19 Health Benefits of Yoga Headstand (No.17 Amazing)

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Yoga HeadstandHealth Benefits of Yoga Headstand already be one of best type of yoga. Yoga is well known as ancient Indian philosophy that has been practiced since thousands year ago. Benefits of yoga already know around the world. It was usually practiced by Hindu people and designed yoga as a spiritual enlightenment effort or as a medication. In modern era like nowadays people regard yoga more as a kind of physical exercise and stress management sport rather than a spiritual medication just like Hindu people did it. There are many different types of yoga and every postures gives benefits to human body.

Yoga is not only a physical exercise, it is also a mind exercise which can make someone feel relax and breath calmly. Many researchs have been conducted to find out the benefits of yoga. Later researchers found that regular practice of yoga may serve many health benefits to the body including increase healthy circulation and fitness. Study also show that yoga practitioner tend to have lower stress level and better breathing rather that those who don’t practice yoga.

Headstand yoga or also known as sirsasana posture is linked to many health benefits. It is one of main yoga posture along with laying, sitting, and standing posture. The main things that must be notice when practicing yoga is the breathing control and right posture. Here are some benefits that can be gained by practicing yoga regularly :

1. Normalize Blood pressure

Headstand posture of yoga or sirsasana can be classified as isometric postition which means it can rely on muscle tension in short period of time. This position can improve blood flow and normalize blood pressure. This is why headstand yoga is great to be practiced by people whi suffer from hypertension.

2. Boost Brain function.

Brain is one of the most important organ in the body which control the function of other organs or glands. Brain is also known as the central of mental and cognitive function of human. Headstand yoga can increase the blood circulation within the brain which resulting in the improvement of cognitive and better brain function. Studies also mentioned that headstand yoga can make you smarter since its increase nutrients and oxygen transport to the brain. The oxygen and nutrients which brought to brain will nourish the brain cell and make sure it can work well.

3. Relieve Headache & Migraine

Health Benefits of Yoga Headstand could remove headache and migraine. Sirsasana or headstand yoga is effective to cure any symptoms of headache as well as migraine. Headache and migraine which used to be suffered by people nowadays can be very annoying. Headstand position in yoga help to increase blood flow that bring oxygen and nutrients to the body by the means it help to calm the tension inside the brain. So if you suffer from migraine or headache just try to practice this type of yoga posture.

4. Maintain healthy glands function:

Brain is the centre of almost all glands in the body which produce many kinds of hormones. Practicing headstand yoga or sirsasana can significantly increases blood flow toward the brain and the nutrients as well as the oxygen will make the brain steady and it will control the endocrine or glands system better.

5. Prevent and treat diabetes

Sirsasana or headstand yoga pose can bring great influences to the body especially to them who suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is well known as a chronic disease which aldo leads high mortality rates in several country especially in America. Sirsasana or headstand yoga posture can increase healthy brain function that control pituitary gland. The malfunction of this glands will causing diabetes since the glands produce diabetonic hormones that increase the risk of diabetes type 2.

6. Treat sexual disorders

Since the sirsasana or headstand posture of yoga can increase the function of brain and glands system, it may bring positive effect to some sexual disorders such as menopouse syndrom, menstrual cramps, prostrate problems, sperm deficience, and other sexual problems The sirsasana or headstand yoga pose can drain out the blood from the linked sexual endocrine glands which resulting in efficiency function of sexual glands.

7. Relieve Anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress are two mental disorder that used to happen to people in modern era. Anxiety and stress can lead to some organ function disturbance and increase the risk of several diseases. Headstand yoga posture or sirsasana may help to increase blood flow into the brain and calm the mind.

8. Maintain normal metabolism

Headstand yoga has positive effect on metabolism by maintaining healthy thyrouid gland function. Malfunction function of this gland will resulted in many disease and metabolic disorder. This is why yoga will surely help you to bring healthy metabolism in your body.

9. Improves vision

Sirsasana yopa can directly improves the eye sight and maintain the sharpness of the eyes. When you doing this headstand yoga posture, the blood supply will move to the sensory organ including eyes and it brings many nutrients also oxygen that is important to the eyes function. Regular yoga headstand exercise can help you to prevent some eyes abnormalities such as cataract, myopia, and astigmatism.

10. Relieve skin problem

If you usually getting some acnes on your face, sirsasana or headstand yoga will prevent you from getting skin problems like acne as well as wrinkle. Headstand yoga can maximize the blood transfer to skin and it can enhance the removal of waste materials from the skin. Headstand yoga will also move the oxygen toward the skin to improve skin complexion especially on the face area.

11. Promotes strong hair

Hair is the crown and hair problems will surely annoying. It can decrease confidence and sometime it also reflect someone health condition. Several health problems may cause hair loss, hair greying and even baldness. Those problems usually caused by poor nourishment which affect the scalp. Sirsasana or yoga headstand transfer direct blood circulation which is rich in oxygen and nutrients to scalp, resulting healthy and strong hair. Even this posture can help to transform grey hair into its normal colour, isnt it amazing?

12. Relieves piles and varicose vein

Piles and varicose vein happen caused by the accumulation of blood within the anus and legs. It can cause severe pain and serious health problem if its not being concerned. Headstand yoga can relieve piles and varicose vein since it break down the blood accumulation and move it to other parts of the body.

13. Strengthen memory

As explained before that headstand yoga can enhance brain function and its ability to control whole body activities. Sirsasana or headstand yoga has also been proven can increase intelegency, memory power,and other mental related functions. Taking regular exercise of headstand yoga can improve rich blood flow to the brain cells. The nutrient and oxygen which brought by the blood will stimulate brain cell rejuvenation that directly increases cognitive and memory.

14. Increase stamina

Headstand yoga or sirsasana is recomended to people who has low stamina and getting tired easily. This posture of yoga can increase blood circulation and muscle activities that may affected to the energy production and nutrients break down. It also effectd the pineal and pituitary glands which play important role in energy metabolism and other body functions.

15. Strengthen immune system

Healthy blood circulation will result in immune system ability to protect the body from pathogen and infection. Headstand yoga posture can increase the blood flow and promotes the immune cells function to fight infection and prevent inflammation in the body as well.

16. Relives cough and cold

By practicing regular headstand yoga, you have trained your lung and it will become more powerful and increase its resistance in any climate and condition. Sirsasana yoga not only enhance lung function but it also can protect the respiratory system from several diseases like cough and flu which caused by microorganisms.

17. Prevent Anemia

Health Benefits of Yoga Headstand also be the best choice for preventing anemia. Sirsasana yoga has been proven by some studies that it can improve the hemoglobin content within the red blood cells. It also show postive marked in promoting red blood cell production as well as preventing anemia.

18. Improves Healthy Digestion

Sirsasana or headstand yoga can improve blood circulation and give a massage to the digestive muscle tract which aids in speed up digestion process.

19. Improves body posture and flexibility

If you having problem with your posture and wanna try to repair it, just try to take regular sirsasana or headstand posture. It can repair your abnormal body posture and also increase muscle flexibility. This is the reason why yoga practitioners have great body posture and flexibility.

Tips to Do Yoga Headstand

Those are the benefits of headstand yoga posture. Make sure you are in great condition to do this pose and it is better if you do this at yoga class under the control of yoga trainer to avoid injury. Learn some tips below to practice the headstand yoga safely :

  • During yoga class wear only comfortable clothes and use a blanket or mat under your body where you perform your yoga pose.
  • Practice yoga headstand at least three or four hours after your last meal.
  • Make sure you have yoga trainer and always tell him or her if yuu have any problem or difficulities when practicing yoga. You must also inform your yoga trainer if you are pregnant or having several injury after accident or surgery, having hypertension, cardiovascular problem or if you have problem with your bone.
  • Avoid making noise or talking during yoga class
  • Consult your doctor first before you wanna start yoga exercise and if you are over 40 years age better limit your yoga practice since it may cause several problem especially back pain.

Yoga is suitable for anyone and it has many benefits to your body. This headstand posture maybe just can be performed by some people but if you have ability to do it, don’t be hesitated to try.

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