24 Benefits of Writing for Physical and Mental Health

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Writing is the form to communicate to people, to the world, without being interrupt using words that represent facts and ideas. Thus, writing is difficult activity that not all people can do. Further, some people can write, yet some people do not literally write. In this time of life, seems like only a few human who grabs their pen, blank paper, and sitting to write some fresh idea that may change the world. There are many aspects, I mean, the process of writing is relieving uncertain things that goes on wherever. However, writing -whether it’s expressive writing, journal, final theses, or diary- has been proven with a number of  benefits for mind and body.

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1. IQ Intelligence 

Writing has the natural urge to improve IQ intelligence. As when you are writing, brain is simultaneously working to find good words to write. It is also improving vocabulary skill and how to produce parallel paragraph. Further, the things you are writing is also the main point. It implies how smart you are from the connection of words and the topic you write. Furthermore, it have positive effect as the part or language learning. In the end, you can only write when you know things better than everyone else. As a result, it means you have IQ intelligence in upper level.

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2. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to control emotion for ourselves and others through any condition of life. Writing lets you to manage feeling by processing emotion and self awareness. Through any condition, people who write learns more about emotion better comparing it as pages of life. In addition, they tend to understand, care, and think deeper about what other people feel and experience.

3. Psychology Intelligence

Speaking about psychology is ridiculous. Psychology is the main machine of the body to keep health, I mean, mental health. Writing increases psychology intelligence as writing lets you to stay positive. Likewise, by writing you bring tasty food to your soul, mostly when you feel blank and lonely. Writing gives you the feeling like nothing is wrong as this activity gives you space to think about goodness. In the end, only by writing you can meet your own soul-self and that’s what your psychology needs.

4. Helper for Cancer Patient 

Actually, word has its own power. A study in 2008 proved that expressive writing help cancer patient to get fix. By expressive writing, they likely think more positive about the disease. They got another brighter point of view about their life. Indeed, it is mental therapy to help them stay healthy. Mostly, when they write about good things, good memories, it automatically boosts their spirit up to keep fighting through the cancer and never give up on it.

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5. Stress Cure

Stress is danger both for body and mind yet any pressure in life always make us feel that way. Meanwhile, writing can be the stress cure that you have to know. Further, when you have a bad day, you can just grab a pen and paper, or write down on your smartphone not about how terrible the day is. When you let the negativity out of your brain, it can decreases the risk of stress. However, it is just a therapy like when you tell your bad days to your best friend.

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6. Brain Alert

On the other hand, writing is an alert for brain to wake up and do something. Writing is an active activity that use brain energy to keeps on. When we write, we warm the brain up. Likewise, you can write about your plans today or your upcoming events. Thus, it keeps brain productive. It gives food to brain stimulant. As a result, you will be focused, sharp, and ready to do some more big things.

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7. Help You to Sleep Better 

It seems like you wonder how writing can make you sleep better. Meanwhile, a study has proven that you can sleep better by taking time at least fifteen minutes before you sleep to write lists about things you are grateful about today. When you write down the things, you will remember that how blessed the day was. Further, remembering good things help you to think positive and happy. Then, when you are happy that’s only way how you can sleep well.


8. Good for Health 

Expressive writing can heal any pain, whether psychology, mentally, or emotionally. Thus, writing can improve immune function and mood level. Further, it bring physical benefits such as healing low blood pleasure, also improving lung and liver. Also, expressive writing has been used as a therapy for traumatic disorder as well as it helps many people suffering from mentally diseases.

9. Media to Express 

Writing is the best media to express yourself in written form that lets you to write anything. Somehow, writing is a media to escape. Further, a doctor writes journal to publish his hypothesis about new research. A song-writer express himself about love in lyrics. A novelist, of course, writes his thought, opinion, mindset, and experience on the novels. It is so easy and relief to express what is on your mind by writing. In the end, you can be anything you want in the story that you writing.

10. Healing 

Of course, writing gives you the feeling of freedom. You can write about anything with no limitation. You can write about how you hate the seniors at school, or about your greedy old boss, or just anything that goes on your mind. This is, actually, the real medicine you need. It makes your mind becomes fresh and clear. Well, when this things happen, the positive things will ruin on your blood. Thus, it heals you.

11. Memory Extend 

Writing is the form of remembering things that ever happened, whether you write form of expressive or scientific writing. When you write a journal, you need to remember some scientific quotations and it extends your memory. Further, if you write about old days then you will remember again about how it was to be. Indeed, it looks like opening an old photo or listening to your old favorite song. Meanwhile, writing is an activity that encourages you to explore condition and times. In the end, it means to be timeless.

12. Record History

Following the previous point above, writing is also the route to record a history. Indeed, what you write today will be an evidence of history in the future. For example, when you were 7 you wrote something on your diary, and that diary is a history for you to re-read it again today. Meanwhile, in the past life there are some epigraphy was written and today it becomes the history that brings information about what it happened there.

13. Communication Skill

Back then, writing is on of the form to communicate. Sometimes, what is written is deeper than what is said. That’s why writing can improve communication skill. Likewise, writing represents what is on mind and translates the actual vocalization. Furthermore, it builds structure to communicate hard feelings, complex idea, opinions, and more in written form. In the end, when there is chance to speak, people who write can communicate better.

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14. Dream Log

I have heard many success people did this writing habit. Which is, write all your dreams and give mark on it. Indeed, writing is a reminder of your list of dreams. This comes as motivational program to keep you on track to your destiny line. In the hope that, you will never forget what you have wrote. So, you keep focus and try harder to mark the dream with a checklist yes. Then, whenever you are about to give up, the writings will remind you again and you have motivational spirit by that.

15. God’s Faithfulness Milestone

Back then, by writing you automatically record a history that ever happened to your life. For example, you have been writing for a year about sorrow, sadness, pain, and broken heart. If you re-read that again, you will believe that you have been through hard times but you still stand strong. So that, you will remember how God help you until you can survive today. All the pages written is the milestone, an evidence, that He is with you at your lowest times.

16. Remedy and Relaxation

Actually, when you write something, you translate all the uncertain things in your mind to words. After a long busy day, take at least ten to fifteen minutes to write as a remedy for your own soul. Till then, it can be the most relaxing time to fix anything. Grab a pen and note, sit on a best spot peacefully, bring lemon tea, then let it comforts you. In the end, write, just write as it is your remedy.

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17. Improve Creativity

Actually, writing is the form of creativity work. This is an activity that collaborates brain and feeling function. Meanwhile, someone who plays with words and phrase tends to have more creativity sense. Thus, writing gives you room to your idea to improve and play with creativity. However, the creativity is so important to make you feel alive, stay sharper, and happier as your age.


18. Improve Productivity

There are numbers benefits of writing to improving productivity. Meanwhile, writing keeps your productivity on track, likewise, you keep creating words. Meanwhile, when you write you will set time, schedule, and uncountable goals to reach. People who write will work harder than does who does as they always have deadlines list to done. Further, if you are working on journal, you will be motivated to write the researches and so on, so that you can stay productive.

19. Learn More

People who write learn everything better than those who does not. Indeed, before you write, this activity needs a long deep researches. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction works. As you cannot write wrong information on the paper, by this point the writers is the people who learn more and will know everything better than anyone else. Further, if someone wants to write about football sport, then he will automatically learn about football first before he can write.

20. Smarter 

It seems like people who write are the smarter generation in the world. As the connection of the previous point, people who write learn more and that makes them smarter than anyone else. Further, student who writes a report about Shakespeare will be so smart in knowledge about it. Furthermore, the more we write, the smarter we will be. Indeed, even expressive writing can also improve the brain function.

21. Burn Calories

Writing does not include body movement yet it can burn calories too. Indeed, typing can burn 41 calories per thirty minutes so if you spend more time in typing it can burn more fat in body. Further, the brain keeps working during writing progress, likewise, thinking on something deeper can burn calories as well. Even though, writing is not contributing physical work, but it is a great workout for the brain.

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22. Better in Express Yourself 

Meanwhile, writing is the best media to express ourselves. As well as musicians express their feeling in music and painters give their minds through colors. By writing, we can express what we feel in words, no sensor, we can know better our own psychology. Further, by writing we can meet our old self again and we can meet our destiny. If we write about memories, we can meet our past time. Then, through words we can express ourselves.

23. Unique

People who write has different mindset than the rest of regular people due to their experience in writing many topics. Indeed, people who write always has something unique, unpredictable idea and thoughts. They may be so quite yet they have universe inside their brain, Mostly, a writer is always a thinker. So, remember that every good things we experience today is the work of writing of someone in the past.

24. Massive Success

If you write a page a day, it will be 356 page a year. Who knows you might publish your own novel and be a professional writer someday? Moreover, there are many success people who started their career by writing. Further, writers like J.K Rowling and James Dashner earning million dollar by they writing as their novel become viral in the world. Furthermore, nowadays there are many job desks needed in creative company as writer. Indeed, you may be one of them.

Meanwhile, there are various benefits of writing that gives you reasons why you should write. Indeed, writing is good both psychology and mentally senses. Likewise, there are many people who keep this as a good habit to stay creative, productive, and alive.

7 Benefits of Handwriting than Typing 

In this time of century, there left only few people who keep writing by handwriting as they rather use their gadgets or computers typing to write on. However, there are several benefits of handwriting you should know.

1. Memory Recall

The handwritten notes has been proved as memory recall than typing. The brain works more in handwriting as it has the ability to remember the single words. Indeed, the brain summarize better when it is written on paper due to the hand movement during writing.

2. Coordinate the Left and Right Brain 

The right brain is responsible for logic and exact and the left brain is responsible harmony and imagination. Further, right brain works for analytic sense, solving maths, and analytic. Meanwhile, left brain works for feeling, art, music, and creativity. Indeed, handwriting can help both function of left and right brain to work in balance.

3. Improve Creativity

When we type in computer, we can only choose selected font menu on the dashboard and it all look the same. Yet when write by handwriting, we can express ourselves with the font style we want. It can also improve our creativity and there is no limitation. Thus, the handwriting is the representation of our personality.

4. Stronger Conceptual Understanding

Writing note by hand can help improving conceptual to get stronger understanding through the topic you write. Indeed, handwriting can also help you to interpreting and integrating the material better than when you type it in Ms. Word. Also, by handwriting you can eliminate the risk of typo as you will look in detail about what you writing.

5. Calming Effect 

There is psychological sense that you feel during writing by hand. Indeed, it will feel calm, relaxing, and and make you feel good when you see that you have nice handwriting. Indeed, handwriting a note, a task, or anything is likely a therapy for psychology as it also have good impact to feel peaceful.

6. Cognitive Skill 

Handwriting can help improve cognitive skill, mostly for children who just learn to write and read. They will be able to distinguish letters and the ability to write better. Indeed for adults, handwriting can help to remember, understand, and interpret the writing material.

7. Learn More Effectively

Handwriting helps you to explore your thought, idea, memory, and materials. Indeed, this process can lead you to learn more effectively than when you type on computer. Meanwhile, there is a process of re-reading that is also good to learn things more effectively. Meanwhile, when you writing by hand you can underlying the main point or using coloring pens or highlight to exercising better.

As a result, there is a quote saying that pen is mightier than the keyboard. Thus, from this point we can learn that there are many benefits from writing, especially if you do handwriting that can make us more sharper and creative.