20 Super Health Benefits of Fitness – Physical – Mental – Social Exercises

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If you’re a young person and you still don’t do any physical activity, well it is such a big disappointment. By doing physical activities, for example fitness, then you will get a lot of advantages for your health. Aside from that, you will be less likely to have chronic diseases in the later stages of your life. The health benefits that you will get from doing fitness in a regular basis are huge. Fitness will improve your health not just in the inside of your body, but also in the outside of the body. If you still in doubt about the true benefits of doing fitness, then you need to check various health benefits of fitness below:

1. Maintains Body Weight

First of many benefits that you would get if you’re fitness regularly is that you will maintain your overall body weight. Everybody knows that fitness is one of the best way to prevent excess weight gain or if you want to loss some body weight. This is because whenever you’re doing fitness, you will burn a lot of calories. If you burn a lot of calories, then there is no way that your body weight will be increased.

In the matter of fact, you don’t need to go to the gym to do fitness. In your everyday life, just try to do something simple, for example using stairs instead of elevator or walking instead of using your vehicle. Those activities are very efficient to burn a lot of calories in your body. But you need to take a notice: you need to do those activities consistently to get fitness benefits for health.

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2. Improves Your Mood

Do you feel stressed after having a bad or though day? And do you want to relieve your stress and do something that will improve your mood? Well, fitness is one of the activities that you could do to improve your overall mood. This is because any kind of physical activities, including fitness, would stimulate the release of various chemical compounds in your brain. Thus, they will make you happier and improve your overall mood.

That theory has already been proved by a study conducted by the Penn State University. The study concluded that people who exercised had happier feeling compared to those who didn’t. So, If you feel stressed, just do some simple physical activities, for example walking for about 30 minutes and you will feel better after that.

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3. Boost Your Energy

There is no surprise that fitness would also improve the overall energy in your body. This is because whenever you’re doing fitness or any other physical activities, your muscle strength would be improved. Thus, it will improve your endurance too. Another reason, whenever you’re doing fitness, your tissues will receive additional oxygen and nutrients which will help the cardiovascular system to work more efficiently. So, that is why many athletes seems to have better stamina than other people. If you want to have a great endurance, fitness would be a great physical activity to do.

4. Better Sleep Quality

If you have a problem associated with your sleeping quality or you often have insomnia at night, then doing fitness would cure those problems. This is because fitness would improve your sleep quality. So, according to many studies, doing fitness would strengthen your circadian rhythms. This circadian rhythms would keep your eyes bright during the day and will put your eyes on sleep during the night. Thus, it will improve the quality of your sleep.

But, you need to take a notice that if you want to get this advantage, you need to exercise on a regular basis. Many studies have already shown that it takes for about four months of regular exercise before you get this benefit.

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5. Strengthen Your Bone

There is no doubt that fitness would strengthen your bone. So, whenever you’re doing fitness, then your muscle would be stronger than before. Specifically, the weight-bearing type of exercise would stimulate the improvement on the bone formation. If you have a strong bone, then of course you will be prevented from many diseases associated with poor bone structure, for example osteoporosis and other bone loss that related with aging. Another advantage: if you have a strong bone, than you will have a good body posture. Thus, it will prevent you from the back pain in the future.

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6. Prevents High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most dangerous health conditions because it will lead you to more severe conditions such as stroke and heart failure. So, you need to prevent this condition as soon as possible. To prevent the high blood pressure, doing fitness would be a very good choice. This is because any kind of physical activity would burn the calories and thus, will reduce the body fats too. Because the body fats are reduced, then of course the onset of high blood pressure would be prevented. As you already know, the high amount of body fats in the body are the main source of the development of high blood pressure.

7. Prevents Heart Disease and Stroke

This is one the most obvious benefits that you would get by doing fitness activity. So, if you’re doing physical activities continuously, then you will burn a lot of calories and body fats in your body. Because the body fats in the body are reduced, then you will be prevented from health conditions associated with high blood pressure such as stroke and heart failure. Another reason, physical activities will strengthen your heart’s muscle, improve the blood circulation, raise the good cholesterol levels (HDL), and lower the bad cholesterol levels (LDL) in the body. All of those conditions would be beneficial for you to decrease the chance of having heart disease in the future.

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8. Improves Your Memory

Have you ever often forgot where do you put the things, even whenever you just hold them few minutes ago? Well, if you have a problem with your memory, then doing physical activities such as fitness would be very beneficial. So, according to many research studies, people who did more physical activities, such as swimming or other aerobic activities, had a better memory compared with people who didn’t. This is because physical activities will boost the size of the hippocampus. As you already know, hippocampus  is a part in your brain that responsible for memory and learning.

9. Prevents Dementia

Another health benefits that you will get from doing fitness is that you will be less likely to have dementia in the later stage of your life. So, as already mentioned above, doing physical activities will boost the size of hippocampus in your brain. Thus, you will have better memory. Because of that, the possibility of you having dementia will be decreased. In the matter of fact, according to many studies, the larger the size of the hippocampus that you have, the less the chance of you having a dementia, especially among women.

10. Increase Self-Esteem

The more you’re doing fitness, the better confidence that you have of yourself. So, many research studies have shown that doing any physical activity, including fitness, would increase your confidence. Thus, you will feel better about yourself. This is because whenever you’re doing fitness on a regular basis, you will be convinced that you’re in the good shape and you’re looking good. Because of that, your self-confidence will be improved. So, whenever you feel down about yourself, don’t be depressed and start doing fitness. After few months, you will feel better about yourself.

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11. Boost Your Immunity

There is no surprise that by doing fitness, you will have better immunity than before. Until now, there is no specific theory why doing many exercises would improve your immunity. Although further study is needed, but many researchers suggest that by doing physical activities, bacteria that lived inside your body will be flushed out from the body through sweat. Another reason, by doing physical activities, the release of the stress hormone would be decreased. As you already know, the excessive amount of stress hormone will increase the risk of having various diseases in the future.

12. Postpone Disability

Whenever you’re growing older and older, there is no doubt that some of your body parts will shown some signs of disability, which is very normal.Well, although you couldn’t hide from this fact, but you could postpone the development of disability. According to many studies, by doing many exercises including fitness on a regular basis, you will have a better chance to postpone the sign of disability whenever you’re already old. So, if you want to stay fresh, healthy, and look young during your elderly period, then you need to do fitness from now on, before it is too late.

13. Boost Your Brain Power

As already mentioned above, the benefits that you will get by doing fitness are you will be prevented form dementia and it could improve your memory. Those are not the only benefits for your brain that you can get from doing fitness. It turns out that fitness would also boost your brain power. So, many studies conducted on mice and men have already shown that the cardiovascular exercise would create a new brain cells or commonly known as neurogenesis. Because of that phenomena, your brain power would be improved. Another reason, by doing physical activities, the level of the brain-derived protein in your body will be increased. This phenomena will be beneficial for quick thinking and important decision making.

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14. Enables You to Eat More

Do you find it really hard to resist the temptation of eating foods that contain a lot of calories? Well, if you want to eat foods that contain a lot of calories, such as pizza, fried chicken, etc, but in the same time you don’t want to have a weight gain, then doing fitness is the solution of that problem. By doing fitness, your muscle will burn a lot of calories. For your information, the more muscle that you have, the more you’re resting the metabolic rate in the body. But take a notice, this doesn’t mean that you can anything you want. You just can consume foods that you really like more than usual if you’re fitness on a regular basis.

15. Perform Better at Work

Whenever you’re doing fitness at a regular basis, the instant benefit that you will get is that you will perform better in your daily activities, including at work. So, there was a study which proved that there is a correlation between fitness and the productivity levels of a person. The study concluded that people who worked out during the lunch time or before they work had less stress and they became happier. Thus, their productivity was bigger than the people who didn’t worked out. So, if you want to have a productive day ahead of you, doing fitness on a regular basis is a must thing to do from now on. Tips from the experts: midday is the best time for you to do fitness due to your body’s circadian rhythms.

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16. Controls the Addiction

Most of people have special addiction in their life, which somehow would drag them into depression whenever they’re not doing it. This is because brain will release dopamine, chemicals which are responsible to “reward” any form of pleasure such as food, sex, alcohol, smoke, drugs, and many more. In case you want to get rid of your bad addiction, doing physical activities such as fitness would be a good idea. This is because doing various exercises would distract you from all of those bad addictions. For example if you feel that you can’t sleep without consuming alcohol, doing fitness would help you to reboot your circadian rhythms. These rhythms will make you feel sleepy in the night, even without consuming alcohol.

17. Prevents Cancer

Cancer is one of the most deadliest disease that could happen in a person. If you want to stay away from cancer, then doing various physical activities, such as fitness would be very beneficial. This is because whenever you keep active throughout the day, then the amount of insulin in our body would be significantly reduced. As you already know, insulin has a responsibility to control how our body use and store the energy that we get from foods.

Aside from that, it turns out that insulin could stimulate the cells in our body to multiply. Whenever the cells start to multiply in huge amount of number, then the cancer will grow inside your body. By doing fitness, the insulin levels in your body will be decreased. Thus, you will be prevented from various kinds of cancer, such as bowel cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, etc.

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18. Prevents Diabetes

Doing fitness would also prevent you from the development of type 2 diabetes. As already mentioned above, doing so many physical activities would significantly reduce the amount of insulin inside your body. Aside from that, by doing fitness, you will burn a lot of calories. This is beneficial to burn the fats and the glucose in your body because your body will use them as the source of your energy. Because of that, there is no doubt that the onset of diabetes type 2 will be delayed.

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19. Inspires Others

There is no surprise that your willingness to have an exercise doesn’t come instantly. Whenever you’re seeing other people doing various exercises, then your willingness to do the same thing will show up. So, whenever you’re doing various physical activities, such as fitness for example, then of course you will inspire other people who still don’t care about the benefits of of fitness. Another reason, your performance whenever doing fitness will be much better whenever you’re doing it with your friends. Because of that, start doing fitness right now and inspire each other.

20. Learn to Achieve Goals

Do you often feel that you set a lot of goals in your life, but then you decide to give it up as the time goes by? Well, if you’re doing many physical activities, such as fitness, then you will also learn how to achieve your goals. Whenever you want to do fitness to maintain your body weight, then of course it will take a strong commitment to do fitness on a regular basis. With a  strong commitment, you can achieve your goals, which is to maintain the body weight. This is one of the simplest benefit that you can get from fitness, yet also very important to get for the better future in your life.

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How to Get Started to Fitness

After you’re reading all of the health benefits that you will get from doing fitness, then we bet that you’ve been thinking about starting a fitness program. Because of that, we would like to congratulate you because you will get closer to the healthy lifestyle. So, as already mentioned above, you need a strong commitment to do it on a regular basis. Here are various tips to help you to get started a fitness program.

  • Assess Your Fitness Level

First of all, you need to assess your overall fitness level. This is because the only one that know exactly about your own condition is yourself. For example, you need to know about your body mass index, and then try to do some simple exercises, such as sit-ups for example. Try to sit-ups for about 1 minute, and then count how many times you could do it. This is important to act as a benchmark of your fitness progress. After that, try to do it regularly and check your progress day by day or week by week.

  • Make a Plan About Your Fitness Program

The next step that would be beneficial to do is making plan for your fitness program. So, after you assess your fitness program, you need to make a plan. This plan would be very important to you so that you will have  an organized fitness program. In order to start, just re-think your motivation about why would you want to do fitness. After that, start to do some exercises slowly but sure. The most important thing is that you make a progress as the time goes by. Remember, don’t forget to plan a day off to allow your muscle to rest.

  • Gather Your Equipment

After you have a plan, then you need to gather the equipment that you need to support your fitness program, such as athletic shoes and tracking device. With those equipment, you’re able to track how much calories that already been burned in your body during the exercises. If you want to buy some equipment, make sure that you buy the equipment which are practical and easy to use.

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So, you already know all of the health benefits of fitness. Also, you already know about the tips on how to get started to do it. Since this activity will bring you a lot of advantages, then you need to start it as soon as possible. Finally, just feel the improvement in every aspect of your life. Stay healthy!