18 Health Benefits Of White Water Rafting for Mental Health

White water rafting is a recreational water sport when you use a rubber boat or raft along the river with significant number rapids. The term white water comes from the river water which seems to be white as the air thrust into the water body and create a bubbly and unstable current. People love to […]

10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Foot Massage Machine

Nowadays a lot of machines with function as a massaging tool. One of them is a foot massage machine. It’s quite a lot nowadays especially in big cities where the service of this foot massage machine. Ranging from shopping centers, railway stations to public spaces such as parks in various corners of the city. This […]

16 Health Benefits of Listening to Classical Music – Pregnancy – Babies

One of the reasons why people don’t like listening to classical music because according to them classical music is only making them feeling sleepy. Well, for those who are not familiar with classical music, the effect of classical music to human is quite the opposite of feeling sleepy. Simple explanation about classical music is if […]

14 Health Benefits of Walking and Running #1 Top Mental Treatments

How much money you should spend to be a membership in the most famous gym club in town? How much time you should spend just to reach the gym for a workout in a week? Well, do you know that just by doing walking and running regularly you could get all the health benefits you […]

14 Health Benefits of Listening to Quran for Mental Treatments

Quran refers to the book which is the central religious text of Islam. Muslims reads this one to achieve the light of life’s way as their guidance. It is known that Quran brings many kinds of benefits in life including for the health benefits as well. Consequently, to give you more information, then this article […]

8 Health Benefits of Fidget Spinner for Mental Treatments

There’s this kind of new toy called “fidget spinner” which took the world by the storm all of a sudden. Seemingly appeared out of nowhere, this toy promises a lot from such a simple activity of tossing and spinning it, ranging from treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and also autism. Some even marketed it […]

25 Health Benefits of Fasting – For Physical and Mental Health

Fasting is closely associated with Ramadan and Muslim though the fact is religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity are also practicing fasting. However, today there are a lot of people are practicing fasting not only for faith reasons like athletes who are practicing fasting for health reason and many more. It is because there are […]

20 Super Health Benefits of Fitness – Physical – Mental – Social Exercises

If you’re a young person and you still don’t do any physical activity, well it is such a big disappointment. By doing physical activities, for example fitness, then you will get a lot of advantages for your health. Aside from that, you will be less likely to have chronic diseases in the later stages of […]

30 Benefits of NoFap Challenge (No.21 Shocking You)

What is NoFap? Even before you know the meaning of NoFap the sound of the term is already unfamiliar to most people. NoFap is initially well known through a website that promotes A NoFap Challenge. ‘Fap’ itself is just an onomatopoeia which refers to the sound of masturbating. So, NoFap means No Masturbating. One important […]

13 Benefits of Recreational Activities For Mental Health

Benefits of Recreational Activities For Mental Health will be best solution for you who wants to try avoid stress and depression. Who wants to have a recreation? If asked, I immediately said this is definitely going, and everybody would want. Well, this activity does tend synonymous with fun, sightseeing, and relax with friends or family. […]