11 Health Benefits of Optimism (No.9 You Need)

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Numerous and massive burden of life make people frustrated. Some people feel frustrated because of their workload burden, some feel frustrated because of natural disaster or the death of their relatives. Those incidents make them frustrated and pessimistic. Only a few people can avoid the burden in their life and think optimistically. Here are some health benefits of optimism :

1. Reducing the Risk of Heart Attack.

Based on the newest research on 17 April 2012 in Psychology Bulletin Journal, an optimist has a less risk of having a heart attack. The feeling and the spirit of optimism bring good impact for our heart. On the contrary, the negative feeling such as anger, worry, depression, hatred bring negative impact for our heart. The risk of a heart attack for an optimist reduces for 50%.

Moreover, the researchers say that people with positive emotion both mentally and emotionally have a healthy life style, healthy food, and sufficient sleeping time.

2. Happier and Reducing Stress.

An optimist will feel happier in their life and have a low level of stress. They always see everything from their positive side. Thus, their worry effect and stress will automatically reduce. Based on the study done by Harvard University, an optimist in his 25 years old will be healthier when he is 45 years old and 60 years old than a pessimist.

3. Eager to Meet the Challenge.

An optimist will be more confident and dare to meet every chance. They won’t give up easily. If they have not yet succeed, an optimist see negative things become the challenge. On the contrary, a pessimist will trap in their negative feelings which eventually lead them to depression and stress.

4. Healthier.

An optimist will not experience stress as much and as often as a pessimist. The low level of stress hormone in his body can strengthen our immunity system. As a result, he will become healthier. Based on the research in USA to 100 thousand of women show that the death risk of an optimist because of dangerous disease reduces for 14%.

5. More Successful and More Achievement.

An optimist will reach more achievements than a pessimist either it is at school, office, and career. An optimist always have a strong spirit to move forward and always see difficulty as a challenge. An optimist has a strong confidence to do good things in every area. He sees things from a positive point of view. In a team work, an optimist also plays his important role because he can work together with others and show better achievement than a pessimist.

6. Optimism Heals.

Being optimistic does not only prevent the risk of heart disease and another infection disease but also heals them. In a study that is done in depression patients found that positive thought therapy that is done for 12 weeks is more beneficial and effective to heal the patients than chemical drug. Meanwhile, another research in Cancer Center in Australia found that breast cancer patients who are optimistic have bigger chance to heal than those who are pessimistic.

7. Change into Better Things.

Optimism becomes the main factor of  one’s success. Being an optimist gives us more rooms to do better things than being a pessimist. An optimist does not think much about the problems they are facing. Instead, they work hard to solve the problems quickly because they have such a large scope of socialization. Meanwhile, an optimist always believes that things are going to be better soon. What we need is a high self confidence and try to change things into a better thing.

8. The Best Medicine.

An optimist knows that difficult times and good times do not last forever. They are ready to face the challenge. An optimist believes that their optimism will help him to get through his life and stop worrying about the past and the future.

9. Longer Life.

Based on the research, optimism and thinking positively can increase the immune system of the youth. The harmony of our soul is a good defense against negative things and diseases. Moreover, optimism is the best way to solve stress. The constant worry and stress are dangerous for our body and mind. This will help us live longer and we can enjoy every moment in our life. If we want to increase the quality of our live, we should be an optimist.

10. The Power of Positive Mind. 

An optimist feels that thinking positively will help him a lot in gaining his purpose. This also helps him in maintaining his positive emotion. Thinking positively influences his sense and helps him to think more focus. Consequently, he will always find positive things of everything. He will learn of how to make his surroundings useful. If he makes himself sure that he can get what he wants or do what he wants to do, then he will make it come through.

11. The Key of Our Success.

An optimist is someone who does an action than wait for the miracle to come. People who make small steps have more chances to reach their goal. They realize that keep on their sadness over failure will not bring something good. A constant movement along with a positive thought will open the success door. An optimist always sees obstacles as a challenge. This strategy focuses on a positive result.

If we often think negatively about something or someone, it does not mean that we do not think positively. We can change negative thought into a positive thought. It is not difficult to do but we do need time and practice to make it happen.

8 Tips to have Positive Thoughts and to Act Positively: 

  • Focus on Ourselves. When we think that we cannot enjoy something bad or you might fail in finishing certain task, put that though away soon. Focus on the positive things we will bring. Do repeated examination. If we have more negative thoughts than the positive one, we should transform the negative thought into a positive thought.
  • Practice Healthy Life Style. Doing sport three times a day can change our mood and reduce our stress. Our eating habit also influences our body and mind.
  • Enjoy Our Work. We should enjoy our work no matter how hard they are. We should find the finest aspects about our work that make us happy.
  • Find Positive Friends. We should make a friend with people who bring us good and positive influence. They are optimist and always susupport us by giving good advice. If we are surrounded by pessimists, your stress level will elevate and we cannot manage our stress well.
  • Accept the Reality. Even though it is hard, we should be able to accept the reality. We should be able to face the situation that we can control.
  • Have a Sense of Humor. Try to smile and laugh, especially when we face such a difficult times. We should find things that can invite our laughter. The sense of humor will help us in having positive thought, emotion and action.
  • Note Good Things. Everyday, we should note three good events in our life.
  • Simple Rules.  We should not say somethings that we do not want to say to others.  Many people force themselves to wake up and go to work early in the morning. But it does not work for optimists. They feel happy and ready to face the pile of work at the office.

From now on, we should throw away the negative thoughts in our life. We should get used to the positive feelings, such as being optimistic, thankful, and happy feeling in facing our life. Doing so, we will no longer see that the burden is a burden for us. Instead, we will see it as a challenge of our live.