13 Benefits of Recreational Activities For Mental Health

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Benefits of Recreational Activities For Mental Health will be best solution for you who wants to try avoid stress and depression. Who wants to have a recreation? If asked, I immediately said this is definitely going, and everybody would want. Well, this activity does tend synonymous with fun, sightseeing, and relax with friends or family. But consciously or not, this recreation actually has many benefits for humans. Such benefits can be felt both physically and mentally, but because of the high demands of life make most people forget or do not have time to do leisure activities. Or there is the thought that this is just wasting  time for recreation.

It’s basically like that, because that is embedded in ourselves is the activity of sightseeing and shopping in one place. When in fact it is not always so, and if they require a fee, then this recreation remains to be done because the benefits are so great for everyone. Well, what are the benefits? Please read  this explanation below:

Recreational Activities Benefits For Mental Health

For psychological terms, this recreational activity turned out to play an important role in the emergence of a positive effect on a person. Now when I ask how you feel after doing sports? Certainly an expression that came out happy, joy, passion or motivation, etc. All these psychological factors can make us better prepared to perform any activity.

  1. Teaching Your Child Independence

If you do sports with kids, that will spur children to become an independent person. For example, in the line to the cinema tickets, children are trained to be independent and not to nag their parents. The more frequent recreation, children can see how their parents cope with problems and how to treat human nature. Children will establish self-confidence, self-contained, as well as care for the surrounding environment.

  1. Quality time with family

If you do recreational activities with family, of course, this can help to strengthen relationships between your family. With recreation, there is communication among family members as well as the activities that trigger each other solve problems together. A study that recorded in the Journal Science in 1986, Kaiser analyzes of 390 steel mill employee who took the time available for 13 weeks to return to work with renewed vigor and better enjoy their life as a couple and their children.If you do a lot of recreational activities with your family, then this will enhance your relationship with your family.

  1. Getting Relaxation

Each member of the family must have a daily routine that can cause mental strain. Recreation can be an appropriate means to relaxation process for muscles and nerves. Because when you are available, you will feel happy and release serotonin that can increase your happiness index.

  1. Quality time with friends

In the meantime, if you do recreation with relatives and friends, then you actually improve the quality of relationships with your friends. Every time you chatting with your friends, there is a two-way communication and at certain times you can exchange thoughts and ideas about happiness.

  1. Removing tension and stress

When doing recreational, our eyes see new sights and it is goods because that is could increase the happiness of our hearts. A study conducted in the department of Psychology, University of Tel Aviv, two experts named Mina Westman and Eden tells Dove research results on the 76 employees who found a decrease feelings of anxiety and stress significantly for recreation during leisure. Their sense of fun and happy  will increase labor productivity and the quality of your community.

  1. Cultivate love of neighbor

Recreation is an important factor in cultivating love of neighbor. This is important, since humans are social beings. Each person would need to make friends with others. To obtain friendship with others, there are many paths. But recreation is the best way to build friendship, solidarity and love. That’s where people accept each other, need each other, wanting each other, fostering mutual cooperation and understanding. The important thing is the fact that the recreation facilities are able to develop maturity and social maturity.

  1. Make wonderful memories

From the psychological side, at the time of recreation you will remember the places that had never seen, or rarely see. For example mountainous areas, beaches, hills, or plantations. By diverting the life of the density of the city, we are building together an unforgettable memory of loved ones.

One theory is that something you rarely see will be more qualified in memory, rather than by the things that are typically seen. When we form new memories for recreation with loved ones, we will be thinking of the family, spouse, or our friend and so take care of them.

  1. Cultivate love in the universe

This following benefits only can be done by recreational especially if conducted in the outdoor. For example, in the mountains, beaches, parks and so on. Someone who already feel bored with the routine next life will be resuscitated to feel and enjoy the natural beauty and freshness that has not had time to enjoy. Birdsong is heard, blossom, breeze, water gurgling sera green leaves and so on. All this will give you happiness and satisfaction beyond compare. It will certainly provide awareness and love of the universe, so feel responsible for divine creation.

  1. Educational facilities

Of course, sports is also an educational tool for children and adults. Children who are often invited to recreation will continue to stimulate curiosity and creativity in solving problems. Even with recreation, the children finally see something they had never seen and usually learn in school.

Recreational’s education destination, for example museums, zoos, nature reserves or wildlife sanctuaries. By looking at the animals, they become much more aware and want to know the existence of these creatures. As for adults, we can see a variety of natural beauty and inspiration for our work. By looking at something that we’ve never seen before, we will learn how to innovate.

  1. Fostering the gratitude sense to God

Having a love of neighbor, to ourselves and to the universe will eventually foster a sense of gratitude to God. People who always have gratitude will be easy to solve the problem. He will not complain if they have problems. Recreation resuscitate someone to always be open, and saw a variety of divine creation.

  1. Rewarding experience

In tough economic times, if you have money to spend, then how to maximize your happiness? Do you buy a material object or spent on experience?

Dr Ryan Howell, a professor of psychology at San Francisco State University, examined 154 people who do shopping, either material or experience, and found that the acquisition of experience lead to happiness and greater satisfaction. Dr Howell believes it has a sense of connection with others, is getting closer to friends and family to produce more happiness than just buying material things.

  1. Improve the brain performance and mental

Ever feel like your brain is overloaded? Most likely it occurs in dense urban neighborhoods and certainly often stuck with congestion. Activities such as rafting with wading allows your brain can disconnect from city life and actually improve mental function.

Marc Berman, a psychologist at the University of Michigan and lead author of the new study that measured cognitive deficits caused by the urban environment. Marc says that the brain is a machine that has a limit and “we begin to understand the different ways in which the city can overcome this limitation.” Conversely, being in the natural environment will improve brain performance. It is not surprising that direct contact in nature, such as rafting, can serve as a kind of mental reset button. What it means is that across the river is a great way to help sharpen mental performance and brain.

  1. Overcome ADD/ADHD/Hyperactivity in Children

Many people know ADD/ADHD or hyperactivity as a person with a developmental disorder that causes motor activity of the child is too excessive. Theories about the cause and appropriate treatment of children with this indeed are abundant, but recent evidence has found that giving drugs can actually increase symptoms in almost all cases.

The treatment for this condition is the exposed nature. Data were so convincing that some have suggested that ADD and ADHD are actual “Nature Deficit Disorder”. What is clear is that children diagnosed as having problems with attention will have better performance after the physical activities in nature, such as rafting. In addition, a green environment, can cause interference with this child will be reduced.

Things Should be Prepared Before Recreation

We recommend that you prepare everything needed before leaving in order to allow us and avoid concerns. So, there are things to keep in mind before we go or traveling.

  1. Letter or travel documents. The definition of a letter or a travel document, namely a passport or visa. This is especially for you who are planning to travel abroad.
  2. Finding information. Search and get as much information as possible about the place that will be addressed. We can find about the stay, how the state of the place, where to eat the best, and so forth.
  3. Bring medications. Medication is very important to carry on the way, especially for those who have allergies sick or something. If necessary also, bring a prescription preparation.
  4. Prepare your important contact numbers. Record and store contact numbers family and friends. It is not enough just to keep it on the phone, also noted in the book that we carry. Notify them also to Where shall we go.
  5. Plan entirely correctly. Do not hesitate to consult with the family and ask advice from them about places they’ve visited recreation to help plan our trip.

Well, how no? After knowing about the benefits of recreational activity to metal, is it helpful for you? Or you still in doubt? Everything returned to the individual each person, but to know it certainly should be tried immediately. Then we can judge whether the things we talk about above is indeed proven to be true or just true for most people? thanks you for reading!