10 Surprising Benefits of Furoshiki Shoes – A Comfy and Healthy Footwear

Shoes is one of most important items in today’s society. As a footwear, its main use is to cover the feet, so dirt will not attached to them. There are people who wear shoes for formal events, hanging out, or playing sports. Because there are many purposes in wearing shoes, shoemaker create different type of […]

Proven Health Benefits of Dansko Shoes – Foot Health

Shoes dansko, for those who follow the fashion trend must be familiar with these types of shoes. This type of shoe is a good choice if you are in a warm environment. The product of this shoe ensures the sole of this shoe has been compacted. This works to be shock resistant and can provide protection […]

Health Benefits of Not Wearing Shoes in The House – Scientist Discover

One’s health is determined by the person’s habits. If the person is running a good activity it will create health for his body. It is difficult to change someone’s habits but this condition should be done if the habit is bad for his health. One example of good health habits is to get used to […]

Health Benefits of Wearing Birkenstock Shoes – Care Your Feet

Everyone needs a way to take care of the body to stay healthy so that daily activities are not disturbed. One way to keep your body healthy is to change your bad habits. Most people, especially women always use shoes with a narrow base and high or high-heeled shoes. This habit will damage the structure […]

Benefits of Zero Drop Shoes (# You Must Try)

Zero drop shoes style is relatively a new trend in shoes industry. It began to become a common talk following the popularity of barefoot running done by some people to do exercise and keep the health at one time. Needless to say, the zero drop shoes is intentionally created to support the barefoot running style […]