35 Proven Benefits of Squats Exercise For Women and Man

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squatsSquat is one of the types of exercise that is highly recommended to do in daily basis. It is not only easy and simple to do but also has been proven to be beneficial for human health. Perhaps you don’t realize that you do squats more than you think like taking pencil that you drop to the floor, move some boxes and many more.

Even doing those things are already good for your body, just imagine what benefits you could get if you are doing it properly and regularly. Below is the list of benefits of squats you could get:

Reasons to Do Squats

  1. Could be Done Anywhere

Squat is an easy exercise that could be done anywhere. If you love running or jogging you still need to go out to do that or you should use tread mill to do it at home. However, you don’t need to go out or use any equipment to do squat because you could do in anywhere you want like in your bedroom right after you wake up in the morning or in your office room just whenever you feel like want to do it.

  1. Cheap Exercise

Modern people usually don’t care about how much money they should pay for gym’s membership because they know the importance of being fit. Unfortunately, most of them only use the membership whenever they have time and in the end it is just a waste. That’s why squat is considered to be cheap exercise because you don’t need to go to the gym to do it.

  1. Recommended for Daily Exercise

Squat is easy to do and even you don’t need a professional trainer to do squat. Besides that it is also recommended for daily exercise along with jogging or jumping. However, even before you do the running and jumping, you are recommended to do squat first because once your legs muscles are accustomed to squat and then running and jumping will be much easier.

  1. Functional Exercise

Squat may look simple but don’t take this type of exercise lightly because there are lot of functions of squat. Squat is not only good for legs but also good for all parts of back session, stomach even able to aid in burning calories and fats.

  1. Low Risk of Injury

There is no report that said someone got injured when doing squat. However, still you should know your limit. If you are a newbie, start the squat in small count like from one to five and if you feel like you’re okay with it increase the count from one to ten. You could keep increasing it as long as you feel comfortable with it but don’t force it too hard.

Benefits of Squats for Women

Benefits of Squats for women health and beauty could be one reason why women love this exercise.

  1. Women Could Say Goodbye to Cellulite

Squat is a simple muscle stretching that can be done by anyone. By doing it regularly or daily, squat will contribute in the blood circulation. Good blood circulation means oxygen and nutrients are distributed thoroughly to your body including muscles so yes you could say goodbye to your cellulite for good.

  1. For Optimal Muscle Growth

Though squat looks simple and it seems just focusing on your legs but you are wrong. The effect of doing squats is for your whole body. This simple exercise actually has big impact to the whole body by promoting the optimal muscle growth. Squat will create an anabolic environment that will cause body to release certain hormones required for muscle growth.

  1. Build Balance for Sexier Posture

Just doing squat daily you could act and walk like a beauty queen. Why? Because doing squat will make your posture looks sexier by improving balance. You could walk with confidence. Besides that there are more benefits of squat that you don’t know yet and will be discussed in the next points.

  1. Aids to Burn Calories and Fats

It is true that for women, appearance is everything that’s why making sure that they always stay in shape is their goal of exercise. That’s what squat is for. Just doing it regularly is possible for women to burn calories and fats without the need to go to the gym and pay a bunch because squat could be done in anywhere and anytime with optimal outcome.

  1. Tone Your Legs

Believe it or not, but having a killer pairs of leg shape means everything for women. It will improve their confidence when dressing in shorts or short skirt because good pairs of leg will make them look sexier. Besides that strong legs will make women could do activities flexibility and support their mobility. Energetic women will look sexier in men’s eyes.

  1. Get Rounder Butt

One of the perks of doing squat is not only giving women killer legs but also rounder, perkier and sexier butt. The exercise will firm the buttock muscle and at the same time make your back section stronger.

  1. Squats Help Women Become Sexier

This simple exercise has a lot of benefits for women but overall just doing squat regularly women have all solutions they need to stay in shape in healthy way.

Benefits of Squats for Men

  1. Stimulate Muscle-Building Hormones in Men

When women do squat to look sexy and for men, they do squat to for bigger biceps. Squat has been proven to be able in stimulating the productions of certain hormones in men especially the T hormone which is essential for the muscle building in men.

  1. Good for Men Midsection Body Strength

Midsection means great abs for men. However, before you could build great abs in your midsection you have to prepare the strength of your midsection first by doing regular squats.

  1. Stronger Lower Body

The pose of squat will put your lower body to support the upper body. This position is effective to exercise your lower body to become stronger even if you don’t do any other exercise or using additional tools. However, if you want to accelerate the result some tools could be added like barbell.

  1. Make Men More Energetic

One of the reasons why men could be more energetic is not just because they have enough energy in the body but because their body is fit enough so men could do whatever they want. Squat has big contribution in preparing muscles to be ready whenever they are needed.

  1. Improve Men’s Endurance during Workout

In workout session squat is important part of the exercise that usually done in the beginning of the workout session. Perhaps the function could not be pictured in short term but in long term you will find the differences that by doing squat is possible to improve the men’s endurance during workout session.

  1. Maintain Mobility

To support men’s daily activity, energy obtained from food is not enough. Fit body is also essential so men could do their daily activity no matter how high the mobility is as long as body is fit enough to support it then nothing to worry about. Doing squat could maintain the men’s mobility but this exercise should be done regularly in daily basis.

  1. Give Men Great Abs

Squat will not magically giving men great abs but as long as men are working on their diet and then supported by doing squat regularly the possibility of having great abs is also higher. It is true that just by simply doing it regularly even without doing any other exercise some sets of abs will be formed naturally.

  1. Practical Solution to Increase Power

Though the squat looks simple and easy to do but there are a lot of efforts required to do it. Mostly your legs muscles need to support the upper body session but the process will increase the strength of your legs muscles and at the same time increase its power so it is possible to support anything more than the weight of your upper body.

Benefits of Squats for Bodybuilding and Athlete

  1. Building Muscle Size

In bodybuilding, squad is not only part of the exercise but it is one of the basic exercises that are important to do. Though it is so simple if compared to the series of exercises in body building but still the function is more than that. Squad will provide muscle an early introduction to the stretching routine.

  1. Efficient Exercise

Why squat considered being efficient exercise is because though the pose is so simple but there are a lot of benefits that give significant impact to the whole body like lower section, mid section and back section. Besides that, squat is also contributing in stretching muscle that will aids in the improvement of body metabolism like digestive track and blood vessels for better blood circulation.

  1. Reduce Injury

Doing squat regularly in the beginning of the intensive session of body building workout could reduce the risk of injury. The simple pose with low impact will provide your muscle time to relax as well as to be accustomed with the entire session of exercising.

  1. Functional Exercise

Why it is called functional exercise because the simple pose of squat will affect the whole aspects of your body especially the muscles in the low, back, mid and upper sections. In other words, one type of exercise could cover all the needs of the entire body section.

  1. Improve Core Strength

It is important to maintain core strength but squat is not only able to maintain it but also improve the strength. Strong core section is essential to support the lower back session, stimulate the muscle growth as well as improve the overall performance toward exercises.

  1. Enhance Sprinting Endurance and Speed

What you believe is when you are doing regular running or jogging then it will automatically improve your endurance and speed when sprinting. Well, perhaps that is true but do you know that you could accelerate the process by making sure your legs are strong enough to do it? That’s why, doing squat regularly is also recommended in this matter.

  1. Boosts Vertical Jump

Just like running, squat is also able to boost your vertical jump by making sure your legs muscles are strong enough to the jumping. The stronger the muscle means the higher you could do the jump.

  1. Build Mental Toughness

Being an athlete fit body is not enough because they need to put their mental into exercise as well. Doing squat could assist in building mental toughness because the simple pose will forces your entire body and muscles to work together. Besides that you have to be focus while doing the entire pose perfectly.

  1. Mobility and Flexibility

During bodybuilding session, your body should be prepared to face all types of pressures. However, before that making sure the mobility and flexibility of your body is in optimal level will make the whole bodybuilding session a lot easier. Surprisingly, just by doing simple squats you could improve your body mobility and flexibility significantly.

  1. Simple Exercise

Simple exercise is required and even very important exercise during bodybuilding. Why? It is because simple exercise like squat is required as part of muscle stretching. Once the muscles are fully stretched means the muscles are ready to face the pressure during the workout session.

Benefits of Squats for Daily Exercise

  1. Squats Good for Digestion

Believe it or not but squat also contributes in making the flow of your digestive tract easier. While you do the muscle stretching, the intestine muscle is also being stretching so the digestive tract will function optimally by making sure all the wastes are out from the body while all the nutrients are absorbed.

  1. Good Exercise Solution for Those with Back Problem

When someone has issue with their back and then they will find that some types of exercises are just off limit for them but not squat. Since squat is kind of exercise with low impact if you do it properly. As mentioned above squat has a lot of benefits and one of them could aid in improving the strength of back session.

  1. Strengthen Your Knees

You have problem with your knees like you are easily getting tired when you are walking. Perhaps doing squat exercise could help you dealing with this condition without the need to go to the gym and meet a professional trainer because everyone could do squat and you are no the exception.

  1. Improve Flexibility

Being flexible with your body is important. This condition will allow you to do whatever activity you like to do and squat could contribute in the flexibility of your body. By doing squad you will exercise your body and make it accustomed to the muscle stretching which required in all kinds of activities from daily activity like walking up to intensive workout session.

  1. Reduce the Chance of Injury during Workout

Do you know that most injuries that happened during workout are when muscles are not ready to receive the pressure? That’s why doing squat regularly is recommended, because it will make your body muscles accustomed to the stretching and improve the flexibility of muscles. The more flexible the muscle is the risk of injury is also lower.

How to Do the Squat Exercise

Though the look of squat is simple but don’t take it lightly because once you try it you will find that it is not as easy as it looks. Doing it in proper form is also important because it will give you the result optimally. Doing it in wrong form could increase the risk of injury. Below are the proper steps you should take to do squats:

  • Though you could do the squat exercise in almost everywhere but making sure that the area to do it is safe still necessary like making sure the floor is flat and not slippery. The area is spacious enough so when you do the squat your body will not touch any furniture.
  • Stand upright but give space between your feet in shoulder-width. The position of your toes is also important but you could choose whatever position you feel comfortable with. The best is put your toes pointing slightly outward.
  • Look straight ahead will give you more balance with the back section so it will easier for you to do the next step.
  • Once you ready, you could start the squat pose by bending down your knees slowly followed by your hips toward the floor. While doing this, try your best to keep your back in upright position. The more perfect position of your back is the more pressure will be added to your legs. It is actually the whole point of doing this exercise.
  • Once your tight position is already parallel to the floor try to stay in that position for a while. You could put some counts but then continue until you reach the bottom.
  • After that use your heels to support your body to get back to the standing position. Repeat the pose as desire but make sure you don’t force your body too much. Do it lightly in the beginning and increase the count progressively.

Now you know that for perfect, healthy and fit body you don’t need to pay a lot of money to go to the gym or spend a lot of time doing exercises because as simple as doing squats regularly you could burn your fat, reach your goal of body shape and at the same time have great abs. All of those could be get just by doing squats regularly.