feeling of sad or broken heart.

Music itself is proved as the effective way to give positive effect to heart and feeling. According to some studies music itself can even heal heart attack or stroke and as it is mentioned above that music can heal the stress and reduce it as well.

8. Train the Passion

Nowadays people have been training their passion by playing music including guitar since guitar is one of the easy instrument to be played. Playing guitar can be the top list of people’s hobbies since playing guitar is not having fun but it can also effect to self confident as mentioned before. For those who are interested guitar as their passion, playing new songs will stimulate the cognitive and it will satisfy your passion.

9. Keep the Mentality Health

Mental health is very important to be paid attention for people nowadays. Doing exercise or fitness will give mentality health, but playing guitar can be the effective way to do the same. Some studies also have demonstrated that playing guitar can keep the mentality health especially for men.

Mentality effects such as happiness or self confident have been proved by people while playing guitar. So for those who wants to improve and keep the mentality healthy gripping the guitar and start playing it in new songs will affect to mentality health.

10. Well Being Effect

Mentality health relates to well-being is very important to fulfill human’s health. Playing guitar regularly will affect to this case. It is proved that playing guitar focusing for some rules will effect the well being for people who play it well. It will give the peace mind and feeling. For those who has hobby playing guitar, they are lucky to do so since some studies have revealed that playing guitar can improve the confidence and also can change the personality.

11. Meditation Effect

Playing guitar has been known as the effective way to release the stress and it still relates to meditation. As it is mentioned before that playing guitar can calm and relax brain and make our mind get focused.

In the same case, playing guitar is just like meditation in which it can make brain focus on some things and also will throw away the negative thoughts. It is due to playing guitar will focus on how to improve the errors on pitch and adjust the proper sound. This function is the same as meditation in which it will reduce the negative thoughts among people.

12. Develop Brain Function

For many people especially children, playing guitar is the effective way to stimulate the brain function. According to some studies revealed that playing guitar can stimulate the brain function and develop it very well especially for children.

Nowadays there are many musical class in guitar major and it is proved that playing guitar is not just for fun but also for the brain health. Besides, playing guitar will help developing the neuron pathways of brain for us. As it is mentioned above that playing guitar can also stimulate the cognitive function and it relates to its function on motor skills.

13. Rise the Creativeness

For some people, being a creative one will be occured when they are alone in quite moments but it is not the only one method to make you become creative person. According to some researches revealed that playing guitar can make yourself become creative especially in making new pitch of song.

Playing guitar may be very useful for people who are interested in experimenting new things. It is proved that for people who play guitar they will keep doing and making new sound or even songs since they are getting enjoyed playing it.

14. Improve the Respiratory System

Keeping the respiratory system healthy is very important. One of the method to do so is playing guitar. According to the research revealed that playing guitar can improve the respiratory system well. When people play guitar, they will make sound even sing well. That process will cause you to make the better voice by taking a deep breath and also try to adjust the voice with the pitch made by guitar itself. It surely proves that playing guitar will improve the respiratory system.

15. Improve the Memory

It is a great news for people who make guitar as their hobby since it can stimulate and increase the memory capacity especially for children. As it is demonstrated that playing guitar can even improve the IQ capacity since when you play it, you will use many parts of your body such as brain, hand, fingers or even your voice. That process of playing guitar will directly affect to your brain memory and it is useful to improve the memory capacity.

Side Effects of Playing Guitar

There is not specific side effect of playing guitar have been revealed but for some cases there are some side effects of playing guitar especially for beginners. Sore fingers will occur while in the first time learning to play it. It will aven effect the strange pain in fingers.

Generally playing guitar will caus the fingertips on fretting hand will get sore and in the worst case the skin will even peel off and bleed. It is really important to control the time you practice and learn playing guitar. If you get your fingertips skin sore it will be better to use cream in order to reduce the pain and prevent of peeling off the skin.