34 Health Benefits of Playing Tennis for Children and Elderly

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Is it true which play tennis can make ourlive become longer? Yes It is true. Babete M Pluim, J Bart Stall, Bonita L Marks, Stuart Miller and Dave Milley, the scientist from different background and countries built a research have purpose was to explore the role of tennis in the promotion of health and prevetion disease. It is focused the disease which have related with  life style. The disease there are hyperlipidaemia, hypertension, diabetes mellitus. Also Cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, morbidity and mortality. And the result, It can cut the risk of them. So Clear, That Tennis can make our live longer.


Meanwhile, is tennis the best sport that have  more benefits rather than other sports? Yes, It is too. People who plays tennis at least three hours per week may cut their risk of diseases in half from any cause and it can burn more calories. Also, the calorie burns by playing tennis is more that it does by than aerobic, inline scatting or cycling. They said that play tennis is more effective sports which have maximum health benefits for body players. Meanwhile, here are the benefits of playing tennis that you need to know.

Fun and Healthy Exercise for Kids

So, everyone can play tennis and it’s fun. Whether athlete, elderly, or children can enjoy tennis. For Children, tennis also have good health benefits.

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1. Stimulating Kids Muscle Movement

However, only run and strike the ball, There is not mean play tennis do not need much of power. The tennis raquet is heavy. It is need more stamina than play badminton. Beside that, the ball can bounce so far. So the player must run to strike the ball. It is suitable to exercise the kids muscles movement to more elastic.

2. Exercising Kids to More Active

To strike the ball kids player must move to left, right, turn back and forward with fast. It is can stimulate the muscle movement. The kids bones follow the muscle movement. And it make the kids movement becomes to be faster.

3. Shaping the Kids Body

Do you know how the body shape of Maria Sarapova or other famous tennis athlete. All of them have very good body shape. They are ideal slim or muscular. And also healthy. Their movement when had played, can burn the fats or calories. And it is also improve the metabolism process so can shape the kids muscles.

4. Improve Human Brain

According Dr. Joan Finn Southern Connecticut State University. Since tennis requires alertness and tactical thinking, it may generate new connections between nerves in the brain and promote a lifetime of continuing development of the brain, reported scientists at the University of Illinois.

Physical Treatments by Playing Tennis

5. Decrease the Risk of Mortality – Tennis can decreased the risk of mortality because all disease caused of bad life style majority people died because of it.

6. Cut the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease – Tennis can cut the risk cardiovascular disease because player do respiration fitness.

7. Cut the Risk Diabetes Mellitus – By playing tennis, the fats of body can decreased so the risk of diabetes mellitus can cut. Indeed, it’s so good for people with diabetic to stay fit and healthy.

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8. Decrease the risk of Osteoporosis – Young players can improve and maintain their bone health by playing tennis. Thus, playing tennis may straightening bones density. As a result, it prevents the risk of osteoporosis in long term.

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9. Improve Agility – Agility can get from tennis because tennis player forces to chance the direction in the short time. Also, tennis is all using physical movement.

10. Cross Training – if we exercised being a expert tennis, we also being expert other sports. Because the physically exercised same as other sports.

11. Dynamic Balance – Dynamic balance can be exercise by doing stops, starts, changes the direction from side to side or back to up and on the contrary to hitting the run.

12. Gross Motor Control – From the court movement and ball striking can exercised our body to control the large group of muscles. Because many muscles which move. It can exercise the control of gross motor. Also, by doing touch shoot, drop shoot and lobs can exercised for player control of fine motor

13. Nutritional Habits – It can provide by eating properly with good nutritious food before competition to add more energy production. And after competition to recovery the energy.

14. Improve Coordination – Playing tennis using eye-hand coordination. Indeed, you train to see and hit accurately by hand the ball when come from opponent. And it must do consistently. It said also by Pawel Wawrzyniak, the physical therapy at James Benson Sports Rehabilitation center and Tisch Sports Performance center at Hospital for special surgery.

15. Improve Physical Speed and Strength – By doing a lot of starts and stops can make the leg muscles more stronger. Indeed, that’s how you exercise muscle strength. Also, playing tennis may turn on your speed. By turn to right and left, also up and back sprints to pursue the ball. Then, exercising powerful in first step. By anticipation, quick reaction and always ready to do reaction. Thus, learning ability to accelerate, by jumping, sprinting and lunging to move more quickly. As a result, you have to move the position which ball is come and prepare the upper body to striking the ball accurately. And it is exercising a General Body Coordination.

16. Immune System – By playing tennis, you will be a healthy person. Thus, your burn calories, move, and have a great exercise for your body. As a result, it can promote the number of immune system because increase the body resistant from disease.


17. Flexibility – It can get by constant stretching and maneuvering the tennis ball to the opponents. Also. playing tennis which in outdoor place, learning for us to adjust with environtments like sun and win. We must have a lot of stamina.

Psychological Effects by Playing Tennis

According to Dr. Jim Gavin, author of the book, The Exercise Habit, tennis can be influence with positive personality characteristic. Like other sports like golf, inline skating and most other sports in developing. Tennis can upgrade of in vigor, optimism and self-esteem and lower score in depression, anger, confusion, anxiety and tension than other.

Beside physical, psychological positive effects can also gotten by play tennis. Meanwhile, you may want to check out the psychological effect by playing tennis. 

18. Improvement the lesson and practice can improve the value of hard work. So it can increase the work ethics.

19. Tennis can develop the disciplines. Like other sports, tennis also can build discipline characters by follow the rules of play.

20. Tennis can teach the player to manage the mistakes. Meanwhile, it’s beneficial for lives.


21. Get ability by compete and fighting one and one in competition. It is for being face up with competitive world.

22. If we challenge, We can learn to accept the responsibility. Because in challenge there are responsibility for player to win. If we want to win, we must good prepares.

23. We learn to accept adversity. The opponents the form any place and background which maybe different with us. Learning us to accept others which same or different with us.

24. When play tennis, our emotional, physical, and mental will be under pressure. It exercised to manage stress more effectively


25. Adapting to accept stress feelings and recover again also can get with tennis. It is same which did in life. Life is circle of stress and recovery again after stress.

26. In tennis we naturally learn to make a prediction the opponent move and plan what we must do to counter it. It mean tennis learn us to plan and implement the strategies.

27. Tennis is sport which based on physical, geometric and angels. It is learn us to solve the problem which we meet in life

28. Learn to re-control our rhythm after interlude to serving or start again.


29. Tennis teach you to fight fairly to the opponent and it can build the players as the sportsmanship

30. Feeling slow down when win and accept when loose teachs us play tennis. And it can also implement in life.

31.When we play double, it can learn us about team work. We can not being a winner if we have not a good communication with our partner and playing coherence one another. Much less, there are never communication, the competition is absolutely the opponents mine.

32. Interaction before and after match can develop the social skills.


33. Meanwhile,  playing tennis is so fun because sport is including the healthy feelings like happy and enjoyment.

34. Indeed, one of many ways to live longer is by playing sports. Also, doing regular exercise like playing tennis and eating healthy food is best way to live longer.

So, it is very important to us to start play tennis. Meanwhile, tennis have many important health benefits to us. The benefits not only physical but also psychological, beauty and emotional. Tennis is suitable for any age, sex, and activity. American Heart Association (AHA) and American Sport Science and Medicine (ASSM) ifs also recommended it. The purpose for keep your heart.

Playing Tennis has few option. You can choose single, double between male and male or female and female, or mix double between male and female. And from the expert suggest for kids, young and adult choose singe because the muscle and bones is still strong. Different with old people. The stamina of old people is not enough and too heavy if play individual or single.

Tennis is claimed that the best sport better than any sports. Because it can make.your life longer. Which has written below. Tennis is a racket sport which better than badminton because the power needed is much more. the movement is more too. So this is make more benefits to our body health.

Now everyone can play tennis. Not only the rich people. There are many tennis yard built. however in small city. The tennis racket price is right not cheep enough. But thinking the benefits that we will get. It is same as the price which we pay.

Ian Glam, Scientist from Australia who including Exercise and Sports Science Australia suggest only 150 minutes of play per weeks. And you will get all benefits that we had discussed together bellow. Now, lets take your racket and start to play tennis. So we will be healthy together.