Benefits of Learning to Play Musical Instruments

The number of parents who are sending their children to learn music is progressively increasing today because they know well about the benefits of learning to play musical instruments especially for children in their early development stage. Learning music is more than just learning about sound and note but also learning about how to listen, […]

12 Health Benefits of Square Dancing – Mental and Physical Exercise

There are a lot of options to reach healthy lifestyle goal. There are a lot of people are considering taking shortcut in the form of ‘healthy’ diet program which claims to be effective even without regular exercises. Well, the fact is no matter how healthy your daily diet habit is, still exercise is also essential […]

10 Amazing Benefits of Learning Indian Classical Music

Classical music is the best way to make your body and mind more relaxed. One of the suggested music is the benefits of learning Indian classical music. The core of classical music such as Indian classical music is emotion as well as aesthetics. Indian classical music is a blend of two music, namely Indian folk […]

16 Health Benefits of Listening to Classical Music – Pregnancy – Babies

One of the reasons why people don’t like listening to classical music because according to them classical music is only making them feeling sleepy. Well, for those who are not familiar with classical music, the effect of classical music to human is quite the opposite of feeling sleepy. Simple explanation about classical music is if […]

17 Benefits of Playing Piano (Intellectual, Mental, Social, Physical Health)

Every musical instrument is meant to produce music, which could soothe your spirit and put your mind at ease. Learning how to play a musical instrument is one way to improve your life. There are so many instruments in this world to choose from, but if you really want to enrich yourself to become a more […]

35 Health Benefits of Listening to Music : Mental, Children, & Pregnancy

Music has healing ability is not only an assumption or common opinion but it has been backed up by a lot of researches scientifically. Classic music has been proven to be effective and recommended for pregnant women to help them relaxing as well as assisting the development of fetal’s development. It is only one of […]

15 Health Benefits of Playing Guitar (#Research Base)

Keeping the body healthy either mentally or physically is really important. Consuming the healthy food mostly is contributing in physical health and even mental health. Food is not the only one which can improve and enrich physical and mental health. There are some methods in which they are proved and used to stimulate the mental […]