19 Health Benefits of Playing Golf (No.3 Impressive)

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Golf is considered as an elite sport because the stick costs us millions. Let alone becoming a member of the golf club. Both make us pay such an expensive rate. However, golf gives us numerous benefits. There are 9 health Benefits of playing golf for your health, you must consider that this exercise is useful for young to elder.

1. Facilitating Blood Flow.

Golf can facilitate the blood flow to run smoothly because during the games, we must walk from one hole to another hole. Walking for 18 holes is the same as 3-4 miles walking. It can make our blood flows smoothly. It, of course, improves the function of our heart. As a result, we will produce sweat. It will bring such a positive impact after practicing.

Even though buggy (vehicle in the golf area for golfers) is provided, golfers are suggested to walk from one spot to another spot to gain most benefits of playing golf. Golfers who play for three or four times a week experience sufficient practice for their fitness. Walking is not the only benefit activity since swinging the golf stick also help their body to increase its fitness and flexibility.

2. Increasing Our Heart Muscles. 

This sport gives absolute benefit for the strength of our heart. It is proven that people who practice this sport will not suffer from chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure. This is because our heart is triggered to pump normally. Heart disease patients use golf as part of their therapy.

3. Reducing Stress.

Health Benefits of Playing Golf for reducing stress level is very impressive. Playing golf is proven can reduce our stress because it is applied in an open space. Moreover, it is not categorized as a heavy sport. Golf is a friendly sport for our body. As we know that unlike other sports, golf does not have many rules. It is different from football, basketball, or volleyball. Besides, we do not have to worry either we are going to win or to lose. The happy feeling during playing and the fresh air in the golf area make golfer feel peace and comfort. It is an effective stress therapy.

4. Relaxing Our Mind.

Golf can make us relax since it has only one goal, which is shooting the ball to the destined area. All we need is focusing our mind to only one thing. Hit the ball with the stick. Simple! In that way, automatically our mind will go only for that ball.

5. Improving Our Concentration.

Golf is a sport that requires concentration. Less concentration will lead to imperfect performance. Golfers need to focus to hit the ball and swing the stick to reach the destined hole. Therefore, golf helps golfers to concentrate and focus to the game.

6. Socializing.

Even though golf is a competitive sport, the competition tends to be a friendly competition. Therefore, the expectation to win the game is not as high as the others sport. Golf gives rooms to among golfers to talk and to discuss while they are walking from one hole to another hole about certain issue or about the next hit. No wonder that certain people, usually businessmen, use golf to build partnership with others. They will talk and discuss about their business deal so that they can be close to one another.

7. Entertaining.

Golf is also considered as an entertaining sport. We can entertain ourselves during playing. Either we are a newbie or professional golfer, playing golf brings us such fun as if we are doing a recreation and play a game.  Sometimes we do not have to think to win the game if we consider our opponent as a friend.

8. Treating Our Patience. 

Golfer are indeed combating themselves. They learn how to manage their own weakness. Besides, they should have had the ability to read and understand “the field.” Their patience is being tested during the game.

9. Comprehending Life. 

Golf makes us as if we learn how to manage our life and ourselves. We learn how to take a risk, count the steps, and decide when to move forward and when we have to stay aside for a while.

Golf is not only for adolescent or adult. It is also suitable for children as it shares the same benefits as it  is for adults. Golf can make children focus on their aim, solve self-conflict, develop themselves and the most important thing is they can have fun.

10 Benefits of Playing Golf to Children.

1. Improving Responsibility. 

The hitted ball often does not land in the targeted area. This make them to responsible to their hit and do not blame anyone because they missed the hit.

2. Parents Monitor. 

Golf course  is a safe place for children to learn golf. In that place, they can develop their relationship with their parents who also becomes a mentor for them to play golf.

3. Managing Emotion. 

Children learn how to manage their emotion as if they are facing the real life. Life has its ups and downs rhythm. It is the same as golf. Every golfer has ups and downs playing rhythm. Therefore, golf is good for  managing children emotion. Their target to reach birdie until bogeys and make their vision stay focus are the challenge for children to manage their emotion.

4. Appreciating Differences. 

Golf is a sport that confront people for various background, such as age, sex, ethnic, physical trait and the level of golf performance. They all unite in one place. This will make children appreciate the differences based on their own opinion, not others.

5. Preparing Their Ability to Do Business. 

Golf is a sport that is good for children to prepare their ability to do business or involve other professional profession.

6. Learn how to Be Sportive. 

Children need to learn the sportive playing ethics that is applied in golf.  Because there is no referee, golfers have to manage themselves to treat their opponents in a sportive way during the game.

7. Spending Their Time with Family. 

Golf supports children to family togetherness because in the golf field they can be closer to their parents and siblings and share stories together.

8. Improving Their Health. 

When they play golf, children spent their time walking among golf fields, bringing their back with them. People with  150 pound burn 350 calorie and walk more than  10000 steps.

9. Enjoying nature. 

Children who play golf have several hours to spend in nature. It is good for their emotion and respiratory system since they are free from polluted air.

10. Developing Themselves and Enlarging Friendship. 

When we play golf,we do not know who our opponent is. In this case, children will learn how to build relationship and develop their socializing ability.

In order to have absolute benefits of playing golf, we must know the way how to prevent injuries during playing. It is indeed does not require a lot of physical effort. Yet, incorrect technique to hit the ball can somehow cause injuries.

Here are several tips to avoid injuries:

  • Before playing, warming up and stretching in the particular areas of our body, such as back, shoulders, and arms are required.
  • Wear good equipment, such as shoes, socks, gloves and clothing.
  • We should drink water before, during and after the game to prevent us from dehydration.
  • Make sure that we understand the golf playing etiquette. For example, before we swing the stick, check that no one is standing nearby.
  • When we have to move to different hole, we should lift and carry golf equipment safely. If it is necessary, we can use a buggy.
  • It is suggested to play golf in the early  morning or twilight because we play in an open space where sun rays exposures is quite strong.
  • We must stop playing immediately when an injury happens.
  • We must get first aid help promptly from the golf club management for any type of injuries, even though it is for trivial one.

Golf is indeed worth trying since it offers fitness and relaxation in one package. Moreover, it is sort of low-impact sport that make us healthy both physically and psychologically.