14 Health Benefits of Pineapple Juice (No.9 No Doctor Knows)

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Health Benefits of Pineapple Juice very important for human body, actually diet program. Most of us know this sticky and sweet tropical fruit. Pineapple is one of fruits which become everyone’s favorite of all ages from children to adult. Pineapple,a member of Bromeliaceae plant family which usually grow in tropical area. This exotic fruit has yellow colour and fruitlets with eyes that are the spiny on the surface. The pineapple is just so fresh and sweet with little bit sour taste. It can not resist the cold season and frost so mostly its found to be grown in hot tropical countries.

Pineapple juicePineapple which known as the queen of fruit is the third most important tropical fruit which grown whole world after banana and citrus. People used to consume pineapple fresh, cooked, preserved or drink it as juice. Nowadays Thailand, Philippines, Brazil and China are the main producers of pineapple in the World by supplying nearly 50 % of the total fruit in the world

Consuming pineaple has become a part of healthy diet so people loves to consume it along with other food. It contains many nutrients that can provide many benefits to health.not just eat it raw, you can blend the pineapple into juice and still get the benefits. One of the most important substance found in pineapple called bromelain and it is an enzyme which t holds the key to many of the pineapple’s health benefits. Bromelain has been found in 1876 and it was introduced as a therapeutic compound in pineapple stem that exist in high concentration. Fresh pineapple especially raw juice contains a bunch of these sulphur-containing and protein-digesting substance.

Below are the nutrients content of 100gr raw and fresh pineapple juice

Nutrient Value Amount


52 calories

Dietary fibre



13.7 g


0.54 g


0.28 mg


12 mg


16 mg


150 mg


11 mg


0.10 mg

Vitamin A

130 I.U

Vitamin B 1

0.079 mg

Vitamin B 2

0.031 mg

Vitamin B 3

0.489 mg

Vitamin B 6

0.110 mg

Vitamin C

24 mg

Since pineapple contains many nutrients, you cant get enough with just drink it once or twice, you will certainly love the taste and you may drink it everyday to get the benefits. Here are the best benefits which you can grab by drinking pineapple juice

1. Prevent scurvy

Pineapple juice contains high vitamin C or ascorbic acid that can fights bacterial and
viral infections especially those bacterias that can cause scurvy in the oral cavity. Half a cup of raw and fresh pineapple juice provides 50 percent of an adult’s daily recommended amount of vitamin C.

2. Strengthen bones

One of the benefits of pineapple juice is that it can work in building healthy bones. Pineapple juices are rich in manganese, a trace mineral that is required by human body to build strong bones and connective tissues. Just drink a cup of pineapple juice, it provides you 73% of the daily recommended amount of manganese. The benefits of this pineapple juice is not only affect the growth of bones in young people and but it also can strengthen the bones in older people

3. Reduce cholesterol

Don’t be hesitated to Include pineapple juice in your diet, and drink it before or after meal. Pineapple juice may naturally reduce the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream. A research which conducted in December 2005 that published in “Medical Science Monitor” reported the effect of pineapple and other fruit juices on plasma lipids. Researchers found that the rats that consumed pineapple juice over a three-hour period experienced a significant lower lipoprotein or cholesterol level. Even so, the studies of pineapple juice effect in human cholesterol level is still required.

4. Fasten injury healing

If you experience an injury to your tendons, ligaments or other soft tissues in the future, you can consider to drink pineapple juice. This benefits of pineapple juice has been proven by evidence that presented in the April 2011 “Journal of Medicinal Food”. Study show that pineapple juice contains bromelain that can increased the quantity of tendon cells after a crush and it also decreased the levels of malondialdehyde, a compound which cause tissue mutations. By other words, drinking pineapple juice regularly, can help you to heal faster from your injury.

5. Promote male fertility

As explained before that pineapple juice contain high level of manganese cthat can be use to boos fertility especially the sperm quality. A cup serving of pineapple juice may provides you with 1.3 mg of manganese; and a man needs 2.3 mg of manganese to fulfil the daily recommended intake each day. A study which brought by an Indian researchers in The July-August 2009 issue of “Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity” showed that manganese consumption in pineapple juice can increased sperm movement. It can also protect the sperm during freezing for storage, which can raise the chances of getting conception.

6. Relieve muscle and joints pain

Drinking pineapple juice which contains rich bromelain can have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the joint and muscle. This makes the juice useful both to prevent and treat injuries that may comes during exercise. The bromelain enzyme also posses benefits for arthritis patient. The anti inflammatory properties of pineapple juice can slightly reduce the inflammation respond in the joint that comes as arthritis symptom.

7. Relieve cold and cough

Some people will choose to drink orange juice when they suffer from cold and less of them consider to take pineapple juice. Drinking pineapple juice give same healing properties as drinking orange juice. The vitamin C content of pineapple can fight the virus which causing cold and the bromelamin enzyme has been found can help to suppress cough in children and adults by loosen the mucus.

8. Prevent wrinkle

If you wanna stay young and having young skin, you can count on the benefits of pineapple juice. The alpha-hydroxy acids that we can found in many skin creams ingredients are found naturally in pineapple. These substances can help to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles on skin. The juice of pineapple can also be applied on face as facial mask. Add some honey or white egg on the pineapple juice and use it as mask.

9. Treat colitis

Drinking pineapple juice may bring medical benefits for people who suffer from colitis. Colitis is a condition which marked by inflammation on your colon or large intestine. Colitis may affect to digestion process and cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, dehydration and flatulence. A study which published as an article “Inflammatory Bowel Diseases” in December 2010 reported that pineapple juice consumption may decrease colon swelling and inflammation due to the presence of bromelain enzyme.

10. Promote energy production

Not only contain high vitamin C, pineapple juice also contains Vitamin B1 which is required in metabolism and energy production. Drinking pineapple juice in the morning can recharge the stamina and keep you active whole day.

11. Prevent anemia

Raw pineapple contains iron and so does the juice. Drinking pineapple juice may provides you with iron, a mineral that play important role in red blood cells formation. Having low red blood level in the body can cause anemia and certain symptoms like dizziness and fainting since red blood cells is the ones who transfer the nutrient and oxygen to the whole body part.

12. Aids in digestive

Pineapple juice contains fiber that aids in digestion. the fiber content of pineapple juice can soothes the digestive system and add bulk to stool. it can help to enhance the bowel movement and prevent the colon from getting constipation.

13. Prevent cancer

Study proved that bromelain and other antioxidant found in pineapple has significant effect to reduce the risk of cancer. The bromelain enzyme in pineapple can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and leads to apoptosis. Drinking pineapple juice will give you boost on immunity and prevent your body developing certain types of cancer.

14. Reduce the risk of heart disease

Heart disease is number one killer in the world. Its not only kill older people but also youngster. Many factors can rise the chance of developing heart disease, some of them are poor diet with high cholesterol level, stress and physical inactivity. Pineapple juice contain fiber, vitamin and mineral that can get rid of bad cholesterol and keep the healthy heart function. The antioxidant content of pineapple juice also can protect the heart cell from any damage caused by free radicals.

How to Select, Store and Consume

If you want to make fresh raw juice, choose pineapples fruit that feel heavy for their size, or you will get they end up end up dry and less taste. They should look clean and have no bad or mouldy signs on the outer surface. Avoid to select immature pineapple because it stop ripening process once they picked. You can store the pineapples at room for a day andin fridge for up to five days and must wrap it tight in plastic bag or put it in air tight container.

To make a fresh raw juice of pineapple follow this recipe

  • Cut and slice half of pineapple fruit into small pieces
  • Place it into blender or juicer
  • Add some honey if you want to add more sweet taste
  • You can also add some yogurt as you wish
  • Blend until it get smooth texture
  • You can strain the juice to get the thin and watery juice or just drink it with all the fiber without straining
  • Add some ice cubes to enhance the taste and chill your body during hot day

Pineapple juice is good for everyone but If you are taking a prescription of blood thinner and under medication for hypertension you should be careful because bromelain also can acts as blood thinner. Too much consumption of pineapple juice can cause stomach upset and diarrhea.