9 Benefits of Dry Brushing (No.4 Amazing)

Dry brushing may sound strange for most of people, except those who concern with health care on traditional touch or have much knowledge on it. As the name implies, you may likely be able to imagine that dry brushing is brushing activity conducted in the condition of drought or without water. When this idea comes […]

16 Gold Kili Ginger Drink Benefits (No.8 All Get it)

Gold Kili Ginger Drink is a product of ginger powder people like to consume and pick. It offers high quality taste as well as natural ingredients in practical package so they should not need to cook or process—peeling, slicing, boiling water and the likes—ginger by themselves but still could access the natural benefit of this […]

30 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs (#Top Amazing)

Dog is one of common pets people like to take care. You can easily find dog lovers at your surrounding. Dog festival is also routinely held in some cities as well as other dog events. Caring dog, therefore, begins to become nowadays people’s life style. They choose to care the dog for various reasons ranging […]

Top 10 Shatavari Health Benefits (No.1 Amazing)

Shatavari is a name of traditional herb used originally by Indians to heal various health problems. This herb is categorized as a type, or particularly one of the most popular types of Ayurvedic medication. As you can assume from the name, this type of medication is from India and the Savatari itself is a native […]

Benefits of Zero Drop Shoes (# You Must Try)

Zero drop shoes style is relatively a new trend in shoes industry. It began to become a common talk following the popularity of barefoot running done by some people to do exercise and keep the health at one time. Needless to say, the zero drop shoes is intentionally created to support the barefoot running style […]

22 Vajrasana Health Benefits (No.16 Adult Need)

For those who like to practice Yoga, the word Vajrasana may not sound strange, some of them may even routinely practice it. However for common people who do not know anything about Yoga, Vajrasana word would give no idea at all. This writing would talk about Vajrasana, mainly its benefits for both physical and mental […]

Benefits of Fish Oil For Hair Loss (#Top For Growth)

Hair loss is a common type of hair problems people usually find it as they grow older. This means that the hair loss is a sign of aging which is inevitable in most of cases. However, aging is not the only one cause as hair loss could also appear due to some other reasons, particularly […]

39 Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper (No.2 Insane)

Cayenne pepper is one of the common and main ingredients you could find in spicy foods. It is a type of chili pepper originated from Capsicum family and closely related to the bell and jalapeno peppers. At Southwestern America and Mexico, Ceyene’s hometown, bell and jalapeno peppers—two types of it—become main ingredients for the local cuisines. […]

7 Uses and Benefits of Yohimbe (#Amazing)

Yohimbe is originally a name of a West African tall and big tree. However recently, it becomes a heated and controversial topic as its bark part, which is rich of an essence called alkaloid yohimibe, has been made as a main essence for medication particularly in the aphrodisiac family. Before, it has been largely known […]

19 Benefits and Side Effects of Zoloft (#Top Drugs)

Zoloft is a name of a very popular medicine trademark, particularly in the United States. It is estimated that each year, there are 29,652,000 prescriptions issued and writing the name of this trademark. The high demand implied that the problem this medicine could solve is common in the United States. Do you have any idea […]