30 Benefits of NoFap Challenge (No.21 Shocking You)

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What is NoFap? Even before you know the meaning of NoFap the sound of the term is already unfamiliar to most people. NoFap is initially well known through a website that promotes A NoFap Challenge. ‘Fap’ itself is just an onomatopoeia which refers to the sound of masturbating. So, NoFap means No Masturbating. One important to note, NoFap is not the same with being abstinent but much more about avoiding PMO or Porn, Masturbation to Orgasm.

Some people believe and even some researches have proven that non-release could be bad, especially for men, because it will increase the risk of prostate cancer. However, it doesn’t mean that you should depend on the self-release. Besides self-release is closely related to PMO which contains more harmful effects than the benefits. To prove that, below is the list of benefits of NoFap compared to the harmful PMO:

Why PMO is harmful?

Before we jump to the benefits of NoFap, finding out more why PMO is harmful is important. It will give you certain perspective though PMO is considered to be part of someone’s privacy and it is not anyone’s business but still it not without side effect.

Do you familiar with a certain hormone called dopamine? Yes, it is in our body and it is fun chemical which is good because this type of hormone will make you feel exciting, feel like you’re in a rush and etc. However, this kind of hormone could be stimulated naturally as well as unnaturally. Natural stimulation is like normal sex pleasure or when you win something big while unnatural stimulation is like drugs, gambling and watching porn. The worst case is it could lead to addiction. Once you are addicted to drugs, gambling and porn that’s where the problem is started. That’s why instead of doing it why don’t you avoid it because the list of benefits below is what you will get if you are quitting PMO:

Benefits of NoFap         

Below is the list of 30 benefits you will get by committing to NoFap challenge. However, you should know that not all of those benefits will be achieved instantly. There is no such thing in the world that could be achieved instantly expect in porn movie. That’s one more reason you should keep in mind that whatever your so called ‘favorite movie’ offer is not realistic. Besides, reading about these 30 benefits probably will give you some motivations that those things could happen to you too.

  1. Improve Confidence

Being confidence means you are comfortable with yourself. You will be able to approach the opposite sex comfortably because you know that you don’t have something to hide like piles of ‘secret’ DVDs under your bed. Just being realistic in this matter, if you are not comfortable with yourself you cannot expect the same thing from other people. So, start it from yourself.

  1. Have Better Social Life

Quitting PMO may take times but it is not impossible. Just do it you will find that rather than living in misery all alone in your room, you will start thinking that getting out and socializing looks more tempting. Progressively your social life will getting better and better as well as your social skills.

  1. Reduce Sexual Anxiety

One of the reasons why people prefer virtual sex instead of the actual sex is because they are not comfortable enough with themselves. They think that they don’t deserve a hot girl because there’s ‘something wrong’ with them. Well, quitting PMO will give you some new perspectives about yourself that you are always more than what you think.

  1. Increase Motivation

It is actually closely related to expectation. In porn movie everything seems so easy. However in real life approaching someone you like is not that easy. You will learn about what motivation is and make activity as simple as flirting to a beautiful girl a challenge that you should accomplish. It will be so much fun to do especially when you are actually making it. This time the production of dopamine in your head is stimulated by something real.

  1. Be More Respectable

Believe it or not but it is possible for you to feel like be more respectable in people’s opinion. Why? It is closely related to your improved confidence. Besides that the increased level of T hormone in your body also contributes in making you feel much better about yourself.

  1. Gain Deeper Emotion

It is true that when your brain is clear enough from negative effect of dopamine and then you will learn that your emotion will grow as well. You will learn about real feeling and real sympathy to someone else. Instead of being a low life individual you will learn about what actual caring is really mean.

  1. Improve Healthy Sex Life

One thing to note NoFap is not the same with abstinent. The fact is it is quite the opposite. If before you enjoy sexual pleasure through movie which is unrealistic sometimes, this time you will learn that the actual one always the better one. You will be more passionate and have great sex again because you don’t need unrealistic stimulator for it.

  1. Having More Energy

Do you familiar with the term ‘sexual frustration’? Well, some reasons why people decided to do PMO are because of this kind of frustration but cannot do the actual one as well. However, have you ever considered using that kind of frustration to do something else? You will be surprised that quitting PMO will leave you a lot of energy you could use to do something awesome.

  1. More Time to Enjoy Life

Well, with more energy means you will always be driven to use it and somehow you will see that you have all times in your life to do whatever you want. You could learn new skill like sports, music or even languages because you just discover that you have enough energy to do all of those stuffs.

  1. Increase Focus and Concentration

It’s like rebooting a computer. During PMO period your brain will be covered by too much dopamine but when the effect is gone you will feel clearer mind. Clearer mind means increased in focus and concentration. You will be surprised how significant your mind will change just by quitting PMO.

  1. Naturally Attracted to Sex

Doing PMO takes a lot of energy as well as your sex interest. When you quitting PMO you will find that your sex interest will come back to normal and you don’t even need pills or porn to trig your interest and as the result you will be naturally attracted to sex. The meaning is you will be enjoying it much better because first you have motivation and second you have enough energy in you.

  1. Connect with Real Person

Don’t you ever think that everything you see in the movie sometimes so fake? That’s why the stimulator you got from the movie seems so unrealistic as well. In real life, you will learn that connecting with real person is totally different with the movie. If you want to connect then you should actually care and want to know the person better. Once you know the person the more you are connected to that person.

  1. Increase Willpower

Having better self-control means increased willpower. When you have a clearer mind and then you will have a better perspective in seeing life including yourself. When you are able to see the better you, controlling yourself will be a piece of cake and your willpower will follow suit.

  1. Have a Better Life Achievement

It is one of the significant effects you will get when you are quitting PMO in all cost. You will see life in a bigger picture not just some cheap and fake movies you always watch. Once you have realized that this life is bigger than your apartment or room you will have a sense of achievement that will lead you to the bigger and better life achievement.

  1. Increase the T Hormone Level

Testosterone is important hormone for men. Studies have found that some men who are conducting the NoFap challenge will have higher level of T hormone in their body after the NoFap challenge compared to when they were still in PMO period. The raised level of testosterone means healthier and better lifestyle.

  1. Having Better Sexual Taste

When everything in the movies look so cheap and easy you will realize that when you are quitting PMO you will find sex is not just a way to do the release but much more than that. There was the time when you don’t feel you deserve someone but after NoFap period you will find out that you are more than and having a better taste in sex is not a crime besides it could be another sweet challenge you could accomplish.

  1. Curing PIED

What is PIED? PIED stands for Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction. Yes, it is true as mentioned above too much dopamine could lead to addiction and when addiction has affect you, the next thing in line is PIED. In other words, the possibility of you enjoying actual sex will almost zero. By doing NoFap challenge you will reboot yourself and become the new you.

  1. Start Quitting Bad Habit

It is true that not all of your bad habit related to PMO but some bad habits like smoking or being lazy all the time could be dealt with because you have so much energy during or after the NoFap challenge. You will be more energetic and you will find out that some old habits are just not for you because you want to be someone better. That kind of motivation will automatically remove some old bad habits that don’t fit the new you.

  1. Waking Up Early

It is one of the good habits you may discover after quitting PMO because you just have so much energy to do awesome and positive thing. You will eager to do whatever you want to do and waking up early is just one way to achieve that goal.

  1. Saving Up on Internet

You will be surprised how much money you could save from internet bill when you are quitting PMO. It is because the time you use to download and watch the so called movies online will be reduced significantly and besides that with better and improved social life you will spend more and more time with the real people instead of locking yourself in your room.

  1. Having Clearer Mind

Clearer mind is one of the instant effects you could get after doing the NoFap challenge. It is because your mind will be cleared from the influence of dopamine. Though dopamine is actually a good hormone but too much of it will give your mind covered by fake fog created by fake pleasure. Once you get rid of them your mind will be back to normal.

  1. Better Stamina

Increased energy means better stamina because you have a lot of stock of energy you could use to improve your stamina. Why don’t you use the excess energy to go to the gym? There are a lot of perks you could get when doing exercise in the gym like the possibility of having great abs as well as more chance to flirt.

  1. Reduce Rage or Anger

Foggy mind could lead to instability of mental health. You will easily get angry just because you always have bad thought about yourself. As mentioned above, when you have clearer mind you will see everything from different perspective like something that used to make you angry probably just usual thing that is actually harmful.

  1. Have Better Dream

Healthy sexual life that you have right now will lead to the real pleasure. Real pleasure will increase a certain hormone that will make you enjoy your sleeping time much better. Better sleep means better and happier dream. Even when you wake up in the morning the happy feeling stays that will make your life a lot better.

  1. Become More Relax

Anxiety is one of the bad effects caused by too much dopamine and addiction. When you are not longer under its influence, you will feel more comfortable with yourself and the result is you will be more relax.

  1. Reduce Stress or Pressure

Just like anger or rage, stress and pressure is also one of the effect caused by mental instability caused by too much unrealistic pleasures produced by dopamine. This condition will lead to anxiety that will cause negative effect to your life. By quitting PMO you will have a change to refresh your mind as well as reduce the stress that usually comes with it.

  1. Improved Relationship

Being more confidence with yourself means you realize that you are actually a better person. You will start connect with people because you have deeper emotion. You’re learning how to care and learning how to be in a real relationship.

  1. Healthier and Clearer Skin

One of the perks of being in good and better lifestyle is you will have healthier look as well. You have enough sleep and then you wake up early in the morning so you have time to do exercise. Those will affect your look as well. Your skin will be more radiant and clearer.

  1. Mental Clarity

Some points above have mentioned this matter that foggy mind caused by too much dopamine will be able to affect your mentality. Someone with issue in their minds will easily get angry and unstable mentally. In other words, by having clearer mind, your mental will be cleared as well.

  1. Feeling More Alive

In summary, when you are quitting PMO and deciding to do the NoFap challenge what you will get as the result is you will feel more alive. Many people have proven it perhaps it is the time for you to support that opinion.

If you think everything mentioned above is too good to be true why don’t you try the NoFap challenge yourself? One thing to note is that everyone who enjoys the 30 benefits above has to face the struggles in the beginning but slowly and surely they will see and even experience the changes. It starts small and then progressively the real benefits come up with significant result. It is not an instant result but the final outcome is worth it.

Do you still think it is impossible? Why don’t you ask yourself what is the essential things in your life? You may thing that you cannot survive if you are not watching your favorite scene in your favorite movie but it is non sense. What that you cannot survive is when you are living without oxygen, food, water and a good time to rest. If you’re already having all of those things then you will just fine. Find someone good to be your partner in life, even people could find someone to be their partner in crime. Finding someone to be your partner in life is not that big deal as long as you are confidence enough and comfortable with yourself. If you are not comfortable with yourself how you could expect someone to be comfortable with you. It is in the matter of choice and willpower to be yourself.