25 Health Benefits of Indonesian Cinnamon (#1 Top Alternative Medicine)

Cinnamon is an aromatic spice which has been used widely as medicinal purpose and for seasoning for many dishes. This spice has a unique characteristic with its dark brown or red brown color. Another fact, cinnamon has many different varieties and the most popular varieties are Ceylon and Cassia. Indonesian cinnamon or Korintje cinnamon is […]

18 Best Benefits of Yoga for Weight Loss (#It Works for Healthy Diet!)

Who doesn’t know about yoga? Yoga is considered as one of the most famous exercises nowadays because it offers a lot of benefits not just for your body, but for your mind too. In the matter of fact, many people are considering yoga as their lifestyle right now. So, yoga is an ancient Indian exercise […]

20 Best Health Benefits of Turmeric for Dogs (#1 Top Dogs Healthy Herbs and Food)

Do you know that a simple little spice called turmeric would make a huge difference on your dog’s health and even their lifespan? Yes, it is true that turmeric, whenever you’re applying it to your dog, would bring a lot of benefits to them. So, Turmeric, also known as Curcuma longa L is an herbal […]

30 Top Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit – Beauty – Weight Loss – Body Treatments

Dragon fruit is a unique fruit which originated from South America. It has an oval or elliptical shape and also has a unique outer skin, because you will find a lot of spikes around it. That fact is not a surprise since this fruit belongs to Cactaceae family. So, dragon fruit comes from a plant that […]

20 Scientific Health Benefits of Japanese Green Tea (Top #1 Antioxidant Source)

Who doesn’t know about green tea? Yes, green tea is one of the most healthiest beverages that you could consume in the world right now. Green tea has a lot of varieties, depends on where this herbal tea is produced. Although green tea is originated from China and it is largely produced there, but Japan […]

17 Benefits of Good Health – Lifestyle – Mental Well-Being – Safety Standard

A wise man once said that being healthy is one the greatest gift that you will ever get in your life. That statement is completely true. This is because with a good health condition, then basically you can make the full use of your life compared to those who live with various health issues. But, […]

20 Top Benefits of Yoga for Students – Physical – Mental Health

Yoga is considered as the ancient tradition that deals with your postures, meditation, breathing techniques, and ethical principles. Nowadays, yoga becomes very popular among adults and teenager because it will bring you a lot of health benefits. In the matter of fact, certain people have already concluded that yoga is becoming a part of their […]

15 Social Benefits of Exercise for Youth and Elderly (#Research Base)

There is no surprise that exercise would bring a lot of health benefits for your body. Everybody already knows about that fact. Doing exercises on a regular basis would boost your energy, control the body weight, prevent you from many diseases, and alleviate all of the symptoms of depression. But, what if we told you […]

18 Mental Benefits of Exercise for Youth and Elderly (#No.8 is Fact)

There is no doubt that doing various exercises would be very good to improve the overall health of your body. Exercise would be beneficial to control your body weight, prevent you from many diseases, gain some muscles, and many more. But, it turns out that exercise is more than gain some muscles and control your […]

20 Super Health Benefits of Fitness – Physical – Mental – Social Exercises

If you’re a young person and you still don’t do any physical activity, well it is such a big disappointment. By doing physical activities, for example fitness, then you will get a lot of advantages for your health. Aside from that, you will be less likely to have chronic diseases in the later stages of […]