21 Scientific Health Benefits of Bacon (Top Nutrients and Facts)

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What is bacon? Is bacon has benefits for our body? That questions always appear when people hear the word “bacon.” Actually, bacon is very tasteful for every people who already eat it. Bacon is a kind of meat. Indeed,  bacon is a meat product prepared from pork and usually cured. Bacon is prepared from different cuts of meat. Further, it can be made from the side and back cuts of pork or from pork belly. As bacon is loaded with fat, but they are the kind of “healthy” fat depend on what the animal eats. Meanwhile, the fat in bacon consists of 50% of mono-saturated and most of it are oleic acid, which is the same acid as olive oil that considered as heart-healthy. Indeed, 40% of them are saturated fat which had a fair amount of Cholesterol, and 10% of it are a Polyunsaturated fatty acid which is bad fat in bacon. Yet, meat is usually full of nutrient and so is with bacon.


Meanwhile, bacon using pig meat with a steaming and salting techniques. It makes the texture and the taste of bacon is smooth and salty. Although, pig meat is illegal in some countries, bacon is very popular in Europe, American, and China. As a result, for health benefits overall bacon has benefits like meat commonly. Nutrients Value in Bacon” state=”closed

  • Calories

A male at 19-30 need at least 2600-2800 and female at 19-30 need at least 2000-2200 when the person had moderate activity in one day based on Estimated Energy Requirements (EER) to maintain the healthy weight. Thus, bacon had 540 Calories per 100 gramme. That mean it cover about 20% of daily needs.

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  • Carbohydrate 

Carbohydrate is a nutrient we need for our body and the first source of our body. It’s also a nutrient which that protect our muscle from being eaten by our own body. Meanwhile, there is a 1,4 gram per 100 gram, not much but its a good thing because in one gram of carbohydrate contains 4 gram calories.

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  • Protein

Protein is very important because if we did not get enough of it, our health and body composition will suffer. It’s also a good component if you are about to start to bodybuilding. In bacon, there is 37 gram of protein per 100 served which fill more than fifty percent of our daily need.

  • Potassium 

Potassium is a very significant body mineral. Meanwhile, it’s important to both cellular and electrical function. This nutrient is needed to make your body’s function work well. Further, in 100 gram of bacon contain 565 gram of potassium which is 18.8 percent of what we need, 3000 gram per day.

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  • Fat

Fat, protein, and carbohydrate are the three main essential nutrients for our body. Meanwhile, fat holds an important rule in all form of life. It serves both structural and metabolic function. Thus, fat stores for energy in excess of what body need. As a result, you 20%-30% of your totally intakes and bacon serve 42 gram per 100 gram.

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  • Sodium

Sodium helps us to keep the concentration of your body fluid at the right level. The Sodium also made nerve impulse and affect muscle function. This substance can be found easily around the house, salt for example. The sodium-potassium pump can be found in the membranes of cells. Sodium is out of the cells and potassium is going into the cells, create electric charge into the transmission along the nerves. It also helps your kidney, why? Because the sodium was needed by kidney for it to remove the excessive fluid from your blood.

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  • Vitamin A

Vitamin A was one of many kinds of vitamin that dissolve in fats. This vitamin was important for our vision. There is so many kinds of the compound that could be a group as Vitamin A. There is retinal, retinyl palmitate, and retinal acetate. Another can also act as a shield that protects as from unknown organism that could infect us. It increasing the work of white blood cell and make the body be more resistant to infection.

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  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the kind of vitamin that could dissolve in the water. Vitamin C could also be categorized as an antioxidant that could repel many kinds of free radicals. Also, vitamin C acts as a compound which could make skin become softer and look younger. It’s good collagen structure also could also help the body to recuperate much faster to heal broken bone, bruise, scratch.

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  • Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that could dissolve in water. Thus, Vitamin B12 contains in many things such as fish, meat, egg, and another kind of product from milk. Indeed, the main functions of B12 are made the body produce red blood faster, keep the health of the nerves, and helping in DNA synthesis. As a result, Vitamin B12 are stored in the liver, so it was rare to see people have a low level of B12.


  • Magnesium

Magnesium acted as an enzyme co-factor. Also had a vital role in generating and use ATP, the basic unit of energy that exist in the body. It also could build proteins and new cells, Also to maintain cells lives. Magnesium also important to many enzyme biochemical reactions in the body. The nutrient was used by the human as a source of energy, to regulate and control body, and building block of the structure.

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  • Zinc

Zinc is a type of metal, needed in a daily life for in a small amount to perform the important function. For example, helps hormone production, growth and repairmen, improve immunity, also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. As a result, zinc also have the ability to treat a disease such as fighting cancer.

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Health Tricks with Bacon

Here are the health benefits of bacon:

1. Increase your Metabolism

Bacon can increase your metabolism because it has a vitamin B1. Meanwhile, vitamin B1 will help you to make your body better. Also, metabolism is the activity inside of your body that processes all things that your body needs such as make your absorption system in your body keep normal and your breathing system better. So, metabolism is very important for your life.and bacon is a good choice for your main menu because of that benefit.


2. Protect Body from Heart Attack and Stroke

It seems like impossible if bacon can protect you from heart attack yet it is the fact. Meanwhile, bacon contains vitamin B1. It makes your metabolism well. Also, one of benefit that your metabolism normal is your body can protect itself from a heart attack and stroke. Thus, heart attack appears from your abnormal blood circulation and had blocked by bad fats. Indeed, stroke appears almost same with heart attack conditions but stroke usually attack your brain. Nevertheless, bad fats makes your blood vessels around your brain tighten.


3. Faster Healing your External Injuries

Bacon has a cooking technique, that is salting. So, it means bacon contain a salt. Meanwhile, Salt has so many benefits. Thus, one of all makes your healing for your external injuries faster. Example, it is for an injury like get slash by a knife. It means an injury that produces blood as salt contains sodium. As a result, sodium can regenerate your cell in your body faster.

4. Make your Bone Stronger

Well, it is possible that consuming bacon can make your bone stronger. In fact, bacon contains a calcium and everybody knows that calcium can regenerate your bone, make you taller and make your bone stronger. Thus, you can meet calcium in milk, cheese, any vegetables, etc.

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5. Increase your Immunity

Bacon has a lot of minerals and vitamins that makes your immunity increasing. Thus, one of important minerals for your health that can increase your immunity is zinc. Thus, a person will be more susceptible to disease if it has low zinc levels in the body. Zinc is also found in the nervous system, immune system, blood tissues, the human digestive system, and is involved in metabolism by nearly 300 kinds of enzymes in the body.

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6. Kill Cancer Cells

Bacon has possibility of killing cancer cells because the power of zinc. Thus, zinc is an antioxidant agent, helping fight oxidation stress and decrease the chance for disease development. Also, zinc will support healthy cell division, preventing cancerous cell mutation and stunting tumour growth.

7. Decrease Diabetes Risks 

Diabetes is a disease where the body of the sufferer can not automatically control the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood. In a healthy body, the pancreas release insulin hormone that carries sugar through the blood to the muscles and other tissues for energy supply. Thus, diabetes is a metabolic disorder (metabolic syndrome) of distribution of sugar by the body. Diabetics can not produce insulin in sufficient quantities, or the body can not use insulin effectively so that there was an excess of sugar in the blood. Indeed, insulin is a name of the hormone that controls glucose in your body. Usually, diabetes appear because the patient eats too much food that contains a lot of sugar. As a result, effects of diabetes is a heart attack, disruption in your vision and hearing. and etc.

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8. Antioxidant Source 

Meanwhile, Bacon is also the source of antioxidant. Bacon can boost immunity and stabilize the body temperature to remain normal. Causes the body does not get sick or infected with a virus from free radicals. As a result, antioxidant uses as body protection for cancer cells and maintain overall health.

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9. Prevent Osteoporosis

This is another benefit of calcium which contains in bacon. Thus, calcium is good to maintain and promote bone health and bone strength.Thus, you may now eat bacon and get this benefit. Also, calcium is beneficial for teeth health.


10. Prevent Anemia

Bacon containing selenium which is very beneficial for preventing blood deficiency or anemia. Meanwhile, it may promote red blood circulation and prevent the possibility of anemia. Thus, anemia is disorder causing you feel weak, tired, and sluggish.

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11. Prevent Alzheimer

Every people will be getting older, a variety of health problems would be vulnerable problems arise such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other brain disorders. Consuming foods that contain fat may help the absorption of vitamin D. Vitamin D is to degrade a wide range of problems and disturbances in your brain.and bacon has a fat for help prevents Alzheimer.

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12. Healthy Heart – Fat, especially saturated fat contribute significantly to improving the health of your heart organs.

13. Keep your Vision Healthy – Bacon contains vitamin A which is very good for your eyes.

14. Increase your Appetite – Besides bacon has a good taste for increase your appetite, bacon has a mineral that zinc for help you to control your appetite. and also there is has more benefits from bacon beside our explanation above.

Fun Facts about Eating Bacon

15. Good for the Growth of Children

Bacon has an almost complex vitamin and minerals. Especially, calcium for the children. Although calcium level between bacon and milk is different, but it enough for your children. So, it may be the alternative for your children to consume vitamins and minerals in fun way by bacon.

16. Cure Stress

Stress appear because anything. Meanwhile, a lot of problems can trigger your stress. So, if you want to decrease or cure your stress like doing sports activity every day and eat regularly. Thus, do not forget to get enough rest and don’t mind your problem. Actually, decrease or cure your stress has a much ways and bacon will help you to decrease your stress. Indeed, stress is related to your circulation inside your blood vessels and when your circulation normal, you can not get stress. It is same like stroke, stress usually called the low level of stroke.

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17. Increase your Energy

Bacon has a big protein like common meat, low carbohydrate energy that helps to reset metabolism, making weight loss much easier and is helpful in building muscle tissues that are lean and strong. So, food experts suggest grabbing a piece of bacon before you head out for a workout session or to deal with a particularly long day.


18. Make you Smarter

potassium inside of bacon can expedite the entry of oxygen in large numbers in the bloodstream and tissues surrounding the blood vessels in the head, especially the brain. Brain cells getting better and function with quick response to capture the information conveyed by nerves of the body. Potassium can educate motor and the way of thinking towards a better child.


Skin Beauty Tricks with Bacon

19. Skin Lightening

Benefits of bacon are contained collagen, which is quite high. Collagen inside bacon can be used as a drug and facial skin care. Thus, girls out there would not be worry anymore of eating too much bacon.


20. Anti Acne
Potassium in bacon can control the amount of excess natural oils that the skin surface, regulates the level of water in the skin to stay balanced and to protect the amount of collagen. To avoid yourself from free radicals and improve skin tissue in order to stay healthy and not dry, so that the face to avoid fatigue and prevent the appearance of acne.

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Thus, that’s the health benefits of bacon that you now know. Indeed, you must also eat it in recommended amount.