30 Super Health benefits of Naps #Daily Basis & Tips

Napping is probably a piece of God’s secret that is shared to the humble earth people. Thus, there’s so much benefits you could get from 20 – 30 minutes napping a day for your health as well as for your life. What you usually do in that afternoon /short time? Daydreaming? Snacking unhealthy foods just […]

35 Health Benefits of Listening to Music : Mental, Children, & Pregnancy

Music has healing ability is not only an assumption or common opinion but it has been backed up by a lot of researches scientifically. Classic music has been proven to be effective and recommended for pregnant women to help them relaxing as well as assisting the development of fetal’s development. It is only one of […]

10 Horrible Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Teenage Brain

Sleep is an important activity that vital to keep body function. During sleep the body will rejuvenate the neurons and other. Sleep also restore the energy and give back the stamina. It also detoxify brain and control thermoregulation function inside the brain. Sleep so important for the body so scientist recommend us to take approximately […]

12 Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits (No.3 Shocking You)

Himalayan salt lamp is chunks of salt crystal taken from the Himalayan Mountains, and in it were given a bulb to be exposed to heat energy, so that the salt crystals are able to spread negative ions into the surrounding air. Himalayan salt lamps have a function as natural air purifier that can kill bacteria, […]

16 Health Benefits of Going Barefoot (No.7 is Insane)

Going barefoot have been recently done by many people to improve their health. It is trusted to return the balance of the body and increase the overall body health. Here are the explanations of the health benefits of going barefoot: Avoid the flat foot. When you have a flat foot, it will make your foot […]

15 Health Benefits of Playing Guitar (#Research Base)

Keeping the body healthy either mentally or physically is really important. Consuming the healthy food mostly is contributing in physical health and even mental health. Food is not the only one which can improve and enrich physical and mental health. There are some methods in which they are proved and used to stimulate the mental […]

14 Insane Health Benefits of Kissing on Lips (#Shocking)

Many people expressing their love with kisses the partner’s lips. The fact is, a kiss on lips can deepen the ties between the two lover who are romantic couple. Not only good for the continuity of the relationship, the benefits of lips kissing also could have an impact on your health a favor. Sheril Kirshenbaum, […]

12 Proven Ice Bath Benefits (# Research Base)

Soaking ice is one of the simplest ways to help the recovery process after a long running sessions. Benefits and explanation behind the cold-water immersion is the result of research from the Cochrane Collaboration, a nonprofit organization composed of scientists and physicians who support treatment with scientific evidence. In 2012, the Cochrane Collaboration published the […]

13 Super Health Benefits of Blood Donation Regularly

Do you know that the donating blood regularly (blood transfusion) proved has beneficial? Not only to recipient, but the donors also get many benefits. Donating Blood useful for  their both health, including reduced cancer risk and hemochromatosis. Therefore, many people who are always do donating blood regularly for the sake of helping people, also getting […]

47 Proven Benefits of Laughter (No. 2 & 4 Via Observation)

Laughter is an expression of joy or happiness.  It is the form of physical reaction as a response of a sanguine external or internal impetus. As we laugh, we change physiologically. Our face muscles stretches, our pulse and blood pressure soar. As we breathe faster, more oxygen comes to our muscles. It is famously said […]