20 Super Health Benefits of Fitness – Physical – Mental – Social Exercises

If you’re a young person and you still don’t do any physical activity, well it is such a big disappointment. By doing physical activities, for example fitness, then you will get a lot of advantages for your health. Aside from that, you will be less likely to have chronic diseases in the later stages of […]

30 Benefits of NoFap Challenge (No.21 Shocking You)

What is NoFap? Even before you know the meaning of NoFap the sound of the term is already unfamiliar to most people. NoFap is initially well known through a website that promotes A NoFap Challenge. ‘Fap’ itself is just an onomatopoeia which refers to the sound of masturbating. So, NoFap means No Masturbating. One important […]

13 Benefits of Recreational Activities For Mental Health

Benefits of Recreational Activities For Mental Health will be best solution for you who wants to try avoid stress and depression. Who wants to have a recreation? If asked, I immediately said this is definitely going, and everybody would want. Well, this activity does tend synonymous with fun, sightseeing, and relax with friends or family. […]

23 Health Benefits of 1 Hour Walking Every Day

People often take the benefits of one hour walking for granted, especially in this modern era, because nowadays many vehicles available. Practicing one hour walking constantly is good for making us fit. Walking is the simplest form of sport. We can practice it in our daily basis, such as walking to school or office. The […]

17 Health Benefits of Hiking (#Scientific Verified)

Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activity and it is a fascinating yet challenging sport. Hiking is considered as aerobic activity that has many benefits to health. People has started to do hiking since long ago. They love to do it as a nature pleasure traveling. While hiking you should pay attention to […]

11 Health Benefits of Optimism (No.9 You Need)

Numerous and massive burden of life make people frustrated. Some people feel frustrated because of their workload burden, some feel frustrated because of natural disaster or the death of their relatives. Those incidents make them frustrated and pessimistic. Only a few people can avoid the burden in their life and think optimistically. Here are some […]

12 Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits (No.3 Shocking You)

Himalayan salt lamp is chunks of salt crystal taken from the Himalayan Mountains, and in it were given a bulb to be exposed to heat energy, so that the salt crystals are able to spread negative ions into the surrounding air. Himalayan salt lamps have a function as natural air purifier that can kill bacteria, […]

15 Health Benefits of Playing Guitar (#Research Base)

Keeping the body healthy either mentally or physically is really important. Consuming the healthy food mostly is contributing in physical health and even mental health. Food is not the only one which can improve and enrich physical and mental health. There are some methods in which they are proved and used to stimulate the mental […]

9 Benefits of Dry Brushing (No.4 Amazing)

Dry brushing may sound strange for most of people, except those who concern with health care on traditional touch or have much knowledge on it. As the name implies, you may likely be able to imagine that dry brushing is brushing activity conducted in the condition of drought or without water. When this idea comes […]

Benefits of Zero Drop Shoes (# You Must Try)

Zero drop shoes style is relatively a new trend in shoes industry. It began to become a common talk following the popularity of barefoot running done by some people to do exercise and keep the health at one time. Needless to say, the zero drop shoes is intentionally created to support the barefoot running style […]