13 Benefits of Playing Tchoukball (#1 Sports for Team Works)

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Tchoukball is one of sports game which is usually held indoor on rectangular field 40 meters long by 20 meters wide. It is played by 2 teams with 9 players on each team. Each team has to bounce the ball to the rebound frame at the end of the field to get the score.

There is also a half circle forbidden area in front of the bounce frame. The tchoukball is available in different sizes regarding the age of the players.

The ball must not touch the ground and when it is in the hand of the other team, the opponent players are not allowed interfering to prevent aggression and violent physical contact.

You can get the rebound of the ball after it is thrown from the hands opponent. Because of this rule, tchoukball becomes a safe sport. There are many benefits of playing tchoukball also. They are:

  1. Enhances the physical health.

Playing tchoukball makes you run 40 meters of the field. You can do it several times during the game from the one side to another side. It absolutely brings the benefit to enhance your physical health.

  1. Build the muscle mass.

Playing tchoukball will build your muscle mass absolutely your leg, arm, and hand muscle. In tchoukball, you will run and jump to deliver the ball. It will build and strengthen your leg muscle. Besides, you have also to pass the ball to your friend in one team player and shoot the ball to the bounce frame with a good strength. It will build your arm and hand muscle as well.

  1. Increases the stamina.

Playing tchoukball needs the endurance. You have to walk and run from side to side of the field several times as long as the game is still running. It makes your body increase its stamina.

  1. Increases your lung capacity.

As explained above, playing tchoukball needs the endurance. You have to run the game and it will increase you breathing. If you can manage your breathing well, You can increase the lung capacity and it will make you more endure to play the game or do the other activities.

  1. Burns the calories.

Playing tchoukball can burn your calories well. The activities that you do in playing tchoukball such as walking, running or jumping can make your body sweating. If you sweat in a great amount it means you burn calories much more.

  1. Promotes eye-hand coordination.

Throw the ball and pass it to the other player will promote you eye-hand coordination. You need a good coordination to pass the ball to your friend in one tea and prevent the ball pass away to your opponent. Besides, you need the eye-hand coordination when you want to shoot the bounce frame at the side of the field.

  1. Improves the mental health.

Besides building the physical health, playing tchoukball can improve the mental health as well. This is a sporty game without aggressiveness. It will make your mental health enhance in a good way.

  1. Increases the alertness.

Playing tchoukball will increase your alertness and anticipation. You have to be ready at any time to get the ball from your opponent and keep the ball safely till you reach your goal.

  1. Increases the concentration.

When to shoot the ball to the frame bounce you need a focus and concentration to get the accurate point of the shoot. This will be the best training and game that can increase your concentration.

  1. Improve your logical function of the brain.

Because there is no physical contact allowed in playing tchoukball, you need to build a good strategy to get the ball from your opponent. It will train your brain to think logically and make several plans.

  1. Build the competitive spirit without aggression.

In tchoukball game, there is no physical contact one another. You have to win without make the other opponent get the direct contact or injury. This game will build your spirit of competition without aggression.

  1. Build the teamwork.

Teamwork is the important thing that you have to build with your friend. You need a good communication, strategy, and trust to your friends in one team. The good teamwork will make your team winning the game in proud.

  1. Develops in social interaction.

Before you play the tchoukball, you need to interact first with your teammates. You need to build a good communication and social interaction to make sure that your one teammate has a some vision. This is a good training to develop in social interaction.

13 benefits of playing tchoukball have been explained above. Tchoukball is a unique game which can build the best spirit of competition without aggressiveness. It supports the fair play, increases your respect one another whether in your team or in your opponent team. This game can also be played by men and women at any different of ages with a beauty, strength, and strategy.