35 Health Benefits of Warm Water Shower for Skin and Hair

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Shower is one of the essential daily routines which contains a lot of benefit for human health. Showering is not only about cleaning yourself because during the process not only dirt in your skin that is washed away but also some toxins inside your body and even stress that you think only occur in your head. However, the temperature of the water you use to shower has important role in making sure which benefits you will get for your health, whether it is cold or warm water shower.

Actually, many scientific researches and studies have been conducted just to prove that warm water shower is actually having a lot of benefits to human’s health and the list is probably would never reach an end but below is the list of health benefits warm water shower that will surprise you that activity as simple as having a warm water shower could provide a lot of benefits.


Heat Shock Protein

The direct exposure of warm water to your skin will stimulate the production of HSPs or Heat Shock Protein which is also well known as Heat Stress Protein. This specific protein has a lot of roles in your body, especially related to stress response, this protein will act as protector or chaperone against all kinds of stressful stuffs.

1. Stimulate the Production of HSPs

Without you realize it warm water will provide your body some kinds of light exercises. Once the body is exposed with warm water, the first response is body will suffer the stress. However, since there is no fatal result, the process is only making your body becomes stronger toward any stressful stuffs that may affect the body in the future. The concept is almost similar to vaccine concept.

2. Dealing with Insomnia

There are a lot of causes of insomnia. Some of you may think that when your body is too tired then you will easily fall asleep. Well, it is not always true, the more tired your body the more difficult for you to fall asleep. The only solution that is always available even in the middle of the night is taking a warm water shower.

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3. Increase Body Resistance

Body resistance or immunity system has a significant role in your body. The Heat Shock Protein will be produced when your skin get a contact with warm water and make your body is more resistance.

4. Solution to A Good Night Sleep

It is highly recommended for you to take a warm water shower rightly before you are going to bed. It will stimulate your body cell, muscle as well as your brain to relax. The more relax your body the better sleep quality you will get.


5. Relieve Stress

Sometimes you have a very long day at work and when the time for you to go home, the first thing that crosses your mind must be your bed. Well, why don’t you take some time before going to bed to have a warm water shower. You must be surprise how the warm water is not only able to clean the dirt and sweats from your skin but also remove all stress in your muscles as well as stress produced in your head.

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6. Daily Relaxing Solution

Whenever you feel stress, tired or just a little bit headache, don’t jump to aspirin right away because for a dosage of daily relaxing solution what you need is just some times under a warm water in your shower room.

7. Ease Anxiety

Don’t take anxiety problem for granted because anxiety could lead to much more serious mental problem. That’s why finding a daily solution to deal with anxiety is highly recommended and warm water shower is the easiest and cheapest solution you could find in this matter.


Warm Shower For Women

Every woman must have experience a menstrual cramp and it is not such a pleasant experience. However, taking a warm water shower is able to deal with the cramp like magic.

8. Recommended to Deal with Menstrual Cramp

It is true that warm water shower has ability to reduce the pain from menstrual cramp, from experiences a lot of women may second to this statement. Scientifically, it is due to the ability of warm water that could numb the pain, including the pain caused by the cramp. It is true that it won’t remove the pain but at least it will make the cramp bearable.

For Healthy Skin and Hair

Some people just enjoy taking warm water shower without knowing that simple daily routine actually has a big role in making their skin glowing and their hair growth healthier.

9. Enhance the Healthy Hair

Some people said that the more often you take warm water shower will cause your hair getting dry. Well, it is not really true because the effect your hair will get is quite the opposite. The warm water will rejuvenate the nerve in your scalp that will enhance the glow of your hair so it will look healthier.

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10. Healthier Skin

Healthy skin means clean skin. Cleaning your skin regularly is what your skin is really needed in order to be healthy. Unfortunately, though you have clean your skin regularly but you cannot make sure whether you have clean it thoroughly or not. Warm water will ensure that because it has ability to open your skin pores and clean all the dirt effectively and efficiently.

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11. Prevent Acne

One of the main causes of acne problem is when bacteria occupy the pores for some times. However, sometimes cleaning them up is not as easy as you think because you should open the pores first before removing the bacteria. Well, warm water could do those like magic, open the pores and at the same time clean the bacteria from the pores. Flush the open pores with cold water is recommended in order to prevent the further infection

12. Prevent Premature Aging

The main cause of premature aging is when body cannot remove all the toxins and instead those toxins will disturb the regeneration process of cells. Taking warm water shower regularly will make sure such thing would never happen because its ability to remove the toxins through your pores and prevent any kinds of skin problems including the premature aging.

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13. Natural Hair Growth Booster

What you need for a healthy growth of your hair is healthy scalp. Well, taking a shower with warm water shower will stimulate the natural hair growth. At the same time, warm water will act as natural cleanser to your scalp surface.


14. Natural Pores Cleaners

You don’t need expensive products to clean your skin because regular warm water shower will do the wonder to your skin. Clean pores will lead to healthier skin and warm water is the only ingredient you need to open the pores and then clean it. Though take a cold water shower after that is highly recommended to close the open pores to prevent further infection caused by new bacteria that may reenter the skin pores which are still opened.

For Daily Lifestyle

15. Warming Up Option

Many people don’t know that taking a warm water shower is also one of the options for warming up before exercises. It is because warm water is able to relax the stiff muscles, so you are ready for the exercises. Relaxed muscles will reduce the risk of injury during exercises.

16. Good for Weight Loss

Do you know that one of the important factor to make sure you are always stay in shape is by having a healthy metabolism? Taking regular warm water showers could improve your metabolism system and as the result, your weight loss program will hit the success.


17. Daily Natural Detox Solution

Have you ever wondered why a lot of people are willing to spend a lot of money just to have a sauna session? It is because the sweat will help in removing toxins inside your body through the pores. Well, actually you don’t need to pay extra money for a sauna session because taking shower with warm water daily is enough to stimulate the production of sweat that will assist in removing toxins regularly.

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18. Improve Your Mobility

Mobility is closely related to the quality of your move. Inflammation could cause serious problem to your joint and reduce your mobility. Well, if you have some issues with your joints perhaps taking regular warm water shower is highly recommended to reduce the symptoms and pains and result in the improvement of mobility.

19. Reduce Muscle Cramp

It is very dangerous if you are suffering a muscle cramp during exercises. That’s why you should know how to deal with immediately. Well, warm water shower before exercises is recommended to relax the muscle and if somehow the cramp still occur, take another session of warm water shower is highly recommended to reduce the cramp.

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20. Improve Metabolism

Healthy metabolism is everything for your body and without which a lot of health problem may occur. Warm water shower could maintain the healthy stage and improve your metabolism system.

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21. Remove Stiffness of Muscles

Muscles stiffness could be suffered by anyone caused by a very long day at work or a heavy session of exercises. Well, there is no special thing you could do just taking a warm water shower could help you dealing with the stiffness effectively since the heat will assist in relaxing the stiff muscles.

22. Mini massage Solution

Massage is like a heaven on earth when you could enjoy your body being relax and remove all the stiffness of your muscle. The droplets of warm water shower to your skin is like a mini massage you need to relax your body. Take it regularly is highly recommended as cheap and easy solution to deal with the muscle stiffness.

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Solution of Recovery and Other Health Conditions

23. Help with Arthritis Condition

Do you know that taking a warm water shower regularly, as long as 25 minutes a day could assist in you dealing with the symptom of arthritis? If you don’t know, why don’t you give it a try and prove it yourself. It is because warm water could improve your blood circulation and eliminate the pain.

24. Diminish Coughs

Coughs suffered by many people due to the accumulation of phlegm in the throat. Taking a warm water shower may  not cure the coughs but at least the warm temperature is able to loosen up the phlegm and make the condition bearable or at least you could have a good night sleep without a cough to interfere.

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25. Improve the Blood Flows

Warm water is a very effective solution to improve the blood flows. You must have known that once the flow of your blood is disturbed, some dangerous conditions may occur like hypertension and in worst case is like stroke. Healthy blood circulation is also one of the way to make sure that you have a healthy metabolism.


26. Fighting Migraine

One of the reasons behind a condition like migraine is when your head is not getting enough oxygen which disturbed through blood circulation. Warm water shower could assist you in improving the blood circulation so your head will get enough oxygen required and automatically getting rid of the migraine.

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27. Natural Treatment Against Asthma

You have a problem with asthma? Well, taking regular warm water shower is highly recommended because warm water is able to relieve your respiratory system and make you breathe in better way.

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28. Dealing with Itchy Rashes

Warm water shower may not cure the rashes but at least it could help in numbing the symptoms by reducing the itchy feeling. Once you can deal with the itchy is better for you to directly find the solution to cure the rashes. Take another shower if the itchy feeling is coming back.

29. Decrease Inflammation

Blood flow that is disturbed could cause a condition like inflammation and warm water is effective in making sure the flow of your blood is without disturbance so could decrease the risk of inflammation.

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30.Good for Your Body Circulation

There is no easiest or cheapest way but warm water shower to help you improving your body circulation. Whenever you feel yourself need a relief just take a 20 minutes warm water shower you will able to loosen up from the muscles up to the disturbed blood circulation.

31. Relieve Nasal Passages

Stuffy nose could suffered by anyone and anytime. Though the condition is not dangerous and relatively easy to be treated but sometimes having stuffy nose could be frustrating when you haven’t have a chance to find the best treatment. To assist in relieving the condition, taking a warm water shower is highly recommended because it has been proven to be effective in loosen up the mucus so you could breathe in better way.

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32. Kill Bacteria

One more amazing benefit of warm water shower is it is able to kill bacteria and reduce the risk of yourself from getting ill. It is because bacteria and germ are two micro organism that is hardly to avoid but relatively easy to get rid off just by doing a regular shower.

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33. Accelerating the Healing Process

One of the ways you could take to accelerating the healing process is by taking a warm water shower because warm water could assist in boosting the blood circulation.

34. Increase the Oxytocin Level

What do you know about oxytocin? Well, it is also well known as love hormone. One of the powerful hormone you need to fight all kind of stress and anxiety. Warm water shower could help you providing the hormone whenever you need it.

35. Fighting Cold

The hot steam you get from a warm water shower is exactly what you need to fight cold naturally because it is not only able to loosen up the nasal passage but also act as natural decongestant.

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Side Effect of Warm Water Shower

Finding out more about the side effects that may occur if you are taking warm water shower is highly recommended. Because though generally warm water is good for your health but in certain conditions is better for you to avoid taking warm water shower entirely.  Below is a shorter list why you should a bit careful in taking warm water shower.

1. When the Water Is Too Hot

You have to be careful with the temperature because each heater has its own system. The hot water could be dangerous for your skin and your hair.

2. Open Burn Scar

You need to avoid taking warm water shower if you are currently having an open burn scar because  it is only making the condition worse.

3. Open Pores

It is a common knowledge that taking warm water showers will open the pores. Well, it is okay during the process because you could clean all the dirt and bacteria away from your skin but after that new bacteria will easily entering and infecting the open pores. That’s why after taking a warm water shower is highly recommended for you to rinse yourself with water in colder temperature to close all the open pores.

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Which do you prefer then, warm or cold water shower? Both kinds of shower has their own benefits. However most people claim that they feel much better if they taking warm water shower instead of cold water shower. Especially in four season countries, warm water shower is part of daily routine during winter. Even in tropical countries, people will prefer taking warm water shower especially during cold or rainy day.