9 Benefits of Bike Exercise for Weight Loss (Burn Much Calories)

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There are many benefits you will get by bike exercise, of course in cycling. Cycling will burn calories and will lose by increasing heart rate, finally achieving to weight loss. Cycling can improves your health too. Besides that, cycling will increasing your endurance and strengthen your body also tight up your major leg muscle. The happiness thing from this sport is you can do cycling whatever you want.

Cycling will burn many calories, but it depends on your frequent and weight you do this exercise. Cycling will help you reduce your weight by burning 75-670 calories in a half-hour. So if you concern with your weight loss meantime you have problems with your ankles or knees, generally is easier getting exercise if you use a stationary bike rather than aerobic activity.

Cycling also improve your health when maintained for some period. Cycling constantly is excellent to improve your cardiovascular health levels. When heart and lungs becomes stronger you’ll be able to transport oxygen efficiently which improves fitness level. Cycling for 30 minutes twice a week will help improve your weight loss program.

Benefits of bike exercise for weight loss

  1. Take belly fat seriously. If you’re concerned with your belly fat be think to burn it through sport, you already take a smart step. Belly fat also known as visceral fat located deep in your torso. This fat is linked to a diseases such cardiovascular and diabetes. Bike exercise could help to burn belly fat and increase your health.
  2. Healthy lifestyle, less fat. Ride a stationary bike can answer to relieve belly fat. Even though, it’s difficult to burn fat without dietary program. This exercise can’t solely burn the fat around your belly. Burning belly fat requires regular exercise and diet to fat loss.
  3. Reduce overweight. Stationary bikes have the benefit of reducing overweight and allows people with overweight to exercise, and able to lose weight. But it’s not for people who have excess weight because affected much pressure on their joints.
  4. Cardio. Constant stationary bike will help your heart better. Cycling a bike is a cardio activity and has benefits in spread blood regulation, also reduce blood pressure and prevent heart attack.

Other benefit of bike exercise

  1. Strengthen your muscle. Pedaling a bike isn’t just a way to burn your belly fat. It’s also a way to improve your power, strengthen muscles, stimulate a healthy heart and reducing the risk of developing any diseases. Stationary bike are good because minimizes joint impact, and you don’t need to worry about traffic or weather.
  2. Reduce stress. Research has supported that exercise helps to relieve stress. Cycling is a part of that, but it’s also reported lower stress levels.
  3. Low impact. Stationary bike benefits is low impact. Most aerobic activity has the potential to harm our ankles and knees. Stationary bike can affect your ankles, knees, and back.
  4. Various muscle target. Stationary bikes making you strong, especially in the cycling areas. Overweight people usually have issues with their legs.  Cycling is a great for people to improve mobility and leg function. Cycling regularly will stronger and improve posture.
  5. Improve respiratory function. You will breathe harder when you cycling stationary bike. Another bike benefits is strengthen and improve your respiration function.

Choosing bike type for weight loss

There are different stationary types available with different features which may help to burn more calories. The cycling exercise is right way to burn fat in your body, including the stomach fat. Stationary bike is perfect for most people, and daily workouts can resulted calories burned to excess fat.

Stationary bikes available in various type on the market and it can lead to confuse finding the best type for burning fat. Some stationary bikes come with various settings and giving an option for you to various train. Modern bikes also has digital tool to show heart rate and giving an information about estimation of fat burnt. The amount of burning fat during bike exercise it depends on exercise level.

Stationary bike benefits for weight loss

You must be surprised to know how much calories burned on a stationary.  The result may vary and depending on weight the exerciser, also the workout and the speed duration. The number of burned calories on a stationary for people with 180 pounds who cycles for 15 minutes will be 150.

To increase benefits for weight loss, make an interval exercise.  During your exercise, swapping intensity of pedaling will need more energy than exercise at a steady pace. When your healthy level increased, you may add extra time in your exercise or add a second set.

How many calories does it burn by stationary bike?

The exercising intensity and the exercise length will decide your weight loss you program. People with overweight can burn faster their calories with stationary bike if exercise longer and with high intensity. People with 160-lbs could burn up to 292 calories in one hour by cycling with speed of 10 mph. If person with 240-lbs do the similar exercise, they will burn 436 of calories. Meanwhile a person with 200-lbs will burn 365 of calories.

But, if you exercises with speed 10 mph in hour or more, it can burn up to 590 calories. So, can lose your weight till 10 pounds in year if you burn 250 calories per-day.

Doing stationary exercise on the bike for 30 minutes and 4 times a week also doing a normal diet can help losing 10 pounds in one year. Research said, if you lose your weight slowly, you have a big chance to maintain it rather than losing weight instantly.