25 Benefits of Drinking Hot Water for Health and Beauty

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Water is the essential substances of human body. Likewise, 70% of our body consists of water and that is way the average people need at least 2 liters of water or 4-8 glass of water a day. It is due to water function to keep the work of our cells and organs. Meanwhile, water flows to body starting from stomach then entering colon. Then, water crosses to bloodstreams to do its job in maintaining blood, oxygen, organs and cells systems.

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Thus, it’s not only important for body. If we see the scene around, 80% substances of the earth consists of water. Indeed, it’s the essential element for every creature in the world. However, let us take a look the water function in human body.

Main Functions of Water in the Human Body 

  • Cell Life

Water participates to cells to function properly. Indeed, water participates to transfers nutrients to body cells and transports oxygen to organs to keep working. If we don’t have enough water in the body, then the cells will not be able to work properly. If this is so, no cells will transport the oxygen in various membranes and natural filters. So, water loss can cause us to death.

  • Body Temperature and Circulation 

Water keeps your body temperature in normal through passing hot or cold weather. Indeed, water helps you to adapt in balancing ambient temperature and body temperature. As a result, we gives response to temperature like we feel sweaty in the hot day is the sign that water participates to cool the body temperature.

  • Chemical and Metabolic Reaction 

Meanwhile, water works for body to remove chemical and helps in metabolism. Thus, water participates to breakdown the substances from the food that we eat.

  • Nutrients Transportation 

Water is the carrier for blood in transporting nutrients to cell. Also, water helps to remove waste from body to urine. That is why when we drink water too much, we want to pee more as the waste and toxin removed by urine.

Well, that is the general issue about water and its main function to human body. Likewise, hot water is also important to the body but they never told you before. Indeed, many people avoid to drink hot water, they prefer cold water, but here are the top benefits of drinking hot water that you need to know.

1. Weight Loss

Aren’t you tired of failed diet? If it so, then now try to boil water and drink it slowly. Indeed, hot water promotes weight loss as it helps metabolism system. Remember that water is 0% drink that you can trust all the time to prevent hunger. By drinking hot water in early morning before your metabolic turns on, it breaks down body fat for sure.


2. Natural Detoxification

Well, we cannot deny that our body consist of toxin and waste and the only way to throw it away is by body detoxification. However, drinking hot water is the natural detoxification for your body. When you drink hot water, automatically your body temperature will response by rising its degree temperature. As a result, you body becomes sweaty and that’s how the waste and toxin release.

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3. Nasal and Throat Congestion

This congestion is common happen to us mostly in winter time. Moreover, we suffer from cold, cough, and fever which are so frustrating. Thus, drinking hot water is a natural remedy to dissolve the thick viscous substance on throat and it also works for nasal congestion. As a result, drinking hot water can relief respiratory track.

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4. Treatment Digestion 

Give your stomach good liquid in the morning, which is hot water to clean digestion. Meanwhile, drinking hot water can break down the food faster than other liquid. So, it digests the food nutrients faster and wastes toxin effectively. As a result, you have good digestion, clean colon as well as healthy body. So, you may drink hot water every morning.

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5. Treatment of Constipation 

One more stomach problem is constipation, which is also frustrating. Constipation happens when the body water loss and it tracks to bowel problem. Thus, drinking hot water is the best solution as aids to constipation. Indeed, hot water promotes bowel movement and eases discomfort pain from constipation. Well, it’s a natural remedy for absorption health.

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6. Enhances Blood Circulation

Thus, hot water is beneficial to improve blood circulation. By drinking hot water, the substances help to eliminate fat body as its function as detoxification. At the same time, it enhances blood circulation. Indeed, If blood circulation is restricted then it will decrease body function such as the oxygen and nutrient absorption.


7. Alleviates Pain 

By the way, the heat from hot water enhances blood circulation where it will relaxing stiffness of muscle or joint pain. Then, hot water is so effective to give remedy to decreasing weary and shooting pain. You can drink warm water, I mean, it has been old traditional way to get our body fix again. Well, it always works.

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8. Energy Drink

Some people drink energy drink out there to get energized. Mostly, after your workout time you drink cold water, but it isn’t good. Thus, let us now try natural energy drink which is hot water. In addition, hot water gives you quick re-hydration and burns calories. So, it will automatically balancing your metabolism system and keeps you fit after workout.

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9. Sleep Better 

Indeed, drinking hot water before your bedtime can help you sleep better. It also improves your sleep quality and energizes you in the morning when you wake up. Meanwhile, hot water promotes relaxation as it cleans the toxin. So, if you get a sleepless night, or insomnia, you can just sips hot water and let it warm your body.


10. Treatment of Cough 

However, there are vary medicines that you can take to heal cough but you can choose the very easy, simple, cheap, and effective way to help it fixes. Well, drink hot water can subside sputum and take out thick mucus from throat. Also, it will relaxes respiratory system. Further, you can add honey or lemon to warm water to get a better cough healer.

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11. Treatment of Arthritis

Meanwhile, if you are having a back pain or even arthritis symptom then you can drink hot water or bath with hot water. As it said, hot water enhances blood circulation and gives relaxation. At the same time, that is the best treatment of arthritis. Moreover, hot water calms joint pains, cramps, the nerves, and muscle spasms.

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12. Treatment of Premenstrual 

Well, hot water is so beneficial for female during premenstrual days to help it cures the cramps on stomach. Naturally, the premenstrual cramp is unbearable and so paining. Indeed, girls can drink warm water, it has calming and shooting effect. Well, you can also inhaling the fumes to get a better naturally remedy.

13. Water Borne Disease Prevention 

In case you ever heard, bacteria and viruses commonly found in drinking water. There are microorganism in every drop of water we drink and it can effect our health. Thus, by boiling water we can kill the risk of viruses and bacteria. Further, viruses, bacteria, protozoa, etc can be killed after 90 seconds boiling. At the same time, we can prevent water borne disease such as cholera and typhoid fever by drinking hot water.

14. Treatment of Diabetes 

Well, people with diabetes should stay hydrate. Moreover, a study stated that people who drink warm water can develop high blood sugar. Drinking warm water rises blood temperature, at this point, the extra sugar blood will flow with urine. As a result, drinking warm water is also decrease the risk of dehydration in people with diabetes.

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15. Natural Therapy

Actually, water as the essential of human body is beneficial in all aspect of body health. Indeed,  water uses as natural therapy for various diseases such as migraine, headache, anemia, series of back pain, urinary calculus (stones in the kidneys), urinary tract Infection, and even more. Indeed, it is so simple to understand that warm water completes the needs of cells in transporting oxygen.

16 Remedy of Gastroenteritis 

Gastroenteritis is food poisoning. Well, if it is not immediately cured, it will damaging all body system according the poisoning level. The symptom of gastroenteritis are diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, nausea, and headache. Indeed, drinking hot water can be the first remedy to prevent the risk of gastroenteritis. As a result, hot water will take the toxin and waste out of body by urine. 

17. Treatment of Heartburn 

Heartburn is the condition where gastric gets infection and the pain attacks on chest or in the back of chest bone. The case is because of the gastric acid rises due to late to eat. Then, it most usually happen at any time after eating or before sleeping. Indeed, the first treatment we can do is, before taking medicine, drinking war water. It will help to calm the gastric and give treatment to organs.

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Skin Beauty Trick with Hot Water

Meanwhile, drinking hot water can effect positively to promote beauty and smooth skin.

18. Anti-Ageing 

Ageing is natural but it is common happen in our youth. Thus, we can prevent it our daily food and drink. Indeed, drinking hot water is good for cleaning toxin that can age you faster. By drinking hot water, we eliminate the cause of free radicals. At the same time, the substances promote to repair the skin cells, reduce the ageing, and fix it to be smooth again.


19. Anti-Acne and Pimple 

Thus, acne is skin disorder caused by hormone and bacteria mixture in it. Thus, acne mostly infected skin face and it begins when oily skin meets dead skin. Indeed, by drinking hot water can eliminate the infection and promotes the growth of new skin. Also, it has its substances to kill bacteria.

20. Promotes Healthy Skin 

Well, water loss can cause you a dry skin. It’s just how it works when flowers get dry when it is lack of water. So, you may better drink hot water to keep you hydrated and warm. Also, hot water promotes a steady blood circulation that automatically effects to your skin health. As a result, there will be healthier skin, smooth, moist, and glow.

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21. Treatment of Any Skin Infection

There are many infections in skin such as acne, pimple, eczema, cholera, and more. Well, water as the human body essential has its power to cure whatever infection attack the skin. Especially hot water, as it boiled, its substances even purer. Then, by drinking hot water in routine, it ca kills the infection.

Hair Beauty Skin with Hot Water

22. Promotes Hair Health – By drinking hot water, it promotes hair health as well as it is nourish the hair root. Indeed, you will get shiny, volume, strong hair.

23. Promotes Hair Growth – Hot water accelerates the regular activity of the root. So, it prevents hair damage and promotes hair growth.

24. Anti-Dandruff – Dandruff is the head skin caused by bacteria and unhealthy hair. Indeed, drinking hot water hydrates the skin and prevents it from dead skin cells. So, it must be so good to fighting dandruff.

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25. Hair Vitality – Drinking hot water is also good for attaining soft and shiny hair. It energizes the nerve endings present in your hair roots and makes them active. This is beneficial for regaining the natural vitality of your hair and keeping it healthy.

As a result, we all know that water is the most important substance for life. Indeed, most people love to drink cold water yet drinking hot water is also beneficial. Then, we can now try it as a natural healer and remedy.

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Tips and Caution on Drinking Hot Water

By knowing the top 25 benefits of drinking hot water above, then let’s to pay more attention to tips and caution if you want to add hot water as your daily energizer.

1. Recommended Healthy Methods 

The recommendation intake amount is you can drink hot water for 90 – 125 ounces a day or it’s about 2.6 – 3.6 liters of hot water. Well, it means it’s good for women to take 2.6 liters of hot water per a day and 3.6 liters for men.

2. Recommended Schedule to Drink Hot Water

  • One to two glasses of hot water in early morning. This time is so good to hit your metabolism system. Drink hot water before you start your day, before you brush your teeth, and it will blush you the whole day.
  • One or two glasses of hot water before you start your breakfast. This time is so good to clean your gut.
  • Three glasses of hot water in the morning. This time is good to energize your morning and make you fresh as well.
  • Two to four glasses in evening. This time uses to cleanse your absorption, also to keep you energize.
  • One glass of hot water before your bedtime. This time is perfect to promotes better sleep.

3. The Best Temperature

The hot water shall be heat at a temperature of around (50°C-122°F). That means the water is hot enough to feel it while drinking, but affordable, without causing burn. Then, do not blow it to cool the water because it will effect bad to the water substances.

4. The Preparation 

Fresh hot water that you just boil in the cattle is better that the hot water from water gallon machine. Thus, fresh hot water is good in order to ensure the purity of water. Then, before you drink it, you have to make sure that the glass of hot water would not burn your tongue. Indeed, we do not want cause you any danger. So, make sure it is just will make you sweaty, not burn.

5. The Addition 

The hot water, of course, it’s tasty plain as it is. If you want to get double benefits, you can sprinkle salt or add extract lemon. Yet, the plain hot water is already mush better than any flavor you can taste.

As a result, drinking hot water gives us vary benefits. Also, it is so easy and simple to drink. So, we may now try it and make it a good habit in order to cleanse stomach, make clear skin, and the health overall.